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mjy Van Helsing Crossbow
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Dec 21, 2012 @ 7:51pm
Dec 25, 2012 @ 8:45am
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mjy Van Helsing Crossbow

made a crossbow way back, had crashing issue with the pluging, fix, added automatic shooting, modified the power of it, balanced it.

[ is at nexus ] VanHelsingregular = has 2 damage, 2 crit , 1 bolt shooting at a time and speed of 1.00 and can have enchantement [ 2000] so u should not run out

VanHelsinglight = has 1 damage, 1 crit , 1 bolt shooting at a time and speed of 1.00 and can have enchantement [ 2000] so u should not run out. should be enchanted if u want more power,etc

it can be found in a barel at riftenorigin, type coc riftenorigin if u want to get there fast

need dawnguard dlc to run

update : u get a crossbow now with a balance recipe u can craft and u can upgrade it, i still left the barrel[pic] in riften center.

note : if u want the Van Helsing style cloths, hat, u will need to download
the inquisitor mod, its on nexus, not sure if its on steam

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latinoman14 Jul 28 @ 8:08am 
can you teach me how to mod i want to make one
mjy  [author] Jul 27 @ 5:58pm 
as in 0o
latinoman14 Jul 25 @ 2:45pm 
as a request
latinoman14 Jul 25 @ 2:42pm 
k :) but can u make one last mod
mjy  [author] Jul 24 @ 8:45pm 
oh if u ever want to see stuff i made , click mighty joe young mods, or mjy mods just google it , u might see a lot of junk lol
mjy  [author] Jul 24 @ 8:42pm 
after 10 years , its hard :), i did my time , u remember me, all the other players are gone, no one remembers me hehe, all new gamers now. but u never know, modded a lot of games, modded
kerbal space station, lots of fun with that one, but with time i might come back as i love building stuff, i had modded 1/2 of rome, man u should of seen the stadium, it was grand, and a bunch of other stuff, but hard drive crash and poof all gone, never really loaded up skyrim after.

i used to be able to make lots of stuff at work, but now i really got to work, if i ever did, not sure what i would make, as i like making ancient city`s 1/4 of what i made and released is ok, if i would come back if to fix the stuff i never found good and make a good pack. but thats a lot of stuff, also would make my crossbow like it was supposed to be, as i had to cut a lot of stuff away to fit in skyrim. i got the original, there is some pics somewhere or the original.

thx u latinoman14 for remembering me
latinoman14 Jul 23 @ 8:35pm 
mjy come back to modding!
mjy  [author] Mar 11 @ 1:43pm 
np, I might return to modding someday, just saw the mayan ruins :), maybe add another 10 years of modding, hehe
ethan Mar 10 @ 5:38pm 
mjy  [author] Mar 10 @ 5:27pm 
if ever u see a odd stuff with mods, ther is usually a conflict with other 1 or more mods