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Aetherium Crafting 2
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Dec 16, 2012 @ 11:18am
Jan 3, 2013 @ 2:02pm
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Have your ever wanted to craft more than just the three original Aetherium items? Then this mod is for you!

This mod allows you to make weapons and armor with Aetherium. You can mine Aetherium in areas like Blackreach and Bthalft. Once you have enough Aetherium, you can smelt the ore into Aetherium Crests, which you can then use to make weapons and armor. There are both enchanted and unenchanted versions of all the items, so you can choose what meets your needs.

Each item has its own unique, powerful enchantment when it is forged, much like the original Aetherium items that Dawnguard added. You can improve these items with Aetherium ore at the grindstone or workbench.

This mod also adds a Dwemer ruin called Buleft in which you can mine large quantities of Aetherium. Its location is show in a screenshot above.

This mod is completely lore-friendly.

Textures were made by HighWarlordBob. Made from the Dwarven item set.

BUGS: None known.

Please notify us of any issues you find with the mod. We welcome suggestions as well.

Thank you for your support.

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FZNagde Aug 23 @ 9:44am 
I using light amor and found some gauntlets, but cant craft light amor. Does it mean i cant craft light amor and is more or less useless ?
jordy1261 Aug 1 @ 4:22am 
@ϟ antleft GR ϟ only dawngaurd i think
its say's so in the discription too btw
ϟ antleft GR ϟ Jul 30 @ 1:38pm 
it needs any dlcs?
WSkD Jul 28 @ 1:15pm 
Soo~ using the map crashes the game while inside the ruins, also the layout makes not much sense and looks copied from other ruins. On top of that the background glitches (texture flickers) and some mining sites are under water where you can not mine them...
Therefore I would say: Bugs, alot known.
Still, it looks nice and I will explore it a bit further, but if the gear is not worth the effort/ bugs I will unsubscribe.
madisonhawkinsolinskie Jul 8 @ 7:59am 
gaming ur a fukin genius!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my favorite gear is either brown dawnguard light or chitin from dragonborn so if youcould make is so the the athirum forge has a workbench when u can ad athirum to your gear that would be awsome!!!!!!!!!!
gamingshiz13 Jul 3 @ 7:55pm 
I have an idea: make a mod, or update this mod, so that you can imbue aetherium into already existing armor tabs. So that you can make, for example, an aetherial dragonbone battleaxe or an aetherial iron chestplate! I personally dislike the look of dwarven armor and I think a lot of people would enjoy being able to have the look of their favourite armor or weapons imbued with aetherium for a little bonus to their gear.
Oplindenfep Jul 1 @ 10:18pm 
I have a bug: it completed removed the quest from the game. I got all of Katria's dialogue, but there is no quest in my journal nor are there any indicators for the quest locations.
Pai De Familia Jun 30 @ 6:31pm 
Swagalicious Panda Jun 17 @ 8:07am 
thuuuuxx even thou i no loner has dawnguard anymore ( :P )
GeneralMike May 26 @ 1:20pm 
I have a bug, the weapons always have no charge and weapons, i use the ax, doesn't work its special enchants, also cannot charge the weapons, help