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Bowser Baddies Pack
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Dec 26, 2012 @ 10:20am
Oct 4, 2013 @ 6:16pm
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A collection of Bowser's minions from the Super Mario series. All of them are ripped from the game and they are fully posable for your heart's content.

This pack contains the following:

= Ported From Mario Party 9 =
- Birdo (Bodygroupable eyelids and ring)
- Blooper (Skin Bodygroup)
- Bob-Omb
- Boo (Seperate White and Pink models, and faceposable mouths) *NEW*
- Bullet Bill
- Buzzy Beetle (Faceposable Mouth) *NEW*
- Chain Chomp (Eye Skin Bodygroups)
- Cheep Cheep (Eye Bodygroups)
- Clampy
- Fishbones (Ragdolled Jaw)
- Goomba (Eyepose and Faceposable; Bodygroupable eyelids)
- King Bob-Omb *NEW*
- Koopa Troopa (Skins and its colorable shell, fingerposable, Bodygroupable eyelids, Faceposeable)
- Lakitu (Eye Bodygroups, fingerposable, removable glasses, facepose.)
- Mecha-Koopa
- Monty Mole (Eye Skin Bodygroups)
- Mr. Blizzard
- Mushroom (Super Mushroom and 1-Up Mushroom skins)
- Piranha Plant (and its bigger version)
- Spike (Faceposable)
- Spiny (and egg form)
- Starman
- Swooper
- Tox Box
- Wiggler (Comes with 2 seperate models; normal and angry; faceposable and bodygroupbable for normal wiggler)

= Ported from Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 =
- Cataquack (Skin Bodygroups)
- Classic Koopa Troopa (Eye Skin Bodygroups and colorable shell)
- Crabber (Eye Skin Bodygroups and colorable shell)
- Whomp (Bodygroupable body)

The models are ported by me. Special thanks to RandomTalkingBush and Ratchet Mario for helping me out.

Bowser Baddies are ©Nintendo (especially Shigeru Miyamoto) and are used without permission.
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pescepigna Sep 14 @ 9:30am 
I love this addon but i don't know why the crobber is white. can you colour him?
BeastMaster Sep 1 @ 10:39am 
can you please make a sfm version?
iamSackboy Aug 17 @ 4:47pm 
Mod creators, do you think you could make a Dino Piranha ragdoll?
Shadicon Aug 15 @ 9:57am 
prof.pickel Aug 7 @ 12:30pm 
are they a ragdoll
Golden Freddy Jul 28 @ 1:18pm 
where are the other power ups
like the fire and ice flower
Captain Ash Jul 24 @ 12:12pm 
Drakii Jul 10 @ 8:15am 
Will these work in SFM?
Golden Freddy Jun 18 @ 5:46pm 
can you add different kinds of goombas
Gojira62 Jun 15 @ 3:27am 
wheres king boo