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Monk's Ring of Passive Aggression v2.14
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Dec 27, 2012 @ 10:15pm
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So, what's a simple monk to do? All you want is to be peacfully about your monk... business, doing monk things (I guess that would be monkey business), but you are beset by evildoers from all sides.

Now, you can equip the 'Ring of Passive Aggression' and be protected automatically! This ring will allow you to "Turn the other cheek" and "Do unto others..." all at the same time.

It is a ring which, when equipped, will respond automatically to aggression towards the player. There are different settings which can change the functionality and type of defense. The magic response is triggered by a hit to the player, either by weapon or by magic.

The main defensive measures are fire, frost, and shock spells that are auto-cast from the sky and cloak spells that are auto-cast at the player. The Sky Defense spells will only cast on enemies that have attacked the player, while the Cloak Defense spells will hurt the attacker as well as other enemies in range.

Just subscribe. The next time you start the game through the Steam Launcher, the mod will load automatically. Also, all updates should load seemlessly as well.

TIP! -Hotkey both the 'settings' and the 'Ring of Passive Aggression'. This way, you can change settings on the fly, even in the middle of a fight. You can also unequip and re-equip the ring if you want to turn the effects off fast.

The system is a defensive one and you won't notice anything happening until you get attacked (except for Active-Invisibility, which casts immediately), then the magic comes to the rescue. When the fireworks are done, and there are no more enemies about, the effects will vanish automatically.

HINT: Anytime you want the effects to stop, you can just unequip the ring and it will all go away. You can re-equip it right away and the magic will stay hidden until the next time you are attacked.

SPELL SET 1: (can have 1 active at a time)
*Auto Warding - Casts when the player is hit more the the "Hit Tolerance".
*Active-Invisibility - Casts as soon as you exit the Settings Screen. Will recast instantly after you interact with something.
*Combat Invisibility - see description below
*Detect Life

SPELL SET 2: (can have 1 active at a time) - Cloak spells when indoors & sky cast spells when outdoors.
*Fire (Cloak or Incinerate)
*Frost (Cloak or Ice Spears)
*Shock (Cloak or Lightning Bolts)
*Divine Wind - A damaging, buffeting wind; Use the 'Spell Source Height' setting (like the Sky Cast Spells) to set how high it's cast from.

*HIT TOLERANCE - How many hits the player takes before the auto defense responds. (1, 2, 3, or 4). It also determines the Health % below which Combat-Invisibility casts.
*AUTO-LOCATION - see description below.
*INTERIOR/EXTERIOR - Auto Location Override.
*SPELL POWER LEVEL - (normal or high)
*SPELL SOURCE HEIGHT - How high above the Players head the Sky spells are cast from (100, 300 or 1000)
*STEALTH % - How much the Players movement is muffled (0%, 65% or 100%)
*AUTO-POTION - Automatically applies potions when health, magicka, and/or stamina reaches a critical level. Fully customizeable.

Open your Armor inventory and find the 'Ring of Passive Aggression' and the 'Ring of PA Settings'. Equip the Settings ring. A menu will appear allowing you to make your selections. When you are through, click the 'Cancel/Done' button to close the menu. At this point, every thing should load up for you automatically. I recommend that you load DEFAULTS first, then change to suit your needs.

The spells that rain destruction from the sky are more suited for outdoor use because most ceilings aren't high enough to accomodate the effect indoors. If you have 'Auto Location Detection' enabled, the defensive spell will automatically change to a Sky Defense when in an exterior cell and to a Cloak Defense when in an interior cell. You can override the Auto Detection by toggling the "Interior/Exterior" button to the setting you want (using the Interior/Exterior button will turn off Automatic Location Detection).

NOTE: Caves that don't have an actual door, but just have a space that you walk into to teleport inside don't register as interior cells. So, when you encounter this you will need to make manual changes, i.e. manually select "Interior" in the settings or set the Spell Source Height to 100 or 300.

