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Skyrim - Natural Skin (Addon)
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Dec 28, 2012 @ 11:45am
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Skyrim - Natural Skin (Addon)

this mod includes skin textures in a more darken version only. It works alone but should be used with the main mod Skyrim - Natural Skin caused by alignment for calientes curvy female. Have fun..
__ femaleunderwear.dds (*n)
__ femalehead.dds - femaleheadvampire.dds (1024x1024 DXT3)
__ femalebody_1.dds (2048x2048 DXT3)
__ femalehands_1.dds (1024x512 DXT3)

__ maleunderwear.dds (*n)
__ malehead.dds - maleheadvampire.dds (1024x1024 DXT3)
__ malebody_1.dds (2048x2048 DXT3)
__ malehands_1.dds (1024x512 DXT3)

__ malebodybriarheart.dds (2048x2048 DXT3)

Interesting Links:
- Caliente's Body Mod (CBBE Curvy edition) on steam
or alternative modsreloaded.com/calientes-female-body-mod
- Calientes Vanilla Outfits modsreloaded.com/calientes-vanilla-outfits
- XCE - Xenius Character Enhancement on steam
- Geonox Male Face -Blackbugfix skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/13888

Load order should be as follow:
Dawnguard.esm [ if exists ]
Dragonborn.esm [ if exists ]
1K_DDS_NIF_NaturalSkin.esp = Skyrim - Natural Skin
1K_DDS_NIF_NaturalSkinDark.esp = Skyrim - Natural Skin (Addon)

''1K_DDS_NIF_NaturalSkinDark.esp'' is an empty file ( bsa-archive has 9.794.475 bytes).

-= Videos do not have mod related stuff, pure music only =-
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hurricanethor Apr 16 @ 3:08pm 
yeah but i dont like nude mods
ReDragon  [author] Apr 15 @ 8:04pm 
@hurricanethor: Fine. By the way this mod contains textures only; to make bodies naked you have to use a manipulated mesh-file.
hurricanethor Apr 13 @ 4:32pm 
good i didnt want them to be nude
ReDragon  [author] Apr 13 @ 4:15pm 
@hurricanethor: Please read my description. This mod is using underwear, no naked NPCs. You're on the wrong way here.
hurricanethor Mar 14 @ 5:31am 
does it remove their underwear
hurricanethor Mar 13 @ 7:11pm 
does it work with other mods
hurricanethor Mar 13 @ 7:10pm 
it wont work
ReDragon  [author] Feb 26 @ 1:10pm 
@Eamon De Valera: Yes, you're right.. but pictures on top shows you the standard colour of the races menu only.
Liam Charles Peabody III Feb 26 @ 4:40am 
Good, but the high elves look sickly green instead of light yellow.
Fish and Ships Sep 24, 2014 @ 6:45pm 
Great mod. Nice to see characters all washed and clean- and looking much better!
Many thanks!