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Razer's bow - Request
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Dec 19, 2012 @ 2:04pm
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This mod is a request. You will most likely not want it.

adds a huge daedric bow named Razer's bow with too high stats for balanced gameplay

the weapon and bunch of daedric arrows are located in a chest near the smelther in Whiterun
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P3zMrD CZ Jul 24 @ 2:49am 
well seuper :)
Noukheim  [author] Feb 3 @ 10:07am 
Well basically one would contact a modder through Steam, Nexus, Email, forum, bananaphone or whatever and ask if he or she would want to make one. That's about it.

I've made a similar mace though which is included in Liliths Obliterator mod.
maclever Feb 2 @ 8:13pm 
you know, im an idiot XD i thought it looked off for some reason and my brain failed on putting it together that its an upscaled bow XD
Markus Something Feb 2 @ 11:04am 
Oh okay :P Just askin.
Noukheim  [author] Feb 2 @ 5:05am 
Nah, it's just a big daedric bow which looks crap due to the straight upscaling,
Markus Something Feb 2 @ 2:16am 
Maybe a screenshot too?
maclever Jan 17 @ 8:57pm 
still i love all your lilith mods, i am curently using them :P
maclever Jan 17 @ 8:56pm 
ahh ok, i dont know much about modding, i tried my hand at it after watching and reading all the instructionals and failed miserably at it XD
Noukheim  [author] Jan 17 @ 2:44am 
A retexture would work but adding the bits from other weapons would still have the same problem as with a brand new model.
maclever Jan 16 @ 8:06pm 
what if you were to just change the coloring abit on the primary part of the bow and add bits to it like you do with the sickle and carver, thats customized so it looks like a 4 prong bow or somethin?