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(Non-HWM) Female Scout
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Dec 24, 2012 @ 3:47pm
Dec 29, 2013 @ 7:53am
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(Non-HWM) Female Scout

*Requires TF2

The Female Scout, my personal favorite among all the TF2 females.
I did not make this model, I hexed it for Gmod.

AyesDyef - Original Femscout
Sage J. Fox - Femscout Renovations 1 and 2.1
Me - Hexing and uploading

-(Slightly) Better face posing
-Better physics (Skirt still isn't posable)
-Shoes and Socks bodygroup
-Various Scout items that actually fit on the female scout
-Zombie version
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Mr. FNaF Guy 20 hours ago 
I think Femscout is kind of perverted
Zittle Mar 25 @ 8:12am 
Im surprise no one has thought of a playermodel and she been with us for a good long time.
Keegan Mar 22 @ 1:19am 
why is the ragdoll always has jigglebones
Mr. Spy Mar 10 @ 12:39pm 
i think it might be a bug but it's a harmless bug i have another femscout model and it does the same to that as well so don't worry about it.
zombaystorm Mar 2 @ 3:16pm 
Has black gloves. Which I kinda like so it's more of a plus than a minus. Love all the items that fit on femscout. I can never seem to find any cosmetics for female models.
Neil, Intergalactic Grandpa Feb 28 @ 11:25am 
I got Black Gloves, for some reason, on this model. I don't have the Spy-Themed Female Scout model installed, so I could use some assistance.
Block Buster Feb 24 @ 8:30pm 
I think it's glitched. Because it's not working well with the easy bonemerge tool.
joetahoe2 Feb 21 @ 8:14am 
i just cant find it on my spawn list
where is it?
JCTheAllStar31 Feb 19 @ 3:41am 
I have an undying question, which would be: Why does this model have black gloves? The picture doesn't show black gloves, and the Femscout download that was on garrysmod.org didn't have black gloves. EXPLAIN THIS MADNESS!!
๖ۣۜSerenity 嵐花 Feb 2 @ 4:43am 
My gmod broke harder than my dogs neck, s0m31 pls help p0rt 2 SFM.