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Blackwell Unbound - 100% Achievement Guide
By nek♥|Guineu
Guide to easily get all he achievements in this game. This is not a walkthrough and it's as spoiler free as possible (yet proceed with caution).
100% Achievement Guide
- Total Achievements: 10.
- Minimum playthroughs: 1. Recommended 2.

Before starting a new game go to the options menu and turn on the commentary, don't disable it and you will get an achievement at the end of the game, after the credits (Commentary Mode). The commentary is interesting but you can skip it pressing any key (mouse won't work) if you want, you'll still get the achievement.

At the beginning of the game when you can move in Lauren's apartment for the first time you will get a sound recorder where Lauren recorded commentaries about her dreams. Listen to them all to get your first achievement.

- Achievement count: 1/10.
- Dreamcatcher
- Listen to all of Lauren's dreams

[EASTER EGG] In this game you can use the Phone Number Guide to search any name. You can type some special names and get a number. One of those names is "Russell Stone", a character from another game by the same company called The Shivah. Search the name and call him to get an achievement.

- Achievement count: 2/10.
- Shivah Call
- Make an unusual phone call

Early in the game you can use your camera to take photos of characters. Take a photo of Joey, the Jazz musician in the promenade, the pianist in the club and the guy working at Jambalaya Records. Once you have all the 4 photos you will get the achievement.

- Achievement count: 3/10.
- Shutterbug
- Take all four photographs

[EASTER EGG] In the club with the pianist you can use your "Case List" item from the inventory in the table in the bottom right. Use it three or four times to activate the easter egg and get the achievement.

- Achievement count: 4/10.
- Floating Head
- Find the floating head easter egg

While solving the first case, the Jazz musician in the promenade will hit you with his instrument each time you talk with him, since you need Joey to grab the instrument to talk to him and he will get angry. You have to talk to him at least once to proceed, if you don't talk to him again you will get an achievement. Unless you are playing with a walkthrough you will most probably miss it, you can start a new game and get it pretty fast. The achievement is awarded after you free his soul.

- Achievement count: 5/10.
- Take it on the Chin
- Get hit by the saxophone only once

When you have solved the two cases and before going to talk to the journalist (there's nothing else to do) save the game in your apartment. There's two tricky achievements and this is the last point to work on one of them. These achievements are related to the number of cigarettes Lauren smokes during the game. You get one for smoking less than 20 and another for more than 100.

On a normal game you will get 30-40 cigarettes. To get more than 100, change to Joey while on the apartment (not while Lauren is on the balcony) and wait for 30 or 40 minutes doing nothing. After changing to Joey, Lauren will wait 5-6 seconds and light up a cigarette, then smoke it for about 20 seconds and start again. That's like 2 cigarettes every two minutes (keep the control on Joey not on Lauren or she won't smoke!). Then finish the game, after the credits you will see how many cigarettes Lauren smoke during the game, if it's more than 100 you'll get the achievement.

To get less than 20 you'll need to start a new game once you know what to do and finish it using Joey as less as possible. You won't do it on your first game unless using a walkthrough which is totally not recommended, you'll be ruining the game. If you do it right you should finish it using only 15 or 16 cigarettes. You will get the achievement after the credits.

You will get another achievement after finishing the game, it's story related and it can't be missed. You will also get the Commentary Mode one after the credits and the two related to the cigarettes depending on your "cigarette score".

- Achievement count: 6/10.
- Medium Well Done
- Finish the game at least once

- Achievement count: 7/10.
- Commentary Mode
- Play the game in commentary mode, from the opening menu till the end

- Achievement count: 8/10.
- Chain Smoker
- Smoke at least 100 cigarettes

- Achievement count: 9/10.
- Trying to Cut Down
- Smoke less than 20 cigarettes by the end of the game

After finishing the game you receive a code (don't worry about it). If you took a photo of Joey (done for a previous achievement) you unlocked some extras, click on the first option of the extras and you can insert there your code (shows automatically, no need to even type it). You can now listen to the game bloopers. Listen to at least one of the bloopers and you will get the last achievement.

- Achievement count: 10/10.
- Laugh it Up
- Find the game's blooper reel
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Storm_at_Sea Oct 14, 2015 @ 5:17am 
*If you're new to the series, you don't know about putting the mouse at the top of the screen to find the inventory. So- note that other new players- would've been nice if the game didn't assume you'd know to do that- found it finally on accident.
Storm_at_Sea Oct 7, 2015 @ 3:57am 
joey says I should look at the list, but I don't know how to- the game doesn't mention it, nor does the guide. (I tried 'I' as it's often defaulted to that key- but it didn't work, this is my first try at one of the games in this series).
Shairen The Wolf Aug 28, 2015 @ 12:20pm 
to get the unusual shivah call can you specify that you have to look in the phonebook for rabbi stone and not russell stone ? it drove me mad because I couldn't find a solution anywhere
Shairen The Wolf Aug 27, 2015 @ 3:45pm 
Oh, I need HELP: I look for RUSSEL STONE or THE SHIVAH number to make the phonecall, but Lauren says she can't find anything!
Is it a BUG or do I have to do the call in a specific moment? Someone else had or still have this problem? What can I do to FIX IT? THANK YOU.
Shairen The Wolf Aug 27, 2015 @ 3:40pm 
to make Lauren smoke a lot and quick I used her in the apartment, I turned on a cigarette and then clicked on the telephone, then again the cigarette.

Smoke Chain ? I think I did more than 100 ,

can you specify better that you will know how many cigarettes she smoked just at the end of the game? I know it's explained but I didn't got it very well, more clear, just this, so one will not wait and make her get even more sick because of the smoke lol
S.T.A.R.S Leon S. K. Oct 3, 2014 @ 8:14am 
I did 28. I not know how get so much. 2nd i get 15. Thx for the 2nd Amazing Guide to Nek Sorrow.
impooing Oct 2, 2014 @ 3:52am 
I got 25 cigs on my first playthrough. If you can, do the 20 cig run right away, while everything is still fresh in your head. Otherwise; use a walkthrough.

Making a save after the knock on the door will save you time on your 100cig playthrough. Load that up and idle away (saving periodically).

It takes 52 seconds for each cigarette so you will need to idle for at least 78 minutes to get the rest since you can count on having had at least 10 already.
ak123gk Aug 16, 2014 @ 12:48am 
Very helpful!
Robin Lionheart Jun 26, 2014 @ 12:55am 
You can also use Lauren's lighter on the cigarette pack anytime before the climactic scene, which she will smoke rather quickly, to up her cigarette count.
Werewing Jun 25, 2014 @ 11:34am 
If it doesn't autofill and they don't remember, the password for the Extras is "REALUGLY", without quotes, and I do not think Caps matter.