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This is a group of hats I believe should be labeled with Elite quality, and would be of the most value to the market.
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Gray Matter
Created by NeoDement
Upgrade your gray matter coz one day it may matter

Available to download as a mod/reskin here:
Tundra Hunter
Created by OverPovered
DECEMBER 21, 2014 UPDATE: The mask skull icon is now smoothed!

-All Class

On the tundra there is something more dangerous than a man or a wolf and that something is the mercenary on a mission.

UPDATE: The Fluff is now SMOOTH. Your requ...
Grizzly Grin
Created by ✥ℜ☯ℑℵ✥
C'mon Kiddo, Let's go grab a B̩̥̙͝Í͖͙̮T̡̮̳̘̣̪͖E̸̹̖̟̘̹ to E͓AṰ͓

-Misc/Hat Compatible
-Team Coloured!
-Glowing Eye that follow the player!

Part of the Halloween set "Teddy Tinder"

Mod available...
Festive Dome V2
Created by OverPovered
-All Class
The Double Agent
Created by Gigazelle |
Little do you know that this hat actually works for the other team.

All-class, paintable, 3 LoDs!

Want to try it on as a mod? Download it here![]...
Adept of Arcane
Created by Populus

For when you need to keep your head deamons at bay.

Tinkerer of Evil
Created by Rotzlöffel
Create evil monsters and practice yourself in evil laughing

-Paintable Glasses
-Facial Flexes...
Hopper's Hood
Created by EmAr
No frogs were harmed in the making of this hat.

3 LODs, paintable, the tongue jiggles....
Snowstorm Stetson
Created by Gigazelle |
When you run or jump, little snow particles rustle around the globe.

Mod download here![]...
Glacial Gaze
Created by Gadget
Glacial Gaze

o Multi-class
o Paintable neck warmer

Mod download:
(Make sure to select only one class to see compatible items for download!)...
The Good Gourd
Created by Uncle Grumpskin
Good Lord!! I've become a gourd!

- Paintable
- Flexes
- 2 LODs

Model by Uncle Ghoul-skin
Texture/SFM thumbnail by The Hauntsman
Flexes by Neodement
Concept/SFM poster by Bloodfart...
King of Australia
Created by OverPovered
G'day mates

a crown made from the stuff that make headshots: bullets

Promos by Saint Lombax

Model, texture by OverPovered...
The Hatvich
Created by uwilmod
Note: Does not actually contain any bread, olives, or tomatoes. Please don't try to eat it.

Alternative Title: Sandvich Party

Super Natural Hair
Created by [RMF]RIKUSYO
New hairstyle for Soldier, Heavy, Engineer.

Paintbale & Jiggleboned.

The Winter 2017 72hour TF2Jam entry[]...
The Golden God
Created by ✥ℜ☯ℑℵ✥
- Paintable

- Modeling: <<GT500>> JZeeba
- Textures: Ryan

Mod available[]...
The Headgear of Fear
Created by DPV
Help found......
Ivan's Fuel
Created by [RMF]RIKUSYO
This cosmetic idea came from 『Carmageddon: Reincarnation』.
Don't worry, I got permission to post from Carmageddon creator.

*Ushanka is n...
Full Haul Husky
Created by Vensteel
==2 lods==
==Blindfold is Team Specific==
==Facial Flexes==...
The Noh-Sferatu
Created by boomsta
If that was you on the phone, and you on the bus, then who backstabbed our entire team...? *Stab, stab, stab* Noh-Sferatu!

Not really a Noh mask specifically, but it was too good to resist....
Blessing of the Egyptian Goddes
Created by goldenjohnson
Kneel before the goddes of cp_egypt_final!...
Tread Head
Created by Svdl
Vehicle crew's helmet.

The Bushman
Created by Corvalho
They say everything in Australia is constantly trying to kill you, even the bushes.

- Leaves flying out of the headgear effect
- Paintable
- 3 Lods
Created by Mrdude
Demoknight - Literally. Enough said :P...
Full Metal Helmet
Created by NeoDement
All-class helmet with different accessories strapped to the side for different classes.

