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Weapon Drop V2
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Dec 26, 2012 @ 3:57pm
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Weapon Drop V2

Big fixes this time around, lua has been changed so no errors occur and weapons function properly when dropped and picked back up again.

How to drop weapon: When typing "bind (key) dropweapon" in console, replace (key) with the key you want to use.
1. "sv_cheats 1"
2. "bind g dropweapon" <---- In this example I used the "g" key.

easter egg in pic :3

Also check out these abstract gloves that you could use in gmod as well.
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toxic_thunder Dec 3 @ 11:43am 
can u use this online like in deathrun
ArKaniuM Nov 10 @ 11:28am 
@ |D:C|JimmyBeans ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° aim higher, it projects the weapon towards your crosshair.
ArKaniuM Nov 10 @ 11:26am 
Toaster Waffles the II [UK] see my previous comments. Do you get any message in console when trying to bind? Did you try pressing \ in game? You shouldn't need sv_cheats for this, I don't know why that's in the description.
ArKaniuM Nov 10 @ 11:25am 
SDgamerGhoulYT the dropwepon line is for binding a key, then all you have to do is press that key in the game.

In your example, you just press h normally while playing.
ArKaniuM Nov 10 @ 11:24am 
[D.Team]TheShad0wGamer if it drops, this addon is working. Try aiming higher, as the wepaon will be thrown further away from you.
ArKaniuM Nov 10 @ 11:23am 
@Takjj Typing the following line does work in the console, you just shouldn't have the quotes:
bind g dropweapon

The key doesn't have to be 'g' and by default the addon will bind the \ key to dropping the weapon anyway.

to unbind:
unbind g
ArKaniuM Nov 10 @ 11:20am 
@Mr cake when you say it's not working, what does happen and what doesn't. What have you tried?
ArKaniuM Nov 10 @ 11:19am 
@ DJ Wolf if it still happens after unsubbing and restarting it's not this addon. I'm not sure how it could ever be this addon, either, unless you had the enter vhicle key bound to the same key as dropping the weapon.
Takii Oct 14 @ 2:12pm 
To everyone having problems and saying this doesnt work please read.
The console command he put down isnt the right way to bind keys. The correct bind key is the following just copy and paste into the dev console and your set.

Bind "G" "dropweapon" not "bind g dropweapon"
mytoons3 Oct 3 @ 5:59pm 
thats cause you uninstalled it