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Thief Gold Setup and Modding Guide
By Saleck
Thief Gold was built for Windows 9x systems and has a hard time running on modern computers.
This guide will help you set up the game using the latest unofficial patches and teach you how to apply mods.
You'll also learn about Fan Missions here and how to play them.
This guide will help you get Thief Gold running on your computer.
The Steam version of Thief Gold is actually the GOG version. They did an OK job of setting up the game and getting up and running for players but that still isn't enough for some people who report crashes and general instability.
The Program Files folder
Let's start off with some important information.

The Program Files folder is a protected folder within your Windows installation that works differently from other folders on your computer.

The long story short is that if you have your copy of Thief Gold located within either the Program Files or the Program Files (x86) folder, you may encounter problems and some, or all, mods may not work at all. This varies from machine to machine and some people may not have a problem at all.

If you think you might be being affected by this, try moving your copy of Thief Gold from the Program Files folder into another folder like 'C:\Games' and launch it. If mods are installed correctly, they may start working for you.

If this is the case, you can make another Steam Library Folder using the Steam Library Folders feature. Go to View > Settings and Click the 'Downloads' Tab to find it.

Click Add Library Folder and make it anywhere you want.

Once you've done this, you can reinstall Thief Gold into this new folder and move any save files and mods you have from your old installtion into this new installation!
Getting the game set up for play
There are two ways to get your copy of Thief Gold up and running. You can use either of these tools on your Thief Gold installation.

The first is a tool I made myself called TGTool. If your looking for a quick and easy way to get Thief running with great default settings and the ability to install mods easily then this setup is for you.

Download TGTool v1.0.4.2[www.saleck.net]
Download TGTool v1.0.4.2 from Dropbox[dl.dropboxusercontent.com]
Version History[www.saleck.net]
Last Updated 6th March 2014

The other way to get the game setup is to install TFix; a huge setup file containing community mods, bugfixed levels and other added extras all bundled into one package. It's a bit more advanced then TGTool and you'll need to do some additional altering of settings once installed.

Download TFix[www.ttlg.com]

For this new version of Thief, you will need to have Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 SP1 C++ runtime libraries[www.microsoft.com] and the latest version of DirectX[www.microsoft.com] installed on your computer.

Now, I hate to break it to you but That's it! Once you've used one of these tools, (Almost) no more work needs to be done! Your copy of Thief Gold is up and running. Of course, you can dive right into the game right now but you can also edit the cam_ext.cfg file with Notepad and you can alter anything you want like post-processing effects, Bloom and 16x AA for some extra added visuals.

Some of the commands works on a Boolean system, 0 is off, 1 is on. Turn features on or off by changing the numbers. Also remember to remove any semi-colons ; in front of the command you want to enable (to disable, just re-add the semi-colon again)

Be sure to make a backup of the file first before you go altering something you might wish you hadn't.
How to install mods
Mods usually come in Zip files. Inside these files you will find one or more folders. Fam, Mesh, Snd and Obj are just a few examples of what these files are called.

To install any mods, you will need to go into your Thief Gold installation folder. In here, you will see 2 important folders: DataPermMods and DataTempMods. These are the folders in which your mod files will go.

DataTempMods (DTM) is a testing folder where you can place your mod files to see if you like them or if they work. They will overwrite any mods stored in DPM that would otherwise conflict with the mod you are testing.
DataPermMods (DPM) is for any mods that you are 100% sure that you like and want to use. Put the mod files in here so you can free up the DTM folder for testing any other mods you might like.

You can keep mods in both files if you like. DTM will load ahead of DPM when playing so you don't have to overwrite any files in DPM. if the game all of a sudden stops working properly, you can delete any recently added files in DTM without affecting any of your mods installed in the DPM folder.

To install any mods, you will need to go into your Thief Gold installation folder. In here, you will see a folder called MODS. Any mod files you want to apply will go in here.
EAX through the OpenAL library (TFix Only)
If you have used TGTool, this section does not apply to you as the installer has set up EAX support for you.

EAX will now work in Thief Gold through the OpenAL library. You can get the OpenAL installation file (oalinst.exe) from here:

OpenAL Download[www.dropbox.com]

Alternatively, the more up-to-date "OpenAL Soft" can be found here[kcat.strangesoft.net]. It will require a manual installation but isn't very difficult.

Once you have installed the library, Start Thief Gold and go to Options > Audio and click on Hardware Acceleration until it shows the Option 'OpenAL'

Now when you play the game, you will have all the echoey hallways you could possibly dream of.
Fan Missions
If you want to try something a little different after you've played Thief Gold, you could always try one of the many Fan Missions released for the game.

