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Star Bandits
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Multi-player, Co-op
Dec 14, 2012 @ 9:15am
Mar 27, 2013 @ 6:31pm

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No more Facebook-only access to the game! Enjoy the game with Windows Live or Google account!
Release date: Early 2013
It is no longer a Facebook-only game. You can use Windows Live and Google too. Dashboard is moved to a stand-alone website at
We also decided to make the game completely free of pay-to-win elements.

Download the game from
To learn more about the game, go to

You can play Star Bandits using any of the following accounts:
✪ Windows Live
✪ Google
✪ Facebook

  • Free-to-play: You can always play one game (session) at any given moment
  • Battle, trade, plunder, and build an empire in an imaginary universe with other online players.
  • Classic Sci-fi strategy inspired by games like "Trade Wars" and "Elite".
  • Smaller universe with a finite game length: Each game has a start and an end date (games typically last between 4-8 weeks) and victor is declared at the end.
  • Online Multi-Player game: You play against real people online. You can play with or against your real friends.
  • Team play: You can (and often, should) form a Team to win the game. By coordinating with your team mates, you can gain advantages over opponents. (You can choose to play as a loner).
  • Strategy-Oriented game: Strategic and tactical decision-making determines success.
  • Science fiction world: Universe is filled with beautifully rendered starships, ports, planets, and other artifacts.

You begin with a single space ship and a few cargo holds and fighters. You can explore the universe to find resources and other items, trade resources between (or rob) various star ports, develop planets, claim sectors for tax revenue, steal from other players, etc. Using revenue earned through trading, empire management, and raiding you may improve your ship's military and economic capabilities by purchasing more cargo capacity, weapons, defenses, and munitions... or upgrade to a more advanced ship type.
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