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Corvo and Emily
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Dec 14, 2012 @ 1:03pm
Dec 15, 2012 @ 2:56pm
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What can I say I like so Dishonored much that I chose to add Corvo as a follower and Emily as a npc. Note Character customization in the Creation kit for childern is VERY limited, but I did create a new actor for Emily. I did not just copy a already existing one. They can be found in Riften. These Characters and their likeness are owned by Arkane Studios and Bethesda Softworks.

Apachiihair mod needed for Corvo's hair
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 Aug 27 @ 8:28pm 
ummm corvo has long hair ...
iShadow(nPdev)  [author] Mar 20 @ 7:18pm 
your welcome
rblevins137 Mar 20 @ 7:18pm 
oh ok thx fer the tip :)
iShadow(nPdev)  [author] Mar 20 @ 7:12pm 
if u want Corvo to hhave no hair
rblevins137 Mar 20 @ 6:23pm 
can the mod work without apachiihair? just wondering that's all
iShadow(nPdev)  [author] Mar 13 @ 2:10pm 
If I ever learn 3D modeling I will make the mask, but there should be another mod out there somewhere that give u his mask
SpookfiGhter Mar 13 @ 10:47am 
pleas corvos mask it will make me so happy
Grawn Castillio Mar 2 @ 5:03pm 
You'll need corvo outfit and i belive that there's a blade mod called corvo blade
Adam Davies Feb 18 @ 8:59pm 
theyre just trolls who are using a crappy computer that cant handle it,just ignore em
iShadow(nPdev)  [author] Feb 14 @ 6:41pm 
This commet is due to someone saying that the mod is broken, but not saying how instead just yelling at me in the commets, last I tried this mod it work, that was around half a year ago if it does not work now pls say so in a constructive manner and if more then one person is have trouble I will take the mod down and try and fix it also the mod may edit some shout cooldowns and make them shorter I don't know cuz it was awhile ago that I made this thank for ur time. One last thing if your commet is a critisim that is not constructive and tells me nothing about whats wrong i will delete it due to it not being helpful, I do not enjoy have a commet be nothing but swear words say the mod is broken and calling me a liar so if you have a complait pls make is helpful in some way so I can try and fix it