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How to enable console commands and bind them.
By Matuzz
Here you get to know how to enable console and bind console commands in Black Ops Single player and Zombies.
How to enable console commands and bind them.
Go to C:/Program/Steam/SteamApps/common/call of duty black ops/players
Open config.cfg with a text editor (Notepad/Wordpad)
Press Ctrl+F this opens search window. Search word monkey
This will direct you to seta monkeytoy"0", replace the 0 with 1
Now you are ready to set your binds. Go all the way to the bottom of the file and press enter twice.
Make new line for each bind!

If you press 5 you will say Max ammo! in the chat.
Type: bind 5 "say Max ammo!"
Note, you need the "" in the bind.

If you want to use noclip by pressing J type in:
bind J "noclip"

Note: Cheats (Noclipping, God mode, etc. do not work on online)

IMPORTANT: After you have done your binds and saved the file you must put your file on "read only" mode. To do that, right click on the file and open the properties.
Other useful tweaks and commands
How to get your FPS to show in zombies/singleplayer and see which player is host:
Open up the search and search FPS. You will find seta cg_drawFPS "0"
Replace 0 with 1.

How to add clan tag for zombies:
As with other binds make a new line and write: seta clanName "your clan name"

How to replenish ammo:
Bind key you want to use and add "give ammo"

How to add colors to text binds:
When you put ^ and color code infront of the text you can have text in different color.

Here are the color codes:
^1 RED
Q: I can't find the config.cfg
A: If you have trouble finding the right folder just search Steam from your computer and it should find the steam folder for you directly. From there go to the SteamApps -> common -> call of duty black ops -> players
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Peter Aug 9 @ 8:44pm 
is there a command that gives you points or is that still not a thing?
Knightsar Jul 4 @ 7:29am 
Can we put in a bind to just enable the in-game console?
☭ Ripper.exe ☭ Jul 3 @ 3:10pm 
Is there a list of commands? Also what would the code look like for the clan tag with a color?
Matuzz  [author] Jun 20 @ 7:20am 
Yes you can normally continue progress when not using console commands.
c.dub1 May 5 @ 11:36am 
My Campaign does not save if I use keybind cheats the console does not work anymore activision patched it, you have to use keybind in config. file for cheats but campaign continues from the last point cheats weren't active it does save if you don't use the cheats anyone else?
goldberg Jan 3 @ 2:48am 
you got a laser code like cod4 ?
Matuzz  [author] Jan 3 @ 1:30am 
Cheat binds work only in solo games. Chat binds etc. should all work in public games. If you have binded them correctly just press the key assigned to the command.
TheBloodStalker Jan 1 @ 10:41pm 
how do you get the bind to work or the cheats
goldberg Sep 18, 2016 @ 4:18pm 
weapon laser code?
Giovanni Sep 16, 2016 @ 9:14am 
I would try setting the file to "read-only".