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Following Mercer: A Thieves' Guild Quest
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Dec 16, 2012 @ 1:09pm
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Following Mercer: A Thieves' Guild Quest

So, what did Mercer do with all the stuff he took from the vault? I thought it'd be fun to track it down, so I made this mod.


There are 9 new dungeons added by this mod. Five are large, and the other four are smaller. The two quests I've set up will take you through all of them.

The quests are started by reading the Old Note on Mercer's desk in his basement, in Riftweald Manor. (By the Grey Fox bust and the plans to take the Eyes of the Falmer.) As it says in the quest journal, I recommend waiting until after you've done your thing with Bryn and Karliah before checking out the new dungeon.


Steam Workshop will do this for you. You should have the files "followingmercer.esp" and "followingmercer.bsa" in your Skyrim/Data folder. (The very old version was called TGNQ. It's out of date now, so if you find it in your data folder, delete it!)


This is my first mod. I know very little about programming and the like, only what I recall from a 101 type course over a decade ago. I'd been teaching myself online for about a month before I first posted this. Any sort of constructive criticism or tips or whatever would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for checking out my mod!


Having trouble finding keys? Here are the locations (obviously, SPOILERS!):

In Irknthamz:

Key to Deep Lab: on the middle dresser in the middle of the three identical suites. The door is unlocked. The dresser is lit up and has a gem next to the key, both sitting on a little mat on top of the metal dresser.

Two Keys to progress through the lab: One is in the large room with spiders and chaurus. It's outside the pens on a table with a light, in the far corner by a chest. The other is in the room with the dwarven spiders and big stairs, behind a metal gate. It's on the desk in the far corner of the room, by some lockpicks, apples, a diamond, and other clutter, and has a light beam pointing at it roughly.

Elevator key: On the lit-up pedestal just past the centurion, next to a sapphire. Another is by the candle on the right once you've taken the elevator back up.

Mercer's key (optional): on his remains.

In Bonestrewn Ruins: behind the small portcullis in the pit and down a short hall, on a table by some gems, mead, and a strongbox in the room with the enchanting and alchemy tables. (Optional--unlocks master locked door.)

In Fort Blackmoor: In the tower, on the table in the room with the throne, next to the bottle of mead, or on the barrel next to a bed in the basement.

In Mercer's Cabin: on the table by the door upstairs, or on the bar downstairs by a coinpurse and a potion.

In Ngalft: on the plans on top of the safe at the end.

Quest stages:

Recovering Assets: TGNQ
10: I found a note of Mercer's mentioning Irknthamz. I should investigate sometime after we go to Irkngthand.
30: At Irknthamz, I encountered the shade of Mercer Frey and killed it. I should search its remains.
40: I recovered the Guild Master's Ring and various other valuables from the ruins of Irknthamz. I've also discovered another lead, and should go to the cave at Bonestrewn Crest.
70: While at Bonestrewn Cave, another ghostly apparition of Mercer Frey attacked me. I defeated it and should check its remains.
80: At Bonestrewn Cave, I recovered enchanted boots and other valuables from the ghost's remains, and a note directing me to Fort Blackmoor in Whiterun hold.
100: At Fort Blackmoor, I encountered another ghostly apparition of Mercer Frey and defeated it again. I should search its remains.
110: From Fort Blackmoor, I acquired new gloves and found another clue directing me to Aalto Mine, in the Rift.
130: In Aalto Mine, I found an entrance to Mercer's cabin. Inside was another shade, which I defeated. I should search its remains.
140: I found Mercer's hood and a clue leading me to Barrow Cove in Haafingar.
160: At Barrow Cove, I encountered and defeated another shade of Mercer. I should search its remains.
170: At Barrow Cove, I found Mercer's cuirass, completing the set of armor, and retrieved the rest of the Guild's stolen property.

Collecting Plans: TGNQ2
5: Keep an eye out for the plans Brynjolf mentioned.
10: I found the Guild's book of plans for the Reach. I'll keep an eye out for the rest.
20: I found the Guild's books of plans for Eastmarch and the Reach. I'll have to keep an eye out for the rest.
30: I found the Guild's plans for Whiterun, Eastmarch, and the Reach. I'll have to keep an eye open for the rest.
40: I found the Guild's plans for the Rift, Whiterun, Eastmarch, and the Reach. I'll keep looking for the rest.
50: I found the Guild's plans for Haafingar, the Rift, Whiterun, Eastmarch, and the Reach, and directions to Bullseye Cave in Falkreath.
60: I found the Guild's plans for Falkreath, Haafingar, the Rift, Whiterun, Eastmarch, and the Reach, and directions to Sunken Ruin in Hjaalmarch.
70: I found the Guild's plans for Hjaalmarch, Falkreath, Haafingar, the Rift, Whiterun, Eastmarch, and the Reach, and directions to Duarknd Mine in the Pale.
80: I found the Guild's plans for the Pale, Hjaalmarch, Falkreath, Haafingar, the Rift, Whiterun, Eastmarch, and the Reach, and directions to Ngalft in Winterhold.
90: I recovered all of the Guild's plans and should return them.
100: I returned all the Guild's plans and received payment.

