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Colleen Vestal Skin
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Sep 29 @ 7:35am
Sep 29 @ 7:44am
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Colleen Vestal Skin

This skin is for the Vestal class of DARKEST DUNGEON.
This skin is based on the main character of my webcomic Marblegate; Colleen the Cleric.

Yes, she is supposed to look like a dork.

You can read the webcomic here, if that's your thing:

Please report any glitches or malfunctions.
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Marblegate  [author] Nov 18 @ 9:03pm 
Hey thanks! Glad you like it!
Kardel Nov 18 @ 4:45pm 
Instant sub lets go
Marblegate  [author] Nov 10 @ 9:08pm 
@ 老龙:一群鶸
She's a character from my web comic. The link to it is in the description.
老龙:一群鶸 Nov 10 @ 12:32am 
Who is she?Nobody?
Marblegate  [author] Oct 6 @ 10:17am 
@Emotional Glowstick
Thank you both! That was my hope! Getting people to notice a webcomic these days is like being a needle in a stack of needles.
Emotional Glowstick Oct 6 @ 12:12am 
This upload was brilliant, not only a high quality and unique skin, but also introduced me to an amazing web comic I wouldn't have heard of otherwise!
Rudofaux Oct 4 @ 11:49am 
Today I found out that there is a Workshop for a game I had for around two years. Then I discovered this mod is based off a webcomic. I've read the comic from page one to the current end (3-13). I have to say I was pulled right into the story, just couldn't click away. Keep up the good work. You've made a fan out of me.
Dom Oct 3 @ 9:23am 
well first ive heard of marblegate and i like it, good on ya
legion160 Oct 1 @ 10:15pm 
Well that was a fast ass way to get ppl to check ur comics.... and it worked I LOVE IT lol.
URBAM Oct 1 @ 7:52pm 
Urbam's resolve is tested


Loved the concept. Brings a twist to Hamlet, but it fells so right to DD. Good job!

Also, reading your webcomic too, good way to promove!