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Final Fantasy 7 AC Weapon Apocalypse and Fusion v4.1b
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Dec 30, 2012 @ 4:30am
Jun 22, 2013 @ 3:51am
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Final Fantasy 7 AC Weapon Apocalypse v4.1b

My first mod for Skyrim. (i am not so good with english)
This is a simple mod which adds a Apocalypse 2h version from the 1h Apocalypse of the Mod "FF7 Blades at forge".
Please endorese the original author from this mod and my version ;-) .

Now in Version 2.0 -- Added the famous Fusion Sword from FF7 AC.
Now in Version 3.0 -- Added the famous Butterfly Sword from FF7 AC.
Now in Version 3.1c -- Bugfix and adds a weapon mod (by request) from another author to this mod.
Now in Version 4.0 -- Added famous Organics Sword and Rune Sword from FF7 AC.
Now in Version 4.1 -- Texture Bug of the Fusion Sword fixed and maked it bigger (Now tagged as a greatsword)
Now in Version 4.1b -- Minor bugfixes

Original Work:
FF7 Blades at the forge by xvom

Just Skyrim (with update and without, with dawnguard and without)

--- !!! Important !!! ---

Now compatible with Original Mod.

((This Mod is not compatible with the original work from xvom.))
((Use only on at a time two make it work correct.))
(((Uses the same place for the apocalypse meshes)))

Just subscribe this mod.

You can find the Sword in Solitude in the near of the blue palace or you can forge it.
You need two silver bars and the steel smithing perk. It in the miscellaneous categorie.
You can also temper this sword with two silver bars and the steel smithing perk.

The new Fusion Sword can only be crafted by using the SkyForge. You need at least 1 Apocalypse, 1 Butterfly ,
1 Organics and 1 Rune, to craft it.

The Butterfly is craftable and temper ready. The sword can also be found in Solitude. A small hint "Look in the mouth of the dragon".

Organics and Rune are craftable and are both One Handed. Both swords can also be found in Solitude near the "subway" between the market and the "hall of dead"

Enjoy!! and endorse it !! (And the author of the other contained mod)

PS: THERE WILL NOT BE A NEXUS VERSION, so dont ask for it.

Should be compatible with all Skyrim Versions and Languages.

Recommanded Mods
Maximum Drive found on Youtube:
(Adds an ranged magic anime-Style Sword Attack)

Hey another great weapon mod (my opinion) (Already integrated in this mod) (Please endorse the author of this mod)

(Adds a new craftable sword to Skyrim)

Thanks to Bethesda for the best games.
Thanks to Square Enix for FF7, one of the best games in the world.
Thanks to xvom for the great original mod.

(i couldnt contakt him because he seems to be banned, if you see this i hope it is okay that i make this mod)

Knowing Issuise/Bugs
(IS FIXED) With the new Fusion Sword somehow my Charakters hand got stuck inside the sword.

(IS FIXED) Somehow the preview sword in the inventar was setting false. Dont know how to fix it.

(IS FIXED) Somehow weaponholders cant propably contain this weapon,
if someone use it with this sword the sword just flow in the air. Dont know how to fix it.

(IS FIXED) Some small Bugs with the description of the swords.


version 4.1b
- Minor bug fixed

version 4.1
- Fusion Sword texture , tag and size fixed/changed.

version 4.0
- Organics and Rune added.

version 3.1c
- Fixed some heavy bugs with the butterfly sword.

version 3.1a
- Fixed some small bugs and made this mod compatible with "Categorized Favorites Menu" mod.

version 3.0
- Now contains the sword Butterfly and by request the sword Spidersword from another author.

version 2.5b
- Equip Hand Animation Bug fixed.

version 2.5
- Fixed Path. Now compatible with Original Mod from xvom.

version 2.2b
- Apocalypse Sword Preview in Inventar is fixed.

version 2.2
- Better Weapon Speed and Damage.

version 2.0
- Added the Fusion Sword.

version 1.1
- Fixes the weaponholder bug, should now be able to hold the weapon.

version 1.0
- Initial release
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Haseo_PKK 21 hours ago 
I love this sword, great mod
「Oi〆Bakayaro!」 Dec 1 @ 7:57pm 
Where can I find butterfly? Also how do I get Organic and Runes? Kinda new to Skyrim
poppason321 Oct 28 @ 12:10pm 
It has a name. It's called Tsurugi.
Kazanna Aug 13 @ 11:05pm 
To those that have the issue of the blade being too long, I'm going to guess that the issue is while it's on your back. Go download Race Menu from Nexus, and find a skeletal mesh that allows you to change the size of sheathed weapons. Fixed. Don't ask about what mods do that because I dont use them. I dont care about clipping.
darrylray1991 Aug 4 @ 1:00am 
please shortin it a little im a huge ff fan and this mod is a dream come true for my skyrim game i love this sword lol just wish i u cud fix that one problem
Roxas_theNobody Jul 28 @ 6:19pm 
its a great mod, my only problem with it is that the Fusion sword is too long, so long that it clips through the ground, clipping is something i just cant stand. if you could please shorten the blade length a little, that would be perfect, but other than that, they are modeled pretty decently, and doesnt take that much to forge them.
gamer1611 Jul 12 @ 8:27pm 
sry mod is not showing up for some reason I saw a vid where the swords are in misc section and are 2 silver ingots each do I need any perks or no
pedotto Jul 11 @ 12:55am 
and i agree more final fantasy races would be awesome
pedotto Jul 11 @ 12:55am 
can you please add the console codes so i can test to see it runs well with my other mods
Low smithing :( haha I want to add them to my armory because the look awesome
That Guy | [ジョシュ] Jun 25 @ 3:50am 
are there console commands to spawn these?