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Dungeon Shooter 2
Dec 27, 2012 @ 2:42pm
Feb 2 @ 3:37pm

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Release date: June 2013
Dungeon Shooter 2 combines a bullet hell shooter with random monster spawns, and random level generation to create a fun and challenging experience. You are in a dungeon full of monsters, zombies, troopers, and turrets. Your goal is to find the key to get out while killing and looting to survive. No worries though ‘Murcia Mart has a convenient store location for all your weapon and ammo needs.

Current Features
Platforms: Windows
DRM Free
4 player CO-OP
Random maze level generator
20 campaign levels
6 levels of difficulty
7 Weapons
8 enemies

Planned Features
Platforms: Mac and Linux
Level Editor
More random level generation options and types.
More weapons, items and enemies.
More game modes.

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Rabid Baboon
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Hurty Jul 24 @ 3:58am 
Very good :)
SunNy® Jul 21 @ 6:25am 
Nice :D
Lineage2 Jul 17 @ 7:49am 
Задумка ничего. НО эта игра буквально минут через 20-30 надоест. Скучная озвучка. И как написано ниже за 210-240 р. она этих денег не стоит. Если над ней конкретно поработать может получится что-то интересное и динамичное.
Декан Легиона Jul 17 @ 3:41am 
ладно бы на халяву, но за 8$-это слишком много.
B@ckFire Jul 16 @ 3:27am 
Suicidal Jul 14 @ 12:14pm 
Удаляю кс го
LyZ Jul 10 @ 1:13pm 
nice game
Люблю крупу <3 Jul 3 @ 6:39am 
very nice game
sliger23 Jul 2 @ 12:48pm 
nice game
Vermut Jul 1 @ 5:32am 
looks so nice =D