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Shadows Chapter 3
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Dec 30, 2012 @ 2:26pm
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Shadows Chapter 3

Please download this credit file and put into the garrysmod/garrysmod/scripts folder so it will work 100%

A single player survival horror map with custom creatures and weapons, as well as two different endings and custom music made by me.

You may want to actually save sometimes, because dying is possible.

You haven't beaten it until the credits roll. (Which will never happen if you didn't download them and install it yourself)

Multiplayer should work better than last chapters

The sequel to Shadows Chapter 2

Please take a look at my other maps if you liked this one.

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//:W:\\ COMBI-TROOPER:666: Jul 24 @ 6:06pm 
Dude this is an awesome map, ive been looking for it for ages. Can i add you as a freind? im looking to make hammer maps and i need help, i could pay commission for a custom horror idea i have! keep up the great work your maps have quality and should be noticed. Jul 9 @ 10:50am 
i like that MEM its good enough!
Corynthius Jun 9 @ 7:50am 
For those wondering the final song that plays is: a perfect circle - Rose
MelodicGaming Apr 30 @ 5:08am 
Your Shadow maps are by far the best scary maps I've played on Garry's Mod. They're random, you use strange textures for hostile beings, and you don't use cheap jumpscares the entire fucking time. The part I love the most is that Shadows doesn't take itself seriously which adds to the atmosphere. The drum beat that plays in the school part made me very nervious. That thing that makes the dolphin sounds disturbs me and I don't know why. It's silly but makes me very uncomfortable. Even with godmode activated, I still don't want it to get near me. Shadows is like a Silent Hill comedy. Chapter 3 is 10/10. (btw, that "I AM THE TABLE" part scared the living Hell out of me.)
Breakbeat Aspergers Apr 29 @ 8:03pm 
Where did you get the demonic painting model from?
RIKIGAYMER Mar 13 @ 12:07am 
Death king Mar 3 @ 7:40pm 
This is sooo good 5 out of 5
LadyMurderer Feb 11 @ 9:55am 
What the music in scene when you leaving in school?
Bloggy The Loggy Feb 1 @ 10:35am 
For a finale it is amazing!...Thanks for creating a awsome map like this
//:W:\\ COMBI-TROOPER:666: Dec 11, 2016 @ 11:02am 
GREAT GAME! scared the crap out of me! im just now replaying it after awhile, if you wanna collab on making a mod with me send me a message! i added you as a freind! Thanks and good luck on future projects!