[url={LINK REMOVED}...
The Golden Ratio
Created by Sky
"It belongs in a museum!"

Concept & Materials - Void
Models - Sky
Promos - Retro

Mod release here[]...
Deadly Death Cultist
Created by Svdl
Hey everyone! Let's perform blood sacrifices and bring about the end of the world!

Pointy hood with a paintable mask.
Speed Lover
Created by Big Bob
Concept by Extra Ram
Model by Big Bob
Texture by Metabolic
Promos by Duckdog

Check out the rest of the set!
Powered Up!
Created by Undertow
Whether attempting to look like you stuck your finger in an electrical socket or are cosplaying your favorite anime character, this hair will get the job done!

- Paintable
- 2 Levels of detail
- Adjusted to fit each class

** I keep seeing this qu...
Children of The Black Stars
Created by Sky
Strange is the night where black stars rise, and strange moons circle through the skies, but stranger still is lost Carcosa...

Paintable, all class....
Computron 5000
Created by Psyke
Comes with everything you see here, Batteries not included.

-Facial Flexed!
-Team Coloured!
-Glows in the dark!

More Halloween Items, click to view!
The Big Boss
Hopefully it will have been worth the wait....
Davy Jones' Locks
Created by Constructerror

Texturing: Constructor
Modeling: Sparkwire
Facial flexes: JPRAS
Concept art: Square
Promo materials: Greg...
Crown of Blades
Created by Sky
Huge. Shiny. Literally edgy. Headbutt-enhancing.
Useless as protection against bullets or the scorn of people who don't wear ridiculous headgear.

All-class hat/head replacement....
Kaiser Visor
Created by Sparkwire
NASA spent 4 billion dollars designing a space helmet that worked in zero gravity. Russia just hollowed out an old satellite....
Festive Gibus
Created by No Name
The Original Gibus, your first hat ever in Team Fortress 2 just got much more festive!

Model Includes
- Jigglebones
- Blinking Christmas Lights
- Team-based colors
- Paintable

See you on the snowy Battlefield!...
Thinkers Projection
Created by ]TPG[ emrfish

I didn't invent the hologram, spy, but I was the first to recognize its potential as a hat.

-Mod version available here:

Battle Bowler
Created by donhonk
Protect your noggin and also your pretty face with this helmet and mask combo!

Uber Reaction
Created by ToxicWeasel
'A few drops of this... and some of that and .... BOOOOM! ... and .. now my face hurts!'...
The Peace Maker
Created by DeRosaJ
Give it a chance.


*model by DeRosaJ, concept and SFM shots by retrocitrus, textures by void

*Available for mod download[]...
The Mad Hatter
Created by Sparkwire
Scrooge cosmetic set for the holidays....
Rocket Runner
Created by Gadget
Rocket Runner

o Scout helmet
o Paintable
o Jiggle bones
o 3 LODs
The Deep-Sea Monstrosity (v2)
Created by ✥ℜ☯ℑℵ✥
**Updated texture**

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the deepest oceans, where a man would be crushed like a tin can and everything wants to eat you. Actually, why did you ever think that was a safe place to go?

- Jigglebones
- Glowing p...
Abe's Gun-O-Matic Hat
Created by E-Arkham
Top of the morning to you sir, and KER-POW! Right in your face with bullets! Convenient off and on buttons usable by even ham-fisted retaliation-minded individuals.

Fits the Engineer, and also the Pyro since he is secretly Abe Lincoln.

And the S...
The Propagandist
Created by Ducksink
everyone has that one fun uncle who always knows how to make you laugh, follows you around everywhere and writes everything you do on a flipbook

I want you to upvote this!

paintable, has flexes...
Deer Departed
Created by ✥ℜ☯ℑℵ✥
"Tis the season to wear a dead reindeer on your head."

- Paint
- Allclass

- ❄Squareflake❄: Concept
- Rain❄: Model/texture
- Holly_Jolly_Knevil: Class porting
- Sn❄wwire: Rigging...
The Quick Cut
Created by Merczy
You may think the name has something to do with speed, but in reality your barber just screwed you over.

