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StormFox - Environment mod [BETA]
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Sep 10 @ 10:09am
Nov 16 @ 11:37pm
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StormFox - Environment mod [BETA]

Version 1.125

StormFox is a free environment mod that will freshen your GMod experience with weather, light and effects!

It is made to support as many people as possible. This means SF runs mostly on the client, will adjust its quality to each individual machine and even try to adjust itself to most maps for the best outcome.

  • Day/ Night cycle (With a chance of seeing shooting stars)
  • Rain, fog, thunder, wind and many other effects.
  • Dynamic weather generation.
  • Environment sounds. E.g. calm rain hiting the window.
  • Snow texture replacement. Grass, dirt and roads will be covered in snow.
  • Dynamic shadow and light (This option is off by default)
  • Lamps that can be placed by admins and light up doing the night or in dark storms.
  • Map lights will be turned on doing the night.
  • CAMI support for most adminmods.
  • Wiremod support
  • Wind physics (off by default on servers)
    .. and many more features to come

Easy and automatic settings for clients

HUD for easy weather access (admins only)
You can find it under Q -> Options -> StormFox -> Server Settings, sf_menu in console or type "!sf menu" in chat.

Supports existing map day/night-effects

(Map is: rp_industrial17_beta9)

Light entities for admins and serverowners

Server Configs

Client Configs

  • Will this work with another weathermod?
    Sadly no. The mods will start to fight for the control of sun and the skypaint entity.

  • Does this mod require any game/asset?
    Yes, there are a few entities that use CSS models, but its nothing major.

  • Can I disable time?
    Kinda, You can pause time by setting sf_time_speed to 0 and set a time with sf_start_time. (Although sf should save the time between each server shutdown).

Known Issues
  • Dynamic lights aren't casting shadows!
    The Gmod engine only support 8 lights with shadows at all times. Careful not to place too many lightentities near each other.
  • I'm lagging!
    Be sure the weather quality is at 0, if the problem still persists, try set it manually at 1. Dynamic shadows can also be expensive on big maps.
  • There are snow at the wrong places!
    Some maps use outdoor textures indoors, you can fix this by setting sf_replacment_dirtgrassonly to 1.
  • Some of the effects are missing.
    Check if the map got all entities supported. You can find missing entities displayed on the weather controller.

PS: this is a beta, there might be unforeseen bugs.
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MY COOKIE! 1 hour ago 
what about water?
[ApHo]Rainbow Dash 3 hours ago 
On our server the lights started flashing, they are constantly turning on and off, any idea why that happens?
Taiyin (Thai-yin) 19 hours ago 
Issue: All the maps I've been on aren't getting their lights updated, and things are being made dark/light with various weapons depending on whether it's night/day. (The textures effected get turned, not all of them at once.)
♥Violet Is Dead♥ Nov 23 @ 4:48pm 
Nak  [author] Nov 23 @ 4:47pm 
Tested new version .. should be stable. I'll release it this weekend.
⎛⎝Thedarklurch⎠⎞ Nov 23 @ 1:31pm 
Servers only?
Paganiteam Nov 23 @ 3:34am 
Hey You guys Have Some Serious BUG.

When i Downloaded This And Tested It in a map, (You know the Default And Main Weapon we use is the phys Gun) BOTH THE PHYSGUN AND GRAV GUN CAUSE THE MAP TO BECOME BLACK (it stops when i not use it) HOW DO I FIX THIS
iDubbbzTV Nov 22 @ 9:26am 
can you if you can add hypothermia and heat effects
you can turn it off with a console script (Not Lua)

If it's below 41F/5C your body temperature will start to sink
If it's over 100F/38C your body temperature will get higher

at 42 to 44°C your dying
below 0 to 25°C your dying too
Eaglezero6205 Nov 22 @ 6:11am 
@Nak I was going to replace my green pines with the snowy ones from Ep1 but with this mod everything is too dark and so there is almost no difference in pine color from a snow covered pine to a green one. I can come back to this mod in a bit. Im almost at my 200 mods mark with many turned off. The only thing I wish weather mods had more of is cloud layers and cloud coverage with fog options as it seems they all tend to focus more on rain and snow. I would like to see frostbite and hypothermia effects and or for hotter temps Dehydration and or heat exhaustion.The radiation storm is a new one to me pretty cool.
Eaglezero6205 Nov 22 @ 6:05am 
@BoostedPumpkin Turn your Temperature up. Like in real weather the colder it gets, rain isnt rain but snow. You are seeing the small flurries of snow in your eyes. Your wind is too high so you probably arent seeing it but its actually snowing lower the wind to light breeze and try again. Its not raining because your temps too low raise above 32F.

@Nak I can try out the new one and let you know how it goes. I dont have a great machine but it will run Gmod pretty good without too much problem. Ive been designing a save game on Mnt Lake so I turned it off for now because it was just too dark in the areas Im working on. The time would be better if it changed time slower I had to pause it so I could work.