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Call of Duty: World at War

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How to install and play custom zombie maps + other tips.
By Matuzz
This guide will help you in installing custom zombie maps as well as introduce you to binding simple console commands.
Installing custom maps
The easiest way of installing custom zombie maps is using downloads from Zombie Modding or using UGX Map Manager app:

Their downloads come with an installer that you run and that's it. But if you are downloading from somewhere else you might have to place the custom map files to your mod folder manually. To find the mod folder in the first place you need to set your computer to show hidden folders and files.

Follow these steps to display hidden files and folders.

Open Folder Options by clicking the Start button , clicking Control Panel, clicking Appearance and Personalization, and then clicking Folder Options.

Click the View tab.

Under Advanced settings, click Show hidden files and folders, and then click OK.

Where to find the mods folder:

You should find the mods folder following this folder path:
C:\Users\Your Name\AppData\Local\Activision\CoDWaW\mods

If you have trouble finding that location click the windows start button and search: %appdata%.
Open the roaming folder. Then from the top of the window where it shows you the folder path click the AppData. After that open the Local folder and from there you should find the Activision folder.

Starting to play the mod:

Start World at War and in the main menu choose MODS. This will show all the mods correctly placed on your mods folder.
Load the map you want to play from the list that will show up.
With new maps, the main menu should now have option to start the map right away.
But if you are playing some older custom zombie maps you have to load the map trough console.

Enabling developer console and loading the map:
In the main menu go to options/controls, then select Game options and from there you can enable your console.

When that is done, press ~ on your keyboard to bring up the console.
Type into the console /devmap *and here the map name*
For example if you load mod called nazi_zombie_death from the MODS section. Then you need to open your console and type in: /devmap nazi_zombie_death
Press enter and the map should load!
How to bind helpful shouts
For example, Pressing 5 will automatically say: Max ammo, reload! in the chat.

To bind keys you need to open the console. Check Enabling developer console from the previous section if you haven't already.

Open console and type in: /bind
After that press space and add the key you want to bind, in this example we will use 5.
So it will look like this: /bind 5

Next press space again and add say.
It will look like this: /bind 5 say

Last step is to add the message you want. In this case Max ammo, reload!
So in the end you will have: /bind 5 say Max ammo, reload!
Press enter and your bind is done!
Q: There is no mods folder in CoDWaW folder?
-If there is no mods folder you need to create a new folder and simply name it mods.

Q: Where to download maps?

Those are the most popular sites.

Q: How to find games/people to play with?
-Best way is to make friends to play Custom maps with. I have made steam group that has plenty of zombie players. Be free to contact people and gather friends for some Co-Op games.

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}+{⚔🐲Knight🐲⚔}+{ May 21 @ 1:14pm 
Matuzz  [author] May 21 @ 12:37pm 
Jojobanna May 20 @ 4:11am 
hay GUYS Im really frikken pissed because i install the mods and launch the game, click mods and nothings there HELPP
ImMarksman May 1 @ 11:32am 
Poke I u can download maps from zommods that'll give u folders. Extract them and put them in the appdata of ur codwaw mods folder.
ImMarksman May 1 @ 11:31am 
These are actually legit zombies maps...
right_shoe Apr 30 @ 5:47pm 
Some times the mods launch but don't work
right_shoe Apr 30 @ 5:47pm 
How do u use zombie modding fils if you r not the administrator???
Can any one help me??
Matuzz  [author] Apr 28 @ 2:07am 
I'm not sure. Maybe during the install process you can try to choose the correct folder.
Pokebro2001 Apr 27 @ 11:38am 
My problem is my mother is the administrator of my computer. I can download the .exe files of the maps, but the install goes to her folder and not mine. Is there a way I can fix this?
Matuzz  [author] Apr 27 @ 1:05am 
If the mods are not showing. Try to validate the game cache from Steam.