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Weapon Drop V2
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Dec 26, 2012 @ 3:57pm
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Big fixes this time around, lua has been changed so no errors occur and weapons function properly when dropped and picked back up again.

How to drop weapon:
Type "bind (key) dropweapon" in the console, replacing (key) with the key you want to use.

easter egg in pic :3

Also check out my cool new abstract gloves that you can use in gmod as well. http://gamebanana.com/css/skins/122375
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lil_misfit 1 hour ago 
I typed the command but it doesn't work. does this work on mutiplayer?
Daniel Jude (DJN) Aug 31 @ 1:08am 
I tested by going into my developer consle and typed drop weapon but the command was not recinised.
[bonkthescoutisback Aug 22 @ 8:19pm 
help me when i try to bind it dosen't work
Mari Aug 21 @ 10:37am 
@Sny_Vs_Spyper throw it up in the air at an angle so you won't pick it up immediately and it won't fall back to you, i.e.: http://imgur.com/a/lyQhY
Moving backwards helps but if you have the angle right you can do it standing still
Sny_Vs_Spyper Aug 20 @ 9:53am 
Ok, thanks Cathice! I'll look for one of those mods then
Great mod though!
Jimbob Aug 20 @ 12:11am 

Nope. First time I've ever seen this.
Cathice  [author] Aug 19 @ 7:13pm 
Im afraid that is apart of the game. We would possibly have to change the vanilla scipts of the game which would make it almost impossible for servers to use it. There are weapon mods, like fire arms source were you can walk over it and not pick it up unless you press the "use" key.
Sny_Vs_Spyper Aug 19 @ 8:33am 
Great mod, only issue I had with it was that as soon as I dropped the weapon i'd pick it right back up again instantly. Not sure if this is an issue with one of the mods i'm currently using
Could somebody who knows more about this kind of thing than me tell me what i'm doing wrong or if there's some dropped weapon velocity i'm meant to set so I don't pick it back up immediately or something please?
Turbo Man Aug 19 @ 5:45am 
@Jimbob- I'm probably gonna sound redundant here, but did you sub it, have it installed, then unsub it? because gmod sometimes doesn't remove a disabled 'uninstalled' addon ingame (And man the residue of old versions of addons that are still active.)