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Fort Aegis Solstheim
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Fort Aegis Solstheim

(All DLCs required)!

Hello and welcome to Fort Aegis Solstheim.

This playerhome was created mainly on request by a player who has subscribed to several of my house mods and after some feedback and suggestions I decided to go ahead and atempt to at least get close to the guidelines setout. So thanks to "Storm_at_Sea" for your part in this.

The Fort is located in the Northernmost part of Solstheim across from Northshore Landing. To get there you just need to travel to Solstheim, map marker for fast travel is enabled!

On arriving you should see guards patroling/relaxing or perhaps a blacksmith relaxing/working , you may also see the Master at Arms doing a patrol (he can train you in 1handed weapons up to lvl90). In addition to their patrol duties the guards will (sandbox) chop wood, warm themselves at braziers etc. They have their own seperate guardhouse they sleep and or eat/relax or even get drunk in. The Master at Arms is housed within the main fort.

Forgive me as I tend to rambble with descriptions abit!.......... The basic theme to the fort is neutral yet built to favour a warrior/melee playstyle over a mage/caster. However there is a nice sized enchanting room with all the workstations and also ofc an alchemy area close to the kitchen where you will find the fort's cook who can sell you ingredients and potions etc. and buy from you.

The library area gives you ample shelfspace and storage for your book collection or other items. The fort's Librarian spends the majority of his time here tho he will sometimes be found in the enchanting room. He will sell/buy spells etc. (tho he's abit of an old grump)! He sleeps below the library in a rather dank place cluttered with coffins including one for those favouring the vampiric style. Just off the library is your own personal quarters. Your bed some storage and displays can be found here. For the sneaky types there is a not so hidden treasure room within the area.

The main entrance hall is a good size with limited furnishings and some mannequins and display options. Surounding on the upper lvl you can plant ingredients/crops. On either side here you will find a beroom, one setup with 2 single beds and one setup with 1 double. These beds are not owned by any fort Npc and so are suitable to be used with "Custom Family Home" mod or similar (this mod is not compatible with muliple adoptions)! sorry.
The Master at Arms' quarters is off the main area also he will sleep or relax here between his patrol duties or when in kitchen for meals.

The ruined Tower interior has been allocated for the blacksmithing workshop (centre ring) , Armory/Display room (upper ring) and the Fish Hatchery (lower ring). The fort's blacksmith has a room just off the display area. He will also sell and buy armor weapons materials etc.

Lastly just to note that both the interior and exterior have been fully navmeshed and layouts have several npc and child idles throughout.

As always thank you for trying my mod out , please rate and or favorite. Feedback, suggestions oand comments good or "constructive" welcomed. Please keep in mind this was primarily made due to a request so I wont be making any major changes but obviously will address any problems found.
Thank you and enjoy.

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RedSonja Nov 17 @ 3:37pm 
I really had no desire to play Dawnguard.... but this player home/fort might change my mind. It really is huge!... and so unassuming looking on the outside. Thank you for sharing it with us.
deron.morris Nov 15 @ 6:58am 
Looks nice. Thank you for sharing your skills. Few minor points: Apiary inside? Also (even Hearthfire DLC does this) smelter and forge inside the house with no apparent ventilation? I would just put them outside. Just some thoughts. Thanks again
Pun Intended Oct 11 @ 8:55pm 
Looks nice, I'm going to have to try this mod out when I'm a little less busy.
Vahlan  [author] Oct 9 @ 12:58am 
Cleaned up a couple of minor errors, if it's a thing vendors are missing you may need to uninstall mod make clean save then should be fine. Obviously have a look round first they have 2 sandbox areas each. Read change notes for other adjustments made.