-3 LODs

Model, Texture, Renders by Merczy.
BP Icons by Merczy with additional help From Void~...
War Hero's Helm
Created by Kowalo
If you're gonna be a war hero, make sure you've got a stylish helmet....
Makeshift Millinery
Created by NeoDement
Even the homeless like to wear some fancy new hats every once in a while!

(Yes, this is a slightly improved re-upload of an old hat. No longer halloween tagged, as I feel it fits the homeless Heavy set well enough to be an all-year round hat.)

Burger Bob

Wicked Sick Model: Thehearsman
Amazing as balls Texture: Sparkwire
Sweet ass Idea: Hawf
Kitsune-tsuki v2
Created by Yikes

Model by Yikes
Texture by Vap
SFM by Hotrod
Concept by Extra Ram...
Chained Cranium
Created by SNIPA
3 LOD's
...And pure sexy!...
The Galaxy Ranger
Created by E-Arkham
"Son, you done come to the wrong part of the universe."

Another hologram-themed item for the space update. Paintable!

Take a look at some of my other space themed items:

The All Seer's Crown *UPDATE: Now all class*
Created by Hawf
Stare your heart out.

UPDATED: Made the crown compatible with all classes...
Lenticular Lid
Created by bazooka
Inspired by Marty McFly's colorful cap in Back to the Future II.

Check out the Back to the Future II collection!

The color-shifting effects shown in the video require some simple ...
The Timid Torcher
Created by Yikes
Don't be shy

100% original

(does not work with hats, is a whole head replacement)

Made partially as a tribute to the late Satoru Iwata. He was a man who really shaped the lives of myself and many others, the games he created...
The Modern Director
Created by nano393
Forget the artistic attire, those science fiction stories are not filming themselves.

3 LODS and paintable....
Senior's Snarl (V2)
Created by ✥ℜ☯ℑℵ✥
**Texture Updated**...
Isotop Devil (Iron Gauntlet)
Created by Donvius
Fulfill your dreams of becoming the official mascot of the bonk energy drink! Not only you'll be a walking (or rather running) advertisement, you also recive an generous supply of 1 canned bonk! DIRECTLY TO YOUR BRAIN!

- - - -
Some info:

-1x Jigglybone ...
The Crowned Curse
Created by Corvalho
It's a ruler's job to demand blood sacrifices to satisfy the gods, even though the blood in question isn't willing to be spilled.

-All class
-Team colored
-3 lods each

Rough Stuff
Created by Svdl
Some like it rough.

Rugged and slighlty altered face for the medic. Paintable hair....
The Daft Draft
Created by Lolon
A quick mock up thats sure to make you stand out from the crowd!


1. 2 LODs

2. Authentic Bluprint (or redprint) look

3. No help at all with your conundrums of philosophy!

Model, texture, idea: Lolon
Idea, concept, the first and sec...
The Hunter's Hood
Created by Merczy
-3 LODs!
-Facial Flexes! (The beard moves with Scout's mouth!)

Model and Texturing by Merczy
Rigging, Additional Texturing, and Additional Modelling by SedimentarySocks
Flexes by Taco
Concept by Gibbly

Download the Mod [url=
Lieutnants Lid
Created by Ertz™
hat for soldier. (not team captain)...
The scarecrow's hat
Flower (from Saxton Hale's hat) has paintable...
Blade Brother's Scout
Created by Chasarsis
A helmet for those swift and violent moments that you want your headbutts to have a little more 'OOMF' behind them.
Comes with Blade Guards, Blade Plume, and defensive spikes. Slightly used....
Slippery Cephalopod
Created by Primrose
No Pyro, I don't think we're allowed to keep him.

2 Lods!
Compatible with other head replacements!

Model and unwrap by Rain*!
Texture and concept by [url=http://s...
Ye Olde Baker Fro
Created by Constructerror
insert witty quote here

Special thanks to Munchy for yet another awesome SFM render....
The Virtual Machine
Created by ZoraKirby
Become the ultimate Mech Fighter with this hat!

