Divinity: Original Sin 2

Divinity: Original Sin 2

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Expanded party size
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Sep 17 @ 10:20pm
Oct 6 @ 8:57am
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Expanded party size

Initial mod to allow more than 4 followers. I've done initial testing, playing as Fane and adding all the other origin characters in Fort Joy. I've successfully tested out combat, bartering, companion attitude change, full companion quest lines in Act 1, formations, character sheet and inventory menus. I have confirmed that all companions transfer over successfully into Act 2.

Note: On existing saves the mod works best without a full party / with no-one yet recruited. However Zlayer has confirmed that dismissing and re-recruiting companions will allow the party size limit to be removed.

UI issues:
-Character sheet menu is a little wonky if you use the arrows to navigate. It's still completely usable, just the behavior is weird. You can also very easily just click on the portraits in the sidebar to switch between characters.
-Barter menu has party members portraits going across the top of the screen but they're all still functional and you can click on all of them.
-There have been reports that this is not compatible if you are using a controller instead of K/M setup, as the controller interface does not allow you to select the additional party members that you can recruit. I have not looked into any UI or controller interface changes yet, and I suspect it'll either be difficult or maybe even not accessible through the Divinity Engine.

Dialogue issues:
-UPDATE: Reflection dialogues have been fixed so that all companions should now comment. In my testing it seems that this change only effects new games unfortunately. I have not yet tested party decision dialogues yet and I am not sure those are functional for all companions.
EDIT: Changes have been reverted for the time being as they break save games (they work on new games). I may upload a separate mod for new games only in the future with the dialogue fixes.
-Some minor conversations treat you like you are alone if you have >3 companions such as Margo and some of Gawin's dialogue (although Gawin still retains one choice that acts like you have companions with you). These are not using the party full flag and it may be an overflow error on those specific dialogue choices that I need to manually edit individually. I will look to see if I can push fixes for these later, but for now dialogue editing is not enabled in the Divinity Engine. They aren't super gamebreaking (you can normally choose the alone options even if you do have a party, it's just that the group option will be gone). Note that other more important story instances that do reference your companions are intact like talking to your god in Act 1.

Additional info:
-According to baardvaark the crime system is only scripted for 4 criminals so please be careful if you get arrested. Or don't and let me know what happens :)
-For those asking about multiplayer/co-op, I haven't tested and I haven't been intending for this to be a multiplayer mod, but apparently it does work to some degree. There are apparently some issues with getting any dialogue between different characters and players. Also character assignment is pretty funky apparently. Please use in co-op multiplayer at your own risk.
-Like all DOS2 mods, enabling this will disable achievements

For those who feel like this game is too much of a "cheat", here is an optional tactician mode difficulty increase mod: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1146884342

FOR MULTIPLAYER: Corex has a great guide on how to play multiplayer with more than 4 player. See the guide here http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1147333888

FOR UI SCALING: https://steamcommunity.com/app/435150/discussions/0/343786746003991952/
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phomors 12 hours ago 
Trinity Guy Nov 22 @ 8:16am 
Hey there, this mod makes the game for ne. Does it work in Gm mode? we are about 6 guys plus 1 Dm that want to play a custom campaign? Thanks man
Saki Nov 22 @ 12:19am 
somehow i have now a group of like 8+ xD i have all main chars + i can also rekrute some more^^ this mod have no limit i think?
[WOTN] SatelliteJedi [2R-E] Nov 21 @ 4:31pm 
Is this mod no longer functional? I can't get the Nexus or Steam versions to work
<=MP=> Hannibal Nov 19 @ 11:31pm 
just some info regarding dialogue options with all 5 party members. I will spoiler up until the arrival to Arx, hopefully the formatting help is right and it will be covered in a spoiler :)
While on the Lady Vengeance moving to Arx there's this quick intermezzo on the ship where you can seduce a party member. However I could only do that with 3 of them, the other two just stood around there looking stupid and non-interactive. At the "shore" of Arx however if I talk to one of these two, the romance option seems to have failed, stating that we had a nice moment but let it slip and so there's no romance (which is particularly sad cause it affected my preferred romance)
That'd be great if there was a fix. Otherwise: great mod, thanks a lot! :)
1stReaper Nov 19 @ 6:00am 
just got to the void dragon on D:OS EE 1, so looks like ill be completing the game soon.
so i just figured i'd nip by to check on EPS's (this mod), progress.

Im just wondering if theres still issues getting this to work?,
and if not how'd they manage to get it fixed?

(My current gut feeling is leaning towards need us needing to use the nexus's version of EPS, Curious as to if that the correct path to take ?)
1stReaper Nov 12 @ 1:41pm 

if you'd read the description you'd find
"FOR UI SCALING: https://steamcommunity.com/app/435150/discussions/0/343786746003991952/"
Sabrahar907 Nov 12 @ 1:31pm 
Hey ! I would like to ask if there is any mod to fix the HUD issue when you create your own character, and you are 7 in team.. the last one has the portrait half cuted because the HUD from tool/spell bar in the bottom

There is some HUD scale? i dunno what to do, i want to play with all this character but also to have my own
1stReaper Nov 9 @ 5:06pm 
you are a god-send :P

if it works, and works alongside this mod that will be the cherry on the cake :D
im againest the practice of achievements being disabled because of mods being used....

ok sure i can understand disabling them if cheat mods are used but content mods.... are a big no no ....
AshtagBurn Nov 9 @ 2:25pm 
There is a mod at Nexusmods called 'Achievements' that well..re-enables achievements when using mods..