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Band of Drones
Genre: Strategy
Platforms: PC, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Dec 8, 2012 @ 8:27pm
Jun 25 @ 6:30pm

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Demo v1.1
Demo released
Release date: Q3 2014
Band of Drones keeps the basic mechanics of traditional turn based squad tactics gameplay and goes beyond it with character and weapons development.

Join the fight for the underground riches of planet Crixius! The Zentris have already placed their drones around several locations, you need to infiltrate their outposts and kick them out of there!

  • Command a squad of 6 different drones, each with unique class specifications and special powers
  • Evolve your drones along your campaign, purchasing upgrades to their powers and weapon handling capabilities
  • Purchase new weapons and upgrade the ones you have, from a selection of cannons, missile launchers and laser guns
  • Get mods for your weapons to improve their performance
  • Different mission goals such as Assassination, Object Recovery, Military Escort, Destroy Structure, Protect Object, Purge and Withdraw
  • Create your own levels/missions with the included level editor
  • Non-linear single player campaign, spawning 20 missions over 4 scenarios

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Oct 27, 2013 @ 4:33am
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MiyaguiSan Jul 15 @ 2:21am 
Lion Jul 1 @ 3:35am 
good game
Ray Majick Jun 22 @ 10:45pm 
This looks rad! Voted.
TheStimPL Jun 22 @ 6:04am 
cool :) I voted :D
TheycallmeDave Jun 21 @ 8:41pm 
seems really cool, like a worms with an advanced strategy in mind, throw in awesome robot voices and I'm sold.....
[G]host Jun 18 @ 3:58pm 
Kiritsu Games  [author] May 27 @ 3:24pm 
A demo has been released, get it:
Very alpha at this stage. Want to help out? Please let us know your opinion.
ionutudor2012 May 23 @ 5:32am 
Wellsanin May 21 @ 5:08am 
fralcool Apr 24 @ 6:34am 
good idea