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Garry's Mod

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Freespace 13 Night
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Dec 26, 2012 @ 11:13am
Dec 26, 2012 @ 11:55am
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Freespace 13 Night

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Hello and welcome!

This is the whole new, fancy and clean Freespace_13_night!
I worked the last 2 months on this map. And finaly, it's finished!

So why don't you take a look at it, explore it and enjoy it?


- Lakes!
- Hangar!
- A whole new city! (Okaaaay, some buildings are from my older map)
- Underground building rooms!
- A beautiful and lifelike 3D Skybox. (Also DAMN HUGE)
- Nice and small buildings near the lake.
- Optimized for maximum FPS. (Even with many props)
- Nodes! Walking Striders! Flying Choppers! Hiding Combine! FUN!
- Roads!
- And a small easteregg. (Good luck finding it!)

Thats pretty much all. Simple and beautiful.


Freak On A Leash / On-A-Freak - Mapper.
SligWolf - Made the windgenerator model just for me.

Beta and Alpha tester:

Basecode - Alpha- and Beta-Tester
MrFaul - Alpha- and Beta-Tester
Xandaros - Alpha-Tester
SligWolf - Beta-Tester
SportKeks - Beta-Tester

Special Thanks to:

Helio - Idea of the orginal freespace series.
And every single one of you for supporting me and downloading my maps! You're awesome!

F.A.Q. :

Q: "Can't find the map!"
A: "Look in the Sandbox category. Its called gm_freespace_13"

Q: "Do i need any other Source game?"
A: "Nope, only Gmod"

Q: "How do i setup a workshop addon for my dedicated server?"
A: " "

Support me:

Like what i'm doing? Then give it a thumb up or favorite it!
Or maybe you consider a donation? Well, you can do that too: []
Even the smallest donation helps me to do more awesome stuff! Thanks!
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Fezbones 14 hours ago 
The fun has been doubled!
^.^Fancy Eevee^.^ Jul 12 @ 10:47am 
u might want to take a look at the hangar only one door will open for me
SpecyJosh Jun 28 @ 4:32am 
It's great. All I can really say is that this and the day version need more ground nodes OUTSIDE the city at the centre. Feels rather restrictive that there is no npc navigation on the open field.
NUK3D Jan 3 @ 12:42pm 
The day version is just freespace 13. Look that up.
a Jul 9, 2016 @ 8:35pm 
wheres day version
Mr. Spoo(Spycrab) =ACG= Feb 2, 2016 @ 4:33pm 
Where is the day version?
[CNU S]TNA TW1X Wild Jan 24, 2016 @ 10:05am 
i cant find the Day Version
Elmo The Gay Furry Sep 6, 2015 @ 8:02am 
i cant find the map ! I only see the day ver
CгεερεгƬv May 28, 2015 @ 12:03am 
Make the map slightly brighter like the light level in freespace 6 night
Annoyingtem Mar 29, 2015 @ 6:25pm 
Took ya long enough!