Mod Special Items:
Guild Master's Ring: TGNQRing, XX003195
Mercer's Boots: TGNQBoots, XX00316F
Mercer's Gloves: TGNQGauntlets, XX00317E
Mercer's Hood: TGNQHelmet, XX00317F
Mercer's Armor: TGNQCuirass, XX003170
Icewind: TGNQScimitar, XX003196

XX=place in your load order.belonging to followingmercer.esp



1/13: Fixed Bonestrewn Cave objective not clearing, hopefully.
1/18: Updated tgnq.bsa so that ALL my scripts are there now...
1/26: Added a new dungeon, and a few aesthetic tweaks.
1/28: Added duplicate of starting note to appear on the original Mercer's corpse upon his death. Added miner ghosts to undead faction. Hopefully fixed problem with note and hood not appearing.
2/27: Made the e3 demo go away (red wolf and thief by Riverwood should not appear). Thieves' Guild questline should go smoothly now, no longer will you be attacked in the Cistern. Dungeons are now far less likely to pop up for radiant quests. Aalto Mine should allow you to bring a friend in with you now (fixed navmesh).
3/17: Added a fifth dungeon. Fixed a few little issues here and there, mostly aesthetic.
3/22: Followers should be able to accompany you to all areas now. Aesthetic tweaks. Made Mercer's Safe Key a bit more useful.
3/26: Barrow Cove enemies should spawn and respawn properly, and the first room is no longer blindingly bright.
4/4: Mercer's armor now improvable at workbenches.
5/3: Added 4 new dungeons and a new quest to recover plans.
Update 12/13/13: Cleaned with TESVEdit. Landscape by Ngalft fixed. Quest simplified: certain stages have been removed, so if you have problems from updating in the middle of the quest, check the list above to use the console.
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TheLazyBot Dec 26, 2016 @ 12:39am 
Does this mod happen to be in German too? I'm trying to track down a mod that changed various Thieves Guild locations and quests into German.
pjp1234 Nov 22, 2016 @ 12:49pm 
Your FIRST mod? Nah, I don't believe it.
By far better, more imersing and rewarding than most others!
NWA Mooskin Aug 26, 2016 @ 1:08pm 
im not like saying that your stupid but mercer spent the gold on his personal expenses but this is a great mod i cant wait to finish it great job on your first mod!!
zeroneldragon Aug 23, 2016 @ 4:20pm 
Great mod! Should be more considerated as one of the funniest skyrim mod!
tjbeasley Aug 3, 2016 @ 10:28pm 
I love this mod. I have played it with great success and enjoyment on a previous incarnation of Skyrim and am now going through it with a new character. But this time round I have a problem finding the Rift plans. I have cleared Aalto Mine and don't want to move on until I have found the Rift plans. Sadly my memory is lacking - it has been a few months since I last played the mod - and I just can't figure out where they are. Any (very specific) help would be much appreciated.
Rider Jun 15, 2016 @ 7:44pm 
The Irknthanz quest is not clearing for me. I didn't find any plans, just a note telling me to explore Bonestrewn Cave. Did I miss something?
babycatmomma Apr 16, 2016 @ 7:02am 
I can't get to barrow cove. It's out of bounds
temeraire785 Nov 13, 2015 @ 2:24pm 
...Is this part of some mod pack? Because i could swear I've never downloaded this, yet I just randomly found bonestrewn ruins and mercers ghost as well as quite a stash?
fishert2208901 Oct 22, 2015 @ 11:20pm 
I was disappointed that I wasn't given the chance to recover all that Mercer stole in the Vanilla game quests and this mod will give me the chance to show my worth in the Thieves Guild LEL!
Miller283 Sep 8, 2015 @ 4:25pm 
Exceptional Mod. It Surprising that it took me a few years to find it here on Steam. No Bugs,Great Locations,Fun game play. Sir, your realy good at this. 10 out of 10 .