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SCP Containment Breach [BETA] [V.3]
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Dec 26, 2012 @ 8:20pm
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In 1 collection by Zany Zipporwhill
Secure. Contain. Remake.
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Version 3 has finally come forth! Special thanks to CamBen for fixing the file.
~ V.4: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=190405015 ~

- Siren now cuts out after 30 seconds.
- Added Lockrooms.
- Added SCP-914.
- Added SCP-895.
- SCP-106 now also appears in SCP-895's chamber.
- SCP-682 now makes a sound when you hear it escaping.
{V.2 BUGS}
- There is a bug where SCP-914's door will open only once on each side,so be careful.
- Changed intro.
- Added notifications to Maynard's door, 914's door, and the exit door.
- Added 682's containment chamber.
- Changed 682's escaping sound. (More subtle, more fitting.)
- Made 079's location more noticeable.
- Made 173's location more noticeable.
- Added SCP-372's door.
- Added a Portal Gun outside 372's door.
- Added Anamalous Bird.

- Modified Turret.
- Added SCP 714 and 1025.
- Updated keycard system.
- Added the Plague Doctor's room. (SCP-049)
- Added Dr. Harp's office.
- Added SCP-420-J.
{V.3 BUGS}
- Text for using SCP-860 on Dr. Harp's door has the 8 and 6 swapped.
- 'outside' area sky clips through the wall

SCP-173-AS (Object class: Euclid)
173 appears in one dead end in the containment facility,where he corners any unlucky victims and proceeds to kill them seconds later. Reports from nearby personnel report that short, robotic laughter is heard, and shortly thereafter a sound of concrete thudding against something in the room.

SCP-88.8 (Object class: Euclid)
This SCP bears no relation to 088, but most likely has a connection to 087. 88.8 is classified as an anomalous wall decal SCP. Any room it sets itself in becomes infinitely looped and inescapable. Survivors of SCP-88.8 report that after being in its presence for 60 seconds, it becomes agitated and attempts to kill anyone inside it,making a distinct noise while doing so. 10 seconds afterwards,it leaves the room. Survivors advise to stand in the doorways,as 88.8 cannot kill anything there for unknown reasons.

SCP-106 (Object class: Keter)
SCP-106 should be avoided at all times. Its corrosive ability has been reported to shatter lightbulbs and corrode doors. Research states that when it is out of its cell,it always goes straight to the maintenance tunnels. Scientists that have gone down to tail it on such excursions are found hours later, wandering the halls of the containment facility lost and dazed. When asked about what happened,they mutter something about 'his pocket dimension' and pass out,later reawakening with no memory of the event.

SCP-079 (Object class: Euclid)
All recorded data on 079 was lost last week when someone removed it from its chamber and lost it in the halls of the containment facility. Ever since then,the code pad on the exit door out the containment facility has been non-functional.

SCP-914 (Object class: Safe)
SCP-914, or "The Conversion Machine" as it has been dubbed by Cave Johnson as of last week,has been refusing to convert anything other than Weighted Storage Cubes as of late. Although,many D-Classes were ecstatic at the result.

SCP-895 (Object class: Euclid)
895 is an ornate oak wood coffin recovered by the original SCP Containment Facility. Scientists examining security footage of the SCP claim to see abnormal happenings appearing on-screen for mere seconds before vanishing. When approached, SCP-106 appears and chases any personnel inside the chamber back out before returning to the floor in front of the coffin. D-Classes sent into the room claim that the coffin's shadow resembles 106 from the shoulders up,but we believe they are just being paranoid.

SCP-682 (Object class: Keter)
SCP-682 is extremely dangerous and must be destroyed as soon as possible. For now,it remains in its containment cell left alone. Periodically,we send D-Classes in there to ease the beast so it does not attempt to escape. Recent studies show that,in a situation where the facility must be evacuated,SCP-682 is likely able to escape within 5 minutes of the evacuation's announcement. Sounds of its escape most likely will consist of its door opening,and it releasing a startling roar. If it does escape, please

SCP-372 is known as a peripheral SCP that appears in the peripheral view of a person's eyesight. 372 is sealed up tight within 682's antechamber.

714 is a crown with unknown manufacturers, that when worn, makes the wearer immune to any damage. Of course, this can lead to a situation where the wearer may get themselves trapped inside an area where they would normally die. Use with caution if need be.

1025 is a book of various diseases that has been known to kill anyone who reads it. Subjects wearing SCP-714 will be immune to the tome.