Just for fun, here is a screenshot of an OLD version of this item from last July:
Think Tank (V2)
Created by ✥ℜ☯ℑℵ✥
**Texture Updated**

- Jiggle brains and bubbles!
- Glowing in the dark

Mod available[]...
The Sun God
Created by ToxicWeasel
Wear this ancient mask and incinerate your enemies like a true God of the sun!

The Helm of High Mountain
Created by <<GT500>> JoyZeeba
Comes with two horns, in case you decide to just roll the dice and charge in head on.



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snowflakes are jiggleboned...
Remorseless Raptor
Created by EmAr
Head of the Raptor Scout.

Paintable and the jaw is flexed!...
Horned Highlander Helm
Created by Ducksink
nothing but a wee ram...
The Haunted Head of Hades
Created by FissionMetroid101
Because in the heat of battle, resurrected manics with fire for a head is the least of your worries.

The flame for the head wobbles about, and has a jiggleboned top. The flame's texture fluctuates similar to the Nucleus core....
Meteoroid Debris Protector
Created by OverPovered
Rustproof hardhat with SpaceVision 2.0 lenses to make yourself the safest merc on the Moon!

Part of the Snipin' Space Man set.

You wouldn't walk in a construction site without a hardhat, why should you run around a moonbase without one either? Protec...
Attorney Doe
Created by GetGrenade

Mod version -

Check out collection too! Thanks!...
The Mayann Masquerade
Created by Yikes
As seen in Illinois Jack and the Looters of the Lost Crate

Model: Spacedad
Texture: Void
SFM: Hotrod
Concept: IJCT...
The Scrumpy Helm
Created by Eedo Baba
Drinking while killing people has in the past been reduced to carrying around a bulky supply of booze. The Scrumpy Helm has been reverse engineered from a completely useless and non-alcoholic soda dispenser, often used by quick-moving Bostonian loudmouths,...
The Living Hat
Created by donhonk
Would you believe me if I told you every top hat was ALIVE? No? Here is proof, the kind of proof you can wear on the top of your head dummy!

All Class!
Jigglebones! [Shown in Video]
Jurassic Jim's Dandy Dino Dome
Created by Sparkwire
Gold starred!...
Hurtful Helmet
Created by Svdl
Crash Helmet
Created by crazy-g
Medieval sallet-styled helmet with rhino horns. Warning: headbutt taunt may be fatal to teammates....
The Gnarly Gibus 2016
Created by Vap
Updated an item from last year.

- Glow in the dark eyes
- Paintable eyes and tongue...
Plushy Panda
Created by donhonk
Its a panda hat, for your head! No lie!...
Reforged Visor
Created by Wrench N Rockets
See into the future!...
The Love Doctor
Created by Gadget
The Love Doctor

o Medic hair with glasses
o Paintable
o Facial flexes
o 3 LODs

Hellfire Horse
Created by Svdl
You're a lizard now, Pyro, so wear a gas mask that fits. It's for a horse....
Hero's Helmet
Created by OverPovered
We had some issues with the older uploads, so we had to reupload. You also likely notice a new name, this isn't to trick anyone, the old item "Can of Hero" had a rubbish name, so it was changed. It is still the same old item....
Teutonic Nursemaid
Created by Doctor Birdbrain
A classic nurse's cap and feminine hairstyle for the Medic. Because mad doctors do what they want, Schweinehund....
Nacho Mann
Created by donhonk
Become a one-man nacho cheese apocalypse....
The "Nussknacker"
Created by AyesDyef
The Nussknacker, German for Nutcracker.

With this frestive folk crown, your mercenaries can not only be masters of ballet, they can wage wars against royal mice and crack nuts with their teeth!

Don't try any of the above at home though, cos ballet is...
remade old version the hat.
Now rings are mesh. and look better....
Static Slick
Created by Jukebox
Feel the wind and static electricity in your hair.

Red-Hot Hood
Created by Svdl
Includes a techy paintable visor.

