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The Hood - Class Mod
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Oct 4 @ 3:24am
Oct 13 @ 8:41am
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The Hood - Class Mod



I chose to share what i create for my own playthroughs, if it doesn't suit you then it's simply not for you, just chill and move on.

2.Known Issues
3.Credits and Permissions


The Hood is fresh off the wagon as a brothel girl, but it seems like a better idea to put her strange aptitudes to good use during expeditions instead.
For some reason she just won't shut up about her granma.

I really like the Antiquarian in both design and utility but over the course of a playthrough it becomes kinda tedious to always do money runs with the same face.
The Hood is a fickle alternative to the Antiquarian, slightly less lucrative but slightly more support oriented, with her own unique twists.

2.Known Issues - FAQ

//Inventory management
> The Hood's tokens stack up to 30, they are also consummables.
> Contrary to the Antiquarian she can't find rare tokens.
> She doesn't increase gold stacks size, instead she increases provisions (food) stack max size up to 36.
> Increased provision stack size doesn't take effect until you're inside a dungeon, at which point you can drag your stacks together.

//No shared camping skills ?
> No, it will be obvious why

//CC Trinket Set
> http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1157520943

3.Credits and Permissions

All original assets by me @ http://muscarine.org
Darkest Dungeon and everything Darkest Dungeon related is entirely the property of Red Hook Studios.
Red Hook is not responsible if this mod ends up damaging your game.

Dialogues :
Rakked, a retired writer of erotic fiction, provided the spicy-but-SFW writing for this NSFW mod.
You can read some of his Darkest Dungeon microfiction here:
Please thank him too ! Otherwise the Hood would have lame engrish dialogues.

The Hood stumble barks are the lyrics from David Lemaitre : Megalomania @

Russian translation by BoMarley @
Chinese translation (not included) by ETO灬XL @

The Hood mod spotlight with commentary by gamingking1 @

Some of the SFX used are taken from Devil May Cry 3, Capcom @ http://www.capcom.com/ All rights reserved.
All other SFX are open source.

If you plan to do anything with this mod you must ask me and be granted my permission first.
You may contact me here : http://www.nexusmods.com/darkestdungeon/users/330348/?

- Wanna see modded DD streams ?
> Element Five's Modded Darkest Dungeon streams @
> Baron's Darkest Dungeon streams @

Have fun ya all~

4.Changelog - important changes only -
- Russian translation, courtesy of BoMarley ! With my thanks !

- Hopefully fixed missing virtue dialogue string and cure horror

- Revamped "pssst!" : now guard allies (dodge tank), provides small party stress reduction but also stumbles
- "Sip of Wine" cures horror consistently, removed stress heal, but now usable on self
- Please note that while "The Bag" is weak it's the only ability that keeps her in place

- Adjusted sfx levels
- Eating Doses and Mimosas now also increases stress resistance by 20% for 4 turns

- Tweaked Piece of Cake and Sip of Wine differently
- A few new dialogue lines by your favorite Rakked ~

- Fixed town event crash, sorry i didn't catch this sooner, thanks @flyingxsnake & Keyi

- Potential fix to other heroes being able to get Frivolous virtue when they shouldn't.

- Very slightly improved her utilities so she's not a dead weight either.
- Minor fixes.

#1.0 - release

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Ny0tengu 6 hours ago 
Oh and did you already consider doing reskin of some classes ? Was just wondering, you art's so great I'd love to see it on everything. Like for instance, there's this neat class on the steam workshop called the Twillight Knight, from the universe of Kingdom Death. The author chose the non-skimpy version of her, but there's a lot of incredible skimpy versions (just google Twillight Knight Cat, Bunny or Detective). Would it be something you'd like to do ? (he already said he would be ok for someone to do so)
Ny0tengu 7 hours ago 
Was ":D" supposed to mean yes or no ? :D I can't help myself but to think that you're preparing something new Muscarine, something incredible too I bet. Btw I noticed that you haven't done any back row damage dealer, could it be it ?
CoolAimBoy 7 hours ago 
Hey ,anyone notice . during camp the character disappears except its leaves her bag only?, is this the character's thing or bug?.
well to me i dont like this idea,it would it good if its has sitting art of her like previous mods has.
hot-diggity Oct 16 @ 2:36pm 
@jintoya ah ok, cool. Thanks for that. I didn't even notice the what the chatter was saying.
jintoya Oct 15 @ 3:48pm 
thats intended, she is off wandering about, true to her form.
the word bubbles that pop-up over where she would be are things like "where did she go?" and "shes out there on her own"
it even says so in her strings file that she wanders off, and that its not a mistake.
hot-diggity Oct 15 @ 6:40am 
So I FINALLY got the Hood in my game so I grabbed her up and took her to the dungeon to check her out. She was fun to play! When I camped though, she wasn't there in the camp. Anyone else have this happen to them?
Muscarine  [author] Oct 14 @ 5:32pm 
Baron Oct 14 @ 3:59pm 
Can't wait to try her out!
Ny0tengu Oct 14 @ 10:53am 
Every modding community has it's gods, I found mine for DD. Your work is so precise, so beautiful and dark, I love the little pinch of kink too. The Hood is by far my favorite but I love everything you did. You and Marvin Seo brought me back to DD. Thanks a lot ! Ps : I was about to start a new run, shall I wait for an incomming new perfection from you or can I go ?
Wast Oct 13 @ 8:10am 
Cool hero class, great work ! Thanks. My gameplay