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Red Hood
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Dec 19, 2012 @ 8:53pm
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The Red Hood, a.k.a. Jason Todd. I'm still playing with the Editor and slowly working my way through the Bat family to test out some things. I will create a collection of all my Batfam characters once I have finished them.

- Based off of Bandit
- Treated as Hero
- 500 Health
- Shoots Bullets that deal 10 damage each.
- Destroys Evil, Monsters, Criminals
- Protects Humans
- Rides Motorsport Vehicles
- Eats bread

To install:
-> Run Scribblenauts Unlimited
-> Open Object Editor
-> Click on "Downloads" tab
-> Click on "Steam Workshop" button
-> Locate desired mod
-> Subscribe

If you want to download and edit this file, feel free! If re-uploaded, a mention would be nice but I'm not super concerned about it.