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WotC Tactical Suppressors
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Sep 14, 2017 @ 4:39pm
Sep 21, 2017 @ 4:37pm
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WotC Tactical Suppressors

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This mod replaces the vanilla repeater with suppressors.

Suppressors give you a chance to remain concealed. For more information see the Musashis Stealth Overhaul mod page.

Basic Suppressor
* Remain concealed chance
* Adds Ambush ability

Advanced Suppressor
* -10 Concealment Loss Chance
* Allows silent kills
* Adds Ambush ability

Superior Suppressor
* -20 Concealment Loss Chance
* Allows silent kills
* Adds Ambush ability

Concealment Loss Chance by tier and weapon category

Overwatch a single target with Covering Fire. This attack may critically hit.
You have a chance to remain concealed.

Custom silencer sounds
This mods features a silencer sound overwrite for conventional-, mag- and coil weapons.
The sound is only overwritten if the weapon has a supressor attached of course.
If you don't want that feature set



Conflicts with the Better Attachments mod.

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Feb 12 @ 9:56pm
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IOException Feb 14 @ 3:58pm 
Is Stealth Overhaul still needed if I'm using RPO Overhaul?
Erazil Feb 12 @ 10:37pm 
french translate shared
Erazil Feb 12 @ 9:52pm 
i have a trouble with Ambush UI, some time i see nothing , some time i see only the head skull of concealed, some time i see skull head and red bar without white cursor , i never see the Concealment Loss Chance UI working normaly (he working normaly else), a idea where come from my trouble ?
DesireRivalzx Feb 6 @ 11:17am 
hi ive had problems with a mod. its not this one but the one that adds some of the weapons in the screenshots for this mod. its being glitchy but i cant find it in my load order or anywhere on the workshop
Musashi  [author] Jan 29 @ 8:30am 
I know E3245 very well and talked with him about possibilities to support this a few times. Unfortunately it would mean a lot of work in the RF mod because of the amount of weapons.
Ethereal Jan 29 @ 8:28am 
It's clear. Thanks for the reply. Still love the mod!
P.S. I also decided to ask this question in Resistance Firearms mod FAQ thread, so maybe I'll get some useful information from there.
Musashi  [author] Jan 29 @ 8:22am 
No this is not possible because of the way they are setup at the moment.
Ethereal Jan 29 @ 7:53am 
Is there a way to make guns from Resistance Firearms mod use new supressor sounds?
Lux Manifestus Jan 16 @ 1:58pm 
It seems that repeaters were an afterthought by the developers. If you look closely at the repeater models, some say "silencer" or "supressor" on them as if that was the original intention for them. I've never really understood repeaters; they seem to undermine balance and add too much randomness to the progression of play. I always wonder what they wanted to do with the suppressors.
Musashi  [author] Jan 16 @ 1:42pm 
no it was an answer to The Suit. You can by simply add insta kill back by unsubscribing ;)