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Resilient Dragons
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Feb 15, 2012 @ 7:27am
Dec 23, 2012 @ 8:09pm
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This mod makes Dragons much more resilient, allowing for longer; more epic battles. Ever sigh at the sight of a single giant decimating a dragon? Then this mod is for you!

This mod is intended to give the Dragonborn a job. This is done by making NPCs deal less damage to all Dragons, as well as increasing the Dragon core health and mitigation.
This results in longer, more epic battles - without increasing the difficulty - where YOU, the legendary Dragonborn are necessary to defeat these mighty foes.

Although NPCs still deal damage, you should no longer see mere bandits and wolves taking down a dragon in a matter of seconds.

Resilient Dragons does the following :

* Increases all Dragon BASE and OFFSET Health.

* Increases all Dragon damage mitigation.

* Increases Dragon mitigation of damage received from NPCs.

* Increases Dragon melee damage by a very small amount.

* Increases Dragon Stagger Resistance

* Causes all Dragons to be immune to the Armour portion of Marked for Death (Health Drain portion still effective)

* Introduces the Dismay Shout to Blood and Frost Dragons - Fearing any NPC it hits.

* Introduces the Unrelenting Force shout to Elder and Ancient Dragons - Only staggers the player slightly, whilst pushing NPCs back fully.

* Adds a constant aura of fear that causes animals and villagers to flee

* Allows dragons to level with the player - meaning lesser Dragons no longer become worthless at a higher level

Please feel free to leave feedback / constructive criticism in the comments section. I'm always open to ideas and suggestions.I hope you enjoy Resilient Dragons, and I look forward to your feedback!

Nexus Link (Including Vanilla Shouts Edition) : http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/downloads/file.php?id=10591


This mod edits the main Dragon files, and shall conflict with any other mod doing the same. All shouts for Dragons are custom made as to further compatability and not mess with ther players shouts.

Just to be safe, load this mod AFTER any mod that it may conflict with to still gain the benefit of Resilient Dragons.


***** Resilient Dragons 2.1 *****

* Dragons will now level with you! - Lesser Dragons will no longer become easy at high levels - Hooray! Alldragons will now be your level * 1.2 - unless the result falls below the minumum (dependant on Dragon), or above the maximum (100)

* Dragons are now More balanced in terms of health - this is to accomodate above change (previously, low level dragons were made increasingly powerful to still give a challenge at high levels)

* Removed "hostile" flag for Dragons aura of fear - should hopefully eliminate issues with Odahviing

* Added Whiterun Jarl to the list of NPCs unefected by the Fear Aura

* Added HouseCarl FAction to the list of NPCs unefected by the Fear Aura

* Made Alduin more powerful - He now ranks top of the Dragons, improving over the Ancient Dragons

-------------Previous Version Patch Notes-----------

***** Resilient Dragons 2.0 *****

-Big thanks to "iWillWander" (Creator of "Legendary Lore - Dragons") for Creation Kit tips and advice!-

* Added Dragon Voices (Sounds) to Unrelenting Force and Dismay. Hear "Ro Dah!" and "Ru Maar!" with their respective shouts.

* Added Fear Aura around all dragons - Everyone within a set radius around the Dragon, with the exception of Followers, Guards and Soldiers, now run away in fear!

* Dragon's Dismay and Unrelenting Force have both had their Radius increased.

* Tweaked Which Dragons use added shouts

- Early "Dragons" have no added Shouts
- Blood Dragons & Frost dragons have the shout : Dismay
- Elder Dragons & Ancient Dragons have the shout : Unrelenting Force.

* Unrelenting Force now only staggers the player, whilst still sending NPCs flying.

* All Dragons have had Damage and Stagger Mitigation increased

- 30% Damage, 70% Stagger for Dragons, Blood Dragons & Frost Dragons
- 50% Damage, 80% Stagger for Elder and Ancient Dragons)

* Dragons are no longer effected by the Armour portion of Marked for death (Health Drain portion still effective)

***** Update 1.2a *****

* Increased the offset Health of all Dragons ABOVE level 10, to get them back in line with their update 1.0 values.

* Dragons now have an additional skill!
- Dragons level 20-30 may now fear away NPCs for 30 seconds
- Dragons above Level 30 may now use Unrelenting Force (Fus Roh Dah!)

* Increased Dragon's mitigation of NPC damage (again) - it now falls in between Update 1.0 and Update 1.1 values

* Slightly decreased dragon's BASE melee damage

* 1.2a additions
- Cleaned unnecessary files from ESP
- Increased cool down for Dragon versions of Dismay and Unrelenting Force for balancing purposes.

***** Update 1.1 *****

* Lowered the base Health of all Dragons

* Increased health offset of all dragons OVER Level 10 to compensate for the previous note.

* Slightly decreased dragon's negation of NPC damage; making those guards helpful again! Especially during the very first Dragon encounter in the Main Quest.

***** Release 1.0 *****

* Increased dragon's BASE and offset health

* Increased dragon's negation of NPC damage

* Increased dragon's damage desistance

* Increased dragon's BASE melee damage
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Marvin Dec 8 @ 5:44am 
Does this mod works with Smarter dragons ?
kaiser20191981 Nov 27 @ 9:12am 
Great Mod here! the dragons are a threat at the vanilla level either way but making the Dragon Born Essential to the fight is just EPIC! Like the toughness of the dragons. after all they are the suppose to be the toughest fights out there.
Pfc. C. Thomas [1st RB] Oct 27 @ 12:21pm 
For some reason even after I have unsubscribed this mod (due to incompatibilities) it seems as though it is still active. The dragons are ridicuously tough (I am a level 40 and even with Novice on) and I still get the "Dragons are vulnerable" message in the top right corner. Is there anyway to fully take away the mod from my game or get rid of these side effects?
Weston Oct 15 @ 1:06pm 
does this mod conflict with the Dragon Loot mods?
[GCX] Gentleman_Velociraptors Sep 21 @ 12:49pm 
It is sad that dragons do take less damage from NPC's in the vanilla game, isn't it?
godsglorygirl Sep 7 @ 6:47pm 
Vanilla Fox Sep 1 @ 2:35pm 
This mod does a fantastic job of making dragons much stronger while still being balanced and fair to the player, I'd reccommend it over any of the other dragon boosting mods I've found which, more often then not, either make fighting a dragon tedious or broken.

To the Author (Possible spoilers?): I can't quite recall and I'm not sure if you have fixed this yet, but Durnehviir durring his initial boss battle doesn't seem to be scaled while the twin dragons are. I assume it was purposeful or could've been difficult to modify Durn because he is a summon for the player, I'm just curious why he wasn't buffed. And If this mod does buff him, I apologize, I'm going off memory from some time ago before I took a break from Skyrim.
EmeraldBlaze Aug 18 @ 2:24pm 
Ah ok. That would make sense then. Thanks!
Kenomica  [author] Aug 18 @ 12:00pm 
@EmeraldBlaze - it could be that the dragons you are fighting have spawned BEFORE uninstalling the mod. Some dragons spawn and roam the world long before you encounter them.
EmeraldBlaze Aug 18 @ 10:38am 
Anyway, interesting mod, but like people have said, it appears to not be compatible with Dragonborn. I liked how you added the shouts to the dragons though, sounded epic!