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Unit/Building Cost Reduction & Upkeep mod (Shogun 2).
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Dec 27, 2012 @ 10:32pm
Dec 27, 2012 @ 10:35pm
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Unit/Building Cost Reduction & Upkeep mod (Shogun 2).


YES THIS MOD AFFECTS THE AI - Its stronger for the player in the early game but balances out towards the mid and can give a challenge in the later game.

08/03/2013 - Second Minor Info Update -

Sound Bug Fix!!!

12/01/2013 - MINOR INFO UPDATE -

For the sound bug go here


Thought i'd transfer my basic mod onto the Sengoku period...

Althought the pricing isn't as bad as FOTS, can't hurt to give cheaper units and upkeep a shot right?

Quick rundown of the changes:

~~~Non-Castle/Farm/Road building prices reduced by approximately 30%.~~~

No real reason on the amount other than minor OCD and a full half seemed a bit over the top.

~~~Castle/Farm/Road Upgrades prices reduced by 50%.~~~

Think these (except the road, thats mainly for my personal preference) should be lower basically because it takes forever and a day to consolidate your position enough as it is, never mind bankrupting yourself doing it. Farms are thrown in the 50% bracket mainly because of an annoying thing me and a friend noticed on a co-op campaign game, When you capture lots of provinces quickly and the A.I doesn't need to worry about starvation, you get Castles backed up by subsistence farming -.-* why doesn't the A.I have to worry about farms too...

~~~Unit (Not Ships) Costs reduced by 30%.~~~

See Non-Castle/Farm/Road building prices reduced by approximately 30% reason.

~~~Units (Not Ships) Upkeep reduced by 50%.~~~

I feel this is too much of a strain on the player in the early game, just like I did in FOTS except its not as bad still a minor annoyance.

If anyone actually uses this any feedback would be great. I Just wanted a bog standard price reduction without loads of AI mods and added units.
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Cpt-British  [author] Sep 23 @ 5:25pm 
@Warhog that is an "Old" as hell problem I've had it once but it was before I modded myself. A quick Google search is the best idea. I can't help sorry! :(
WarHog Sep 23 @ 12:07pm 
@Cpt-British Right, well it worked for me and did alter the values from what is set on DarthMod, BUT... I get the archers sounding like canons problem.
Cpt-British  [author] Sep 19 @ 10:10am 
@Infinity State - Although it may seem like an easy thing to do, its pretty hard to do, Except for the Ikko Ikki as they have a lot of "unique" units.

This mod for instance will make Ashiguru Spearmen cheaper plus it'll do it for everyone. For the theoretical seperate mod you would need to make "Shimazu Ashiguru Spearmen" entries remove the default Ashiguru for Shimazu then change the price/upkeep for the new one, rinse and repeat for all units and factions.

The only way to really get round it would be to make the "unique" units cheaper. I once made a "Nuclear Oda" mod that didn't make it to the workshop due to how balls to the wall daft it was. Basically Ashiguru Archers were firing at the range of Artillery and at the speed of FoTS Rifles, where as their Spearmen would hold off nearly anything. While fun for 5 minutes it wasn't exactly a thrilling campaign lol.

TL;DR Way too much effort for a game that I don't play anymore, sorry :)
INFINITY STATE Sep 18 @ 8:27pm 
Player only version please! <3
Cpt-British  [author] Aug 4 @ 9:48pm 
@WarHog - Oh great stuff :D loads of comments on here have mentioned it not working with DarthMod... Have fun look forward to hearing back :)
WarHog Aug 4 @ 4:02pm 
@Cpt-British I just tried it, it works for me in my save-game with Darth mod activated.

Will do further testing.
Cpt-British  [author] Aug 4 @ 3:34pm 
@WarHog - I've heard it isn't. I think the Darth Mod affects the saem numbers that me does so it will probably cause crashes.
WarHog Aug 4 @ 1:52pm 
Is this save game compatible and compatible with Darth mod?
Legionarius Jul 10 @ 5:43am 
OK. Thank you for your attention.
Cpt-British  [author] Jul 8 @ 4:10pm 
Yea works unless another mod affects Unit Price or Unit Upkeep... Then you could have issues.