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The Texas Six Shooter V2
Class: Engineer
Item Slot: Weapon
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Dec 15, 2012 @ 9:09pm
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This is the gun of Radigan Conagher, the weapon of Dell Conagher's Grandfather. A powerful hand-me-down made during the earliest feud between Redman and Blutarch. Not your typical six shooter because this gun can shoot farther than most guns, or at least straighter than your standard pistol. Down side is it can't hold more than six shots at once. Upside is it can use larger slugs than a regular pistol.

This is the resubmission of the old Texas six shooter

Model is updated with lods along with better detailwork on the overall model. We also added 5 skins with more on the way. Whatever skins you like or don't like, please leave a comment so we can make changes to Improve the model.

Video 1 Texas Six Shooter preview with skins

Video 2 Texas Six Shooter Vs Big Kil (Comparison)

Possible Ideas

2x damge over the pistol
50% less shots

Radavast Concept / Modeling Texturing
kwp18 pitts Concept / Modeling Texturing

Note: If you got a suggestion, Please, Speak up!

2nd Note: This is NOT the Big kill or a Weapon for the spy, so please do not bring up anything regarding this being a spy weapon, or this gun being the big kill . We got hundreds of comments repeating this and don't need any more!

PS: Valve will make the ultimate decision whether the spy gets this gun as well, although, it wasn't the original intention we had.

3rd Note: Valve Makes the official stats, We can only sugest them . (Use your Imagination!)
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