Compatible with both masks and hats....
Zhu Long's Yin
Created by Jormungandrson
Let the power of an ancient dragon guide your flames.

Comes with jiggly eyes, whiskers and ponytail.

Download now (replaces several Pyro hats):

Also, be sure to check out the other items in the pack...
Holy Macaroni
Created by goldenjohnson
What is it on Pyro's head? Spaghetti? Looks delicious!...
The Drunken Devil
Created by Ertz™
"Offering your soul up to eldritch horrors for booze and explosives comes at a cost"

Despite the fact that we've been working on this set since last halloween and this year's halloween won't get too horrible, we still hope for your support, now go giv...
Space Helmet
Created by <<GT500>> JoyZeeba
Space Helmet for Engie

* Paintable

"Commencing countdown,
Engie's on
Check ammunition
and may your Sentry be with you..."...
The Overmind
Created by Uncle Grumpskin
Mind control isn't that bad when it makes you look awesome!

- All class!
- Paintable!...
Sentient Stalagmite
Created by Py-Bun
-team colored

Thanks to G-Wave for the name suggestion
Thanks to Vain-Glory for helping me with the texture
Concept, model, texture, SFM Pics, and Promo art by Py-Bun

This was supposed to be paintable but due to some shading combin...
Magical Mop
Created by NeoDement
This magical wig casts a powerful spell on it's wearer that gives them an itchy scalp.

Available for download as a mod/reskin here:

Gleaming Eagle (Wood Style)
Created by heinous
A third style option for the Gleaming Eagle, this one is made of wood and painted more traditionally Mesoamerican....
The Gundome
Created by Yikes
Row, row, fight the power.

1 low LOD
envmapped lens
tiny pyro inside (or is everyone just huge? CONSPIRACY OOOH)

The Aztec Warrior v2
Created by <<GT500>> JoyZeeba
A wooden Aztec warrior mask. Imbued with ancient blood and souls from many sacrifices.

* All-class !
* Paintable...
The Motor-Head V2
Created by ToxicWeasel
updated version of The Motor-Head

Team colours...
Ray La Morte's Hat
Created by RagtagChris
Mesmerize your friends with this "Ray's the Dead" inspired hat! The "Device" is a mysterious lightbulb that allows its wielder to resurrect and control the dead.

Once you've gotten this hat all you have to do is make some corpses to build a zombie army....
Pyro's Spray Thing
Created by Mullendore
Hi, Grandma!...
Crocket Cap
Created by Wrench N Rockets
Three LODs, paintable, and jiggle bones on the tail....
Brain Frame
Created by FiveEyes
"Defeat other scouts, take their weapons, and beat them at their own game!"

- Paintable
- Facial Flexed


Ikes: Model
FiveEyes: Texture/Flexes

Spine Rotting Skull
Created by Hawf
Torn straight from dead jackalopes. Or living jackalopes... I can't remember....
The Scholar (All Class)
Created by SNIPA
Each class item imported using the importer, and zipped into one file for ease of use. (Hence no gold star, but the importer was used)

Thanks to MaxOfS2D for helping create the SFM promo shot!
Also, take a look at all the pictures, I know there are a ton!...
Happy Hour Hairdo
Created by Svdl
Order up!

Reapproriated scalp and hat for the pyro. Paintable....
The Bioarium (medic)
Created by Napy Da Wise
Follow my work on Tumblr !
Paint Can Kabuto
Created by heinous
It's a Mann Co. Paint Can... It's a Kabuto... It's paintable... Now it's import tool gold star certified.

The Pyro interrupts the Demoman and Soldier's little samurai playdate.

Part of my Polycount Escape Challenge submission. 256x256....
The Heady Yeti
Created by Sparkwire
not many animals can go face to face with a massive russian man, and this yeti is...was no exception. wear his incredibly exotic pelt as a remind that man is king of animal.