COMBAT INVISIBILITY - Will cast on player when health gets below an amount set through the 'Hit Tolerance' settings:
Hit Tolerance / Health Trigger (invisibility casts when health gets below this percentage)
0 - off
1 - 90%
2 - 80%
3 - 70%
4 - 60%

AUTO POTION - Fully customizeable through the 'Ring of PA Setting' menu.
*Health, Magicka, & Stamina can each be toggled on/off.
*Uses the standard 6 potions, from minor to ultimate, for each type (health, magicka, stamina).
*Use Best Potions 1st - can toggle to use weakest 1st.
*Health%, Magicka%, and Stamina% - threshold below which a potion is applied.
*Low Potion Warning - Toggle on/off. A msg will display in the corner of the screen when 1 to 25 potions remain. At 0 potions, a msg will show every 15 seconds until more pots are added.

DEFAULTS - Loads default settings.

-Fixed mysteriously missing script files (some kind of wierd Steam glitch). Added more message control to allow you to decide which in-game messages will display.

-Added Auto-Potion functionality for health, magicka, and stamina.

-Detect Life toggle, Active-Invisibility, Combat Invisibility, misc. tweaks

-Divine Wind fix. Made "Low Power" spells a little lower in power because they were a bit OP.

-Added new spell "Divine Wind". It's accessed through the same settings button as warding & invisibility.

-Increased power for both Destruction and Cloak defensive spells.

If you have OPEN CITIES mod loaded, then the 'Auto Location Detection' probably won't work. At least, it doesn't for me. In this case you can manually switch between interior and exterior. That's the only incompatibility I've found so far.
After a mod update, sometimes you may need to get a fresh mod install in order for the new scripts and features to load properly:

QUICK: A fresh mod install is accomplished by disabling the mod, launch Skyrim, make a new save, close Skyrim, and then re-enable the mod. When you launch Skyrim again, the new mod will load fresh (never frozen:)

* Launch the Steam Skyrim Launcher
* Click on 'Data Files'
* Disable (un-check) the 'Ring of Passive Aggression' mod. (It may be called 'Monk's Auto Defense', depending on which mod manager you're using)
* Close 'Data Files'
* Launch Skyrim.
* Make a fresh game save.
* Quit Skyrim to the desktop.
* Go back into Data Files and enable (check) the 'Ring of Passive Aggression' mod.
* Launch Skyrim and load the latest save.

If you are going to fight unarmed, then I highly recommend the Martial Arts mod found here: steam://openurl/
I've only tried the vanilla "Martial Arts" version, and it makes hand to hand (in 3rd person) a lot more fun. If you also use my "Jump Settings" mod, then every time you take a leap you execute a backflip. Good stuff!

This mod is almost all scripting and there's a bunch of it. Even with as much testing as I do, there are still bound to be some problems. I would appreciate any reports on bugs or suggestions for improvement.

Have Fun!

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Preacher Feb 5 @ 8:05am 
I love the mod, but found a couple of bugs. I could not kill Morokei with the ring equipped, even if I turned off the features. Also, if I unequip the ring and change locations, the ring is active again. It should stay inactive until manually equipped. Keep up the good work!
Rufusthehound Aug 30, 2013 @ 6:47am 
☻/ This is Bob. Copy and paste him
/▌ all over the workshop
/ \ so he can take over
Snowkitty24 Dec 29, 2012 @ 12:25pm 
Uhm, never mind. I tried to get the ring on the character I actually wanted it for but it never showed up. I even tried moving the ring to the top of my load order and still it wont show up.
Snowkitty24 Dec 29, 2012 @ 11:38am 
Ah, I see. It finally showed up :D great mod
splynter  [author] Dec 29, 2012 @ 9:17am 
I like to hotkey both rings so that I can change the settings on the fly. The first thing you need to do is to equip the settings ring, click on the 'more...' button then click on the 'defaults' button to set the default settings. After that just go through and set it the way you want it. Spell set 1 is for defense, i.e. warding, invisiblility, and life detection. Spell Set 2 is for casting retaliation spells after someone attacks you. The rest is fairly self explanatory: power setting, spell cast height, stealth setting, attack tolerance (how many times you can be hit before the defenses kick in), and auto potion settings.
splynter  [author] Dec 29, 2012 @ 9:08am 
It should be at the top of the 'Apparel' section of your inventory. There will be 2 rings: The Ring of Passive Aggression and The Ring of PA Settings.
Snowkitty24 Dec 28, 2012 @ 11:10pm 
Okay, the ring is nowhere to be found even when subscribed. So I ask you, how the heck do i get it?