You can find Thief 1/Gold missions at the Thief Missions website. Both Thief 1[thiefmissions.com] and Thief Gold[thiefmissions.com] FMs will work.

Once you have a few, you may be tempted to put them straight into your DataTempMods folder but hold on there! It's not that easy.

Long story short, Fan Missions (FMs) may not be 100% functional if you do this. Luckily, The NewDark version of Thief Gold comes with a Fan Mission loader called FMSel.

To use FMSel, Right click on Thief Gold in your Steam Games list and click Properties.

Click Set Launch Options and in that box, enter in -fm and click OK.

When you launch Thief Gold again, FMSel will start and ask you to create an FMs directory. Click Yes. Don't worry about it saying Thief 2 at the top, it's just the way NewDark works.

Once you've done that, FMSel will ask you to specify a folder in which you keep your FMs so put all your FMs in one folder and have FMSel use that folder.

Once you've done that, FMSel will list all the FMs it finds in that folder.

From here you can do many different things:
Skip FM - Will Launch Thief Gold without using any FM.
Play FM - Will Launch Thief Gold with the currently selected FM. It will ask you to Extract Archive which, when Yes is selected, will install the FM into the FMs folder.
Start FM - Will Launch Thief Gold with the currently selected FM and set your Status to 'Playing' (I presume this is used for things like Windows Live Messenger and other software)

You can also rate your FMs, Search for an FM in the Name text bar, Read any Readmes inside (Right click > View Info File) and many other things.

Here are some questions you may have:
All my Thief Gold save files have gone! What have you done?!
Don't Panic! Your save files are still there. When Thief Gold is launched with an FM, you get to have seperate saves! These are stored in your FMs folder. Every time you launch that FM, you'll see your saves there again from the last time you played.

Will my installed mods work with an FM?
They should do but it depends on the FM; some use custom health indicators and light gems so they will take priority when loaded. Other than that, mods should work OK.

Can you install mods this way too?

Will Thief 1/Gold FMs work in Thief 2?
That's a question with many different answers but the short answer is they should do. Thief 2 FMs will most likely not work with Thief Gold due to the extra content Thief 2 has.

Can I hold you responsible for anything daft I do like try to install System Shock 2 FMs into Thief?
The End
OK, you should now have a fully working copy of Thief Gold. It should now be playable on Windows Vista/7/8 in glorious widescreen with EAX and fully mod ready!

Here are some pictures of the game in 1920x1080 I took after following my own guide.

Now, go get your sneak on and enjoy this incredible game either for the first time or for a re-visit.

Thanks for reading. This guide is from my own website at http://www.saleck.net/creations/gamefixguides/thief.php. If you have the retail version of the game, you will be able to find out more information on installing the game there.
If you feel like donating anything, you can also donate at my site.

Be sure to check out some of my other guides:

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mypotatoe Aug 11 @ 6:06pm 
yea...no...thats the website the the install UI kept kicking me back to, does not help
Saleck  [author] Aug 9 @ 1:32pm 
Try this to install DirectX from the web - http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=35
mypotatoe Aug 9 @ 11:24am 
WOW, nothing is working, i dont know what you guys are talking about. the instructions dont even follow what actually happens. i keep getting a loop saying i still need to download direct x. can someone help me??????
Pigman™ Aug 4 @ 5:21pm 
Works like charm Thanks!
^9Alpha ^5Fox Jul 14 @ 1:22pm 
ok so I patched Thief gold with the latest TGTool, worked great kinda. I have never played thief Gold before so I don't know anything about any existing bugs or glitches.
The first problem that I had was that I don't get any notification when I pick up items and gold, but they appear in my inventory so minor problem.

I have only played a little bit into mission 2 I "killed" some zombies and then I died. So I loaded a save and now the "dead" zombies are up again, they can't move but they are locked in place spinning around looking in my direction. annoying because one of them blocked my path so i couldn't progress. any suggestions? I followed the guide to the letter.
Maura Jun 26 @ 2:12pm 
Thanks mate!
Psykrom May 31 @ 6:48am 
big help, easy to install and runs like a charm. Thanks for the effort!
lostraven Feb 21 @ 3:18pm 
Thanks for the run down! Runs like a charm on my Windows 7 x64 system. Didn't take any chances and installed my Steam copy outside of Program Files (x86). Added a few additional mods mentioned in the TFix thread linked to.
Scarret Dec 28, 2013 @ 10:34pm 
Единственный минус - это, похоже, изменилась графика и медленнеее намного стал двигаться персонаж. Это можно как-нибудь убрать?
Scarret Dec 28, 2013 @ 10:32pm 
Очень благодарна! Спасибо тебе!:)))