Special thanks to Logrey!...
Gleaming Eagle (no cubemap)
Created by heinous
A style for the Gleaming Eagle with a brushed gold finish that does not require a cubemap....
Gatsby's Gibus
Created by DrSlowking
You there of lesser Gibus! How dare thou gaze upon my noble hat of value greater than ten eighty four times that of your annual food allowance with your poor and Irish decent which is not worthy to walk about the same Teufort in which I trot as my savings ...
The Shellmet
Created by ToxicWeasel
Only a true warrior straps part of a war head to his skull !

Team colours

Model / Texture: ToxicWeasel
Promos: Bloodfart...
The Speed Demon
Created by GetGrenade

Black thunder
White lightning
Speed demons cry
The Hell Patrol

All class, Self illum, 3 LoD's, Halloween

Vote for ...
The Squid Pro Quo
Created by Segab
an inkredibly stubborn hat friend

Model & Texture - Segab
Concept - GetGrenade...
Mann Cam
Created by Timberman
Become the high tech video journalist on the frontlines of hat simulations! (War themed.) Or dive head first into lethal activities of leisure!

Capture your enemy's attention and then their final moments as they gaze awe inspired at your incredible head o...
Cuckoo Cactus
Created by Populus
It's a cactus

On your head

It's you

Freezing Cerebral V2
Created by OverPovered
We had some issues with the older uploads, so we had to reupload....
Die Weihnachtsmütze
Created by Tuna Melt

Notes -

- Red areas are paintable, default paint colour is a shade of Team Spirit that matches the boots.

Happy holidays!...
Splatter Guard
Created by crazy-g
Scrub cap and visor with goop on it, you know from performing surgery on ghosts or something.

Paint affects splatter color....
Spooky Skeleton Helmet
Created by OverPovered
You have harassed us in our rest, and now you will pay dearly.
The Stardust Charade
Created by Yikes
Let my beauty intoxicate you

Model: Spacedad
Textures: Corvalho
Concept: Earl De Darkwood
SFM: Hotrod
The Rasta Imposta
Created by Hobo on Fire!
We be Jamming Mon

- Jiggle Bones!
- All Class!
- Paintable!

A Rasta Hat Costume with dreads for all....
Shivering Stove Pipe
Created by Peka
A topper hat to go with snow or ice themed cosmetics and weapons, team colored and paintable....
Antarctic Cowboy
Created by Svdl
If something horrible threatens the world, only a real American (or anyone with a flamethrower) can save the day.

For Engineer, Pyro, Scout and Soldier. Paintable....
The Gleaming Eagle
Created by heinous
Putting America into Mesoamerica, and bling into rumbling....
The Caribou Companion
Created by perrryz
With this cute thing, you won't even notice the freezing cold winds of Smissmas!

Special thanks to CoBalt for the last minute LODs and all-class optimization!...
Legionnaire's Legacy ("When In Rome" pack)
Created by <<GT500>> JoyZeeba
A relic from a nation that kicked so much ass their country was literally shaped like a boot.

*Alternate name: Crocket Dominatus

EDIT: Updated hat position to cover the Soldier eyes a bit more....
Robbery Mask
Created by xGODx
- Color : Red & Blue
- 256x256 textures
- LOD0 (992 tris) + LOD1 (880 tris)

Details of the robbery mask is just for review of the item. Mask with no details and ingame pictures also uploaded.
Share if you like our work, and thank you
The wrong Served Cake
Created by Rotzlöffel
For an unkown reason, the candles never burn down. But be carefule, they are still hot.

This hat sopposed to be a birthday hat for the 6th birthday of TF2....
MannCo's MannRus
Created by dark_maggot
Dress like the king of the sea dogs with the official MannCo MannRus Headgear!


- Authentic Walrus Likeness with hand sewn MannCo logo in the back!
- RED or BLU patch so choose your side!
- 2 LODs
- 512x512 Textures

Supports all classes and tea...
The Tou-Cap
Created by _Emblem_
Just something i made to be considered for the upcoming Jungle update whenever it comes out.

This is one of my first items since i am trying too get good at making cosmetics items. But hopefully i will get better in the future.