Dr. Maynard
Maynard went missing just yesterday,claiming to be looking for something. He had left his office open for our sake,but this morning at 3 AM the door mysteriously shut itself. As it did,a sound similar to that of 106 materializing was heard. We believe that 106,shortly before escaping to the maintenance halls again,sealed Maynard's door. We are to send a D-Class into the pocket dimension to attempt to unseal Maynard's door.

Dr. Harp
Harp was the last known possessor of the Level 2 keycard.

Please note that for the safety of Aperture,we have sealed the mantis-men in with 682. Should they band together and rise against us,remember that all pathways to 682's chamber excepting for the main entrance are sealed.

There's really only a few things you need to know.
- To find SCP-173,walk forward from the start until you encounter a room with a catwalk that leads down one floor. Go to the room before that,and enter the dead end to the right. Walk into the middle of that room, and 173 will appear in the doorway.
- To find 88.8,walk straight forward from the start until the announcer tells you that you are stuck. To survive 88.8, hide in the doorway for a minute. 88.8 will then make a sound,indicating it is trying to kill you. Staying fully in the doorway will keep you safe. 10 seconds later,SCP-88.8 will make another sound indicating it is leaving,and the room will go back to normal. As a note,the Flashlight Turret you obtain can identify 88.8's presence,indicated by its light appearing on the opposite side of the room when stuck through a door.
- 106 is found in the maintenance tunnel entrance. Find the stairs down to the lower level mentioned above,and follow the halls until you find the tunnel entrance. Midway through,106 will materialize behind you. You must run off to the side and avoid contact,as touching 106 will kill you. After 106 passes through the door at the end of the hall,it opens to reveal a fraction of his Pocket Dimension. Head in and hit the button,which will unseal Dr. Maynard's office. Where that is,you should find out yourself.
- 079 is the key to escaping; some fool took him out of his chamber and lost him somewhere. 079 is in the room adjacent to 88.8's position; after he talks,you can pick him up,opening up his containment chamber. There you must place him on the desk,where he will unlock the exit door adjacent to his chamber.
- In order to access 914's chamber,you must get the keycard from within Dr. Maynard's office.
- You CAN get trapped in the Lockrooms,like in the actual game. A siren will sound six times before the doors shut,so be quick. There are two lockrooms present,with one easily visible from 895's observation chamber.
- To use SCP-914, hit the button on the left door and toss the cube in. Then, hit the activation button which will convert the cube into a Companion Cube!
- TAKE THE TURRET WITH YOU TO THE EXIT. Do not lose it; if you leave it in the maintenance hall or 106's pocket dimension,it will be lost unless you choose to not hit the button and unlock Maynard's office. It can also get sandwiched in 88.8's room.
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Chandler bing Jun 15 @ 12:27pm 
Ah, understood.
Zany Zipporwhill  [author] Jun 2 @ 7:38pm 
I know of the SCP site. And you clearly haven't read the description of the collection this map is in, because there I stated that I'm done with SCPs. Forever. No more. Gallifrey falls.
Chandler bing Jun 2 @ 12:14pm 
I love this, but i have a idea, instead of using SCP: Containment breaches SCPs, make your own SCP game, name it SCP: Lockdown, and use other SCPs, if you dont know the actuall site and just get your stuff from CB go to this link --> http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-series.
DarkLordOfOZ May 27 @ 11:53pm 
i love the SCP stuff
jacobrigoberto Apr 5 @ 1:01am 
I've beefed myself up, and played the real SCP, and SCP-106 is a lot less scary over there :P

Though over there SCP-173 is the worst.
Zany Zipporwhill  [author] Mar 25 @ 3:39am 
Cam didn't do anything else here other than fix a corrupt save file.

Also, this isn't a mod, as everything here is made with vanilla game material.
Evsey da SANIC Mar 24 @ 8:31pm 
SO, CamBen mods not just spore Galactic adventures, he mods (or help modding ) other games? Cool! Also, cool mod!
Zany Zipporwhill  [author] Feb 20 @ 6:59pm 
Portal 2 has only two technical weapon cheats, and furthermore, these are not actual enemy entities, so either weapon would prove ineffective. This ain't Half-Life 2, pal.
Sentient smile Feb 20 @ 9:07am 
can someone post a weapon cheat i can blast these creeps with
Zany Zipporwhill  [author] Feb 15 @ 2:09pm 
As this map is old, nothing. The intention WAS for you to use the Turret at the end to unlock the elevator, but I was not experienced enough at the time to achieve such a goal.