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Lord of The Rings
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Dec 21, 2012 @ 3:39pm
Dec 29, 2012 @ 7:19pm
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I do not own Lord of the Rings or any of the rights to anything involving it so please no one sue me

This mod adds several new enemies and followers throughout Skyrim including:
-Bilbo and Aragorn in the Bee and Barb in Riften
- Gandalf in the Arcaeneum
- Legolas in the Sleeping Giant in Riverwood
-Gimli in Jorrvaskr
- Elrond in the Jarl's longhouse in Falkreath
- Gollum (enemy) and Smeagol (Good Version) in a hidden cave in Alftand
- Orcs and Uruk Hai outside of Whiterun
- Ringwraiths at a farm outside of Windhelm
- Lurtz (Uruk Hai commander) outside of Solitude on an Uruk Hai ship
- Balrog is at the Throat of the World
- Shelob is by the DB abandoned shack
More Coming soon as well as more screenshots
Dawnguard may be required
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Shockwave Jul 8 @ 7:55pm 
ok everyone it needs both DAWNGUARD and DRAGONBORN and yes the Balrog sucks but its not that bad so everyone stop complaining ok its just a mod not like its skyrim itself
Lord Zalo Jun 29 @ 11:26pm 
the first time i opened this mod, it killed everyone in the major cities so its deleted
JOHNSMITH11 Jun 20 @ 10:42pm 
hmm... You should've named the dragon Smaug... just bein a little realistic.
andrewstormsword May 23 @ 12:01am 
That shelob is a massive fucker if in the wrong place -mountains gandalf-
andrewstormsword May 22 @ 11:59pm 
could not find the Ring wraiths or lurtz
andrewstormsword May 21 @ 10:53pm 
one without shelob? for arachnophobes
Howler56 May 17 @ 5:27am 
are the uruk-hai and ring-wraiths enemy's? and i know people already said this but... a frikin DRAGON??? dude the balrog doesnt fly and it has weapons.please dont use dragons
Howler56 May 17 @ 5:25am 
yeah its needed
I got the mod and once I try to run skyrim it closes.
Is dawnguard needed?