For those wondering wh...
Roboworld Elite
Created by -wF* UTF
All hail Funky Boy....
Yamraj's Crown
Created by GenoCide
An ancient crown believed to be mistakenly left by the god of death on the earth. He is still probably looking for this.

The crown is made to match up Yamraj's Gada which I published a few days back....
Created by
the power of fear...
Golden wings of Osiris
Created by UltraBrutalTechies
For tomb raider contest!

Made of gold and is pretty heavy!
All classes!
Team colored!
Wings paintable!
1 LOD...
The Searing Scarab
Created by Evil_Knevil
Tomb Raider competition entry. Based on the scarab boss as seen in the Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris announcement trailer.

Texture/Main promo: NassimO
Model: Evil_Knevil

Special thanks to Chaofanatic ([url]
Created by Lumawski
-Team Colors
-3 Lods...
Machu Pizzha
Created by Ernest
Viracocha's latest creation ...
Solar Flair
Created by Sky
Volcanic Spartan
Created by ToxicWeasel
One of the three items of armour forged from the fires of Mount BOOM!

..ALL Shall Fear The Lava Lord!!!

3 lods
glowing lava

Concept: Saint Lombax Daryl Dixon 戰士

Model/Texture/Promos: ToxicWeasel

Part of The Lava Lord set.


Little tiny slimy thing is tellling you to smash babies...
King Cardbeard
Created by Voodoo
You may not be able to be King for a lifetime, but you can always be King for a Day!

Team Colors, Paint, Chops, Lod's

Teddy Wear
Created by ToxicWeasel
It's an engy sized Teddy Roosebelt!!
Not really.. Its actually an engy sized Teddy Roosebelt novely mask.

Team Colours
The Charging Bull
Created by ToxicWeasel
The spirits of the wild welcome you brave warrior. This head gear and its wearer however.. do not!

Team Colours

Concept and Video: Dim
Model,Texture: ToxicWeasel...
Rockin' Topper
Created by ToxicWeasel
Just because you wear a gasmask doesnt mean that you can't head bang with the best of em!...
Rogue Runner
Created by ToxicWeasel
No 'Meep beep' here pal!

Devilish Disguise
Created by NeoDement
Being a servant of evil ain't an easy job... but at least you get a nice shiny mask

[url={LINK REMOVED}...
Spiral Arc Reactor
Created by Freedom.DJ
Warrior from the future !...
The Restless Ruler
Created by Rozzy
Even when I'm dead I still can't get enough sleep!...
Mister Bones
Created by Yikes
I want Mr. Bones to get OFF MY HEAD

Spacedad: Yikes/Texture
Petachepas: Jiggles
Hotrod: SFM promos
Earl: Concept art
Sharc/Pie_Savvy: additional help...
Hard-Headed Headwear
Created by Colteh
Be a helicopter pilot, a havy artilllery juggernaut, OR a crazed daredevil that spends his spare time launching himself to new heights!...
Valiant Paragon
Created by Yikes
Keep mister Jane Doe's identity an ABSOLUTE secret with this handy headwear!

Model; Yikes
Texture; Donhonk
Promos; Hotpocket
Misc; Petachepas...
The Valkyrie
Created by Gamemaster
I suck at making descriptions.
Created by crazy-g
Helmet for a space race...
Tiger Trophy
Created by Commie
Seething hatred of large felines? Fuel your rage against endangered species by wearing one on your head.

Model/Texture - Commie
Concept/Texture - Square
Rigging - Pogo
Brimstone Bomber
Created by donhonk
A bonnet for bombing buds!...
Hungover Hero
Created by drew
Where is my super suit?

donhonk - flexes
metabolic - concept and texture
drew - model
big bob - sculpt
hotpockette & ijct - promo work
The Abominable Dome
Created by Strno8
Make it look like you helped in the extinction of the snowmen by wearing their face as decoration on your helmet. Then hope that Saxton Hale won’t wear a hat decorated with your pretty visage...

Plume has jigglebones

Concept - Overlord Lettuce
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Assassin Grade Hats
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