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Breezehome Museum
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Dec 21, 2012 @ 6:40pm
May 14, 2013 @ 8:25pm
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Breezehome Museum

Breezehome Museum adds a Museum and crafting rooms to Breezehome. It also changes the beds to noble beds, and fixes the ladder that everybody gets stuck on. The Museum includes exibits, display cases, mannequins, weapon racks, weapon plaques, an enchanting room, an alchemy room, and a full forge (with a Merchant!). The entrance is located under the stairs, in the room with the alchemy table/children's room.

This mod IS compatible with Hearthfire! It even works if you already have a child living in Breezehome.

If you have any problems, send me a message and I'll try to fix them as soon as possible! The first time you load this mod, please ensure that you aren't in Breezehome, else your computer might explode.

If you have any ideas, leave a suggestion! I appreciate it. If you are a previous user of Breezehome Museum, I apologize for the extraordinary wait. I had a lack of vision for the Alchemy room.


A big shoutout to Sanryu3451 for giving me Hearthfire!

I'd like to add some backstory to Gersemi, and potentially create a few more NPCs to liven up the Museum. I'd really also like to add a false cabinet akin to the ones in the thieve's guild and Hjerm. However, I haven't been playing Skyrim lately, and I'm really looking forward to digging into modding in Fallout 4. Regardless, please feel free to ask for more update, because the only reason I've done as much as I have is for people like you, who enjoy using mods such as these. (Especially those of you who read all of this text! Go you.)

V1.1 Fixed the Mannequins in the Smithing room, added a chest.
V1.2 Added a wood chopping block and a MERCHANT! with lots of gold and things to sell you. Also adds some Weapon racks. All are in the Smithing room.
V1.2.1 Finally fixed the Navmesh. Followers should no longer freak out and get stuck at the door.
V1.3 Added the Crown of Barenziah and all the Dragon Claws.
V1.4 Added quarters for Gersemi. She now should* patrol around in her quarters and the smithing room. She can also sleep! I thought it was quite creepy that she just sat there all day long... Also of note, I believe I fixed the grey face bug once and for all. My Creation Kit was depositing the .bsa in the skyrim folder, not the skyrim/data folder like it is supposed to. Anyways, it should be fixed now. If anybody has a seam, please let me know. I also added another chest in the Smithing room, 2 more alchemy bags to the alchemy room, moved some stuff in the forge to make space for Gersemi's quarters, and altered the NavMesh to accommodate the changes.
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RookTheShark Jul 21 @ 11:20pm 
kk, I have started a new game with a bunch of mods installed, thanks :)
Ujinty  [author] Jul 21 @ 7:58pm 
@Eook Nope. It'll be there when you do.
RookTheShark Jul 21 @ 2:11pm 
Do I need to have Breezehome before I install this mod????
stanley K May 21 @ 10:59am 
Ujinty  [author] May 4 @ 6:11pm 
@Stanley Yes!
stanley K May 4 @ 7:06am 
dose it come with all the stuff in the picatures?
General Mark,The Endleader Apr 30 @ 9:40pm 
Thanks,i hate when people don't respond to me,my questions are legit,in my head anyways.Cheerz
Ujinty  [author] Apr 30 @ 8:12pm 
Probably not, although possibly if they aren't physically located in the same place. Make a backup save, then download it and find out!
General Mark,The Endleader Apr 30 @ 2:26pm 
is this compatable with the blacksmiths basment and breezehome basement addons? plz answer
Foe-hammer Apr 16 @ 9:30pm 
Fantistic mod! Always wanted a storage room/armory in breezehome. Whiterun's central location make this the ideal place for a multipurpose crafting center. Definitely a 5 out of 5!!

If you play Skyrim, and haven't downloaded this mod, then you are really missing out. So do yourself a favor and GET THIS NOW! Yes, its that good. And if a one-stop-shop isnt enough, then how about dozens of free ebony ingots? That's right. Free. Ebony. That alone is worth the mod!