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Bonds of Matrimony - Divorce
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Feb 14, 2012 @ 10:02am
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Bonds of Matrimony - Divorce

This mod allows you to divorce your spouse, without the need of console commands, smoothly, simply and at the same time without breaking immersion.

A statue, which can be found at the bottom of the pool, below the waterfall at Bard's Leap Summit, allows you to break your bonds with your spouse. She/he won't be happy, but it does leave you able to re-marry if you wish!

That's not all though, previously, when your hubby/wife died, the game did not clean up the quests correctly, preventing you from re-marrying. In this mod, it is fixed so that if the unfortunate happens then you will be free to re-marry.

To re-marry you will need to return to Marmal and speak with him about weddings, after that point you will be able to find yourself a new wife/husband.


If you're wife/husband was killed before running this mod. Then, whilst the mod is installed, use the following command in the console-

Open the console with [ ` ] key and type the following:

"SetStage 00021382 200" without the "" question marks. This should trigger the cleanup script for your missing wife. If it works, you'll get a message saying you're no longer in a relationship. Let me know if it works/doesn't work.


- None that I know of. I've tested it thoroughly to ensure it worked in various situations.
- Mod Conflict: Child Adoption Service - You can still divorce fine, however your wife will lose all memory of knowing you, and will likely not leave your house immediately. No plans on hunting down a fix as it doesn't stop you ending your relationship.
- Does not work with Hearthfire or adoption mods.

Version History
v1.0 - Main features added, Sunken Statue and Spouse death features completed.

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Upcoming Projects
BoME - Bosmer - Adding the Bosmer who, like the Khajiit, missed out on love.
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Soulkey May 10 @ 10:47am 
Thank you for this mod!
HaxorousTheRaptor Apr 3 @ 7:01pm 
Did anybody notice how with this addon on the name of the place is different? When I first saw it it was knife ridge or something.
Mento.BD.Kharjo Mar 11 @ 9:53am 
On the map, you have Markarth as Morthal....
Buckay Feb 23 @ 6:11pm 
i'm having an issue where my new wife won't move into my house..i've talked to her about moving in multiple times but she goes back to her original spawn point.. has anyone else had that issue?
Freshbeat19 Feb 21 @ 8:07am 
i married a mod that is a follower but she wont follow me and she has all of my good stuff w/her and i cant kill her for some reason even though i killed her before we were married
I divorced lydia, she left my house in windhelm and went back to breezehome, she dosent follow me and whenever i go to maramal the option dosent show up Please help (im also using another divorce mod)
☠ Grim Reaper ☠™ Jan 16 @ 1:13am 
20/10! Love this!
inigo99 Dec 31, 2014 @ 12:07pm 
Nooooo! I have all the dlc and i cant because of it cant in heathfire. Try to do in heathfire to please!!
Pika Jew Dec 27, 2014 @ 7:00pm 
Could you make this available for Hearthfire as soon as possible? Great mod by the way
probablynotapanda Nov 29, 2014 @ 11:29am 
i divorced ysolda but i can't seem to get remarried