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CDMBlacktrader Vani old ver
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Dec 29, 2012 @ 8:27am
May 11, 2013 @ 5:06am
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CDMBlacktrader Vani old ver

currently in making BTC mod what is Black Trade Company and will combine the ore recipies leather recepies, trade guys, followers, ether items, guards in one and add few changes with better proper markers and npc removal from war quest proper crime stop of traders and guards lower level ver of them and requires all dlc or legendary edition+ has instead exp items that are base on characters magika so the more magika they have the faster the learn skills with that equipment main trader will be changed to only sell craft materials and so you still will have sell off npc all npc and more all in one file support then USLEEP and SKYUI 5 and guard will only have fight skills they will be able to die and respawn and be one per hold main town
it will come as BTC.esp so no worries!

this version will not be updated or changed.
Requires skyrim only
have it high load order sicne unfoffical patches are master they loaded first beneath each master dlc file. after that this mod. ps sicne its not master some minor bugs can apear.
Adjusted all my created stuff to use Namespace CDMBTV for this mod for compatiblety with more mods and DLCs
adds Vani to Whiterun
its compatible to with the 1.9.x
compatiuble with SKSE,SKYUI and mostly all mods out there.
here is the esp version ps its no longer updated.!!!!

no support for stuff give in comments if i see new help comment go to forums instead
here in comments it will just be deleted!!!!!!!
image details:
female looks use the calandites female body mod
and bodyslide and the deadric body mod for it its the breast physic version.
mod it self uses standard texture and standard looks
but you can mod the looks anyway you want with other mods.

ps need only either load esm with addin or
esp version but no addin.
but not both cause that will make it just double conflict.
to get the nexus version. (updated only)

nexus version has addins giveing vani to ravenrock and volhikar+
he sells then steelbolts,steel crosbow,stahlrim,heartstores,nordic armours
ancient pcik axe and stuff like that depending what dlc you use and what plugin addin you use.
there 1 dlc 2 dlc and all 3 dlc versions + for nexus you can make own plugin version with you own changes.
nexus and this plugin will allways be updated to be same version only that nexus one can use plugin addins for bigger compatioblity. only nexus will be updated

-------ATTENTION money bug--------------------------------
A store manager is allowed to own 50k coins. but it will start bug at 31000 coins if a seller has more coins then 31 000 you will not get coins for sold items, the reason for that is how the main trade system is written and handled in skyrim. only way to fix them is wait 2 days beside them or anywhere so that the chest and coins get reset.

store open for following npcs:
Vani from 2am to 11 pm
Vrin and Lani open from 4 am to 11 pm.

all npcs now use Bannered Mare as home.

Added Vampire Ruingir in whiterun:
she is level 1-900
wears deadric enchanted gear
uses deadric blade.
lover , follower ,marrige
works properly.

Added Vampire Rainna in whiterun:
she is level 1-900
wears deadric enchanted gear
uses deadric blade.
lover , follower ,marrige
works properly.

Added Vampire Rion in whiterun:
she is level 1-900
wears mage enchanted gear
uses spells for attack.
lover , follower ,marrige
works properly.

Vani has main store.

Lani and Vrin have 30000 coins and without merchant perk only buy Vani gold coins.

Added Special Hired Town guards Called Black Guard
atm active in Whiterun (Headquaters),Solitude,Windhelm,Riften,Markath 2 guards in each.
what help protect the towns people ps they count as essential so they never die.
if you get jail you get ported to whitrun jail since Main headquater is in Whitrun.
you can get the items from white run jail area.
These guards will only help do dmg there is still a chance that normal poeple can die but they help decently enough so they town guys survive slight easier

In bit more details here:
He is behind the Tavern in whiterun.

to reset his coins and materials wait 48 hourse and he is reset.

He has the following items:
200 iron ore 200 cordenium ore 200 ebony ore

10Black soulgem
10Filled Grand Soul gems.
10 Dearea heart
10 void salts
10 fire salts
10 forst salts
10 sabre cat tooth
10 snowberrys
20 Bear pelts
20 spriggan sap

added special gold coins:
1 000 gold coins
Black Banker Vrin close to Vani converts it back for buy the gold back.
without the perk she only buys vani special 1000gold once unlock merchant perk you can sell her anything.

has 2 use able disenchant:
Necklace of Minor Alchemy
Ring of Minor Smithing

he has standard shop
coins allways 23000.
Removed store chest from map to prevent fast cheap money makeing.

special rings and Necklaces:

Ring of Trade Crafter Knowledge
increases only Blacksmith ,Alchemy, Enchanting and speech craft faster by 6000%.

Ring of Restricted Knowledge
Slows your learning speed to 0.001%
none place able
its power is same uses perk system like Unbound knowledge.

Amulet of Unbound Knowledge (fast skill gain)
Can use both at same time enchantment can be learn but not placed. When and if you use them is up to you, any time you want and nice skill learning boost. Unboudn knowledge gives a 6000% skill trainign boost.

NecklaceTrader gievs 100% better prieces can be learned but not placed.

Crafter ring removed to powerful.
Spell power ring removed to powerful.

1 standard conflict that one cant avoid if you have esp that overwrite same thign from skyrim as long it not an own esm then it will be over written.
simply put you can only have 1 esp over writte one area if you have 2 then the one that loads last count to buy multiple items and still own both need switch load order as long you switch it items from other wont be deleted just you cant buy it at the current trader.
if want best compatility need a major mod that changes lot of stuff be an esm then one can still add in to skyrim and other will still load properly and then both items be added thats the main reason why some stuff not properly load cause 1 workshop doesnt support esm from players and 2 by getting them from nexus as esm instead it will work lot better cause from skyrim nexus you can get mods that both esm and esp and can be up to 5 mega byte big size wise and complexety wise nexus has better modding support then steam workshop.