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Robot Ripoff TSS v0.4
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Dec 21, 2012 @ 4:39am
Apr 12, 2015 @ 5:09pm
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Robot Ripoff TSS v0.4

Robot Ripoff a Twin Stick Shooterv0.4
XBox Controller
Left Stick: move
Right Stick: shoot
Button A: advance menu screens

Key Board / Mouse
A,S,D,W to move
left mouse button to shoot

Update 4/12/15: Numerous bug fixes. After 2 years of neglect the game should be playable.
Update 12/31/12: Added Keyboard & mouse control, not because anyone expressed interest, but more in response to the lack of interest. Started adding sound effects, so far only the player's gun.
The end of the world is upon us and our technology has turned against us! Rescue the blue civilians and destroy the hostile robots. Touch anything other than the civilians and you die.
My goal was to make a twins stick shooter, so rather than come up with my own story I borrowed an idea from Hollywood. I recycled something that was popular in the eighties.
It's a long way from finished. I still need to add sound effects and animated sprites. May add power-ups and bosses too. Feel free to report any bugs or provide feedback, but please read the FAQ first.

Q: These graphics suck!
A: Shutup Jerk Face, that's not a question.

Q: Jerk Face huh? Okay, how come your graphics suck?
A: It's still in development. I plan to update it regularly, provided the world doesn’t' end today.

Q: What are the keys to move and shoot?
A: None, its a twin stick shooter. May support keyboard and mouse in a later update.

Q: How are there frequently ask questions when nobody has looked at this page?
A: Also shut up.