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Open Face Guard Helms
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Feb 13, 2012 @ 5:48pm
May 23, 2013 @ 2:53pm
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Always wondered what the guard complaining about an Arrow in their knee looks like? Now you can find out! This mod changes all of the Guard Helms and Stormcloak Helmets to open face versions, so now you can see their pretty face!

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I had this idea for a while, to make open face guard helms. There was a model that had the open face, but it wasn't on a human model. So I rigged it to the human skeleton and here we are!

I will perhaps add more variations of the helmet, if/when I get a chance. This was a quick mod, since the mesh already existed in the game. Variations are a bit more involved, but when the time comes I'll add more.

I was planning variations from the beginning, since it would be nice to have different versions of the helm dependent on the climate. A warmer climate would have someone suffer from wearing a closed helmet all the time; they would benefit more from this open version. Colder climates could have more bundled up kits...and stuff like that. But since that takes longer to do, I figured I would just release this first.

Anyway, hope you guys like it!


1) Some long beards clip with the mesh, not sure how to fix this. Without changing the guard directly.
Edit: Should be fixed as chinstrap has been removed.

2) A few guards are copy-pasta'd by Bethesda, can be a bit of an immersion breaker if you have a really keen eye, but this might be fixed in future versions or other mods by me.
3) Some clipping when guards turn their head too much in one direction, but not too noticeable. Not sure how to fix either. Maybe I'll scale the helmet? But I like how it looks right now.

Version History

v2.0 - Removed chinstrap from Helmet by popular demand. Thickened the helmet to be more realistic. Added Environment Mapping and Cubemapping for better reflectivitiy.
v1.0 - Release
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Pulse Jul 7 @ 4:51pm 
Should have a mix of open face, and the closed face but with eyes visable as well.
Hpycmprs Jul 5 @ 9:58pm 
Always wondered what the guard complaining about an Arrow in their knee looks like? Yup, that's why Bethesda gave us Warhammers.
assassinscraft77 Jun 16 @ 6:22pm 
the guard in last pic looks a bit too smug with his new helmet
RangerRex Jun 15 @ 7:15pm 
Will this mod add a craftable open guard helm
Ironporter Jun 9 @ 9:03pm 
Very very nice. I love this mod. It is one of my favorites! It is wonderful.... I can actually see their expressions when I pick their pockets! Thank you very much for this.
HawK^ »Sinful Gaming« May 29 @ 4:08am 
Great job with these helmets. I would like to suggest an improvement though, make these helmets a seperate kind of helmet than the full guard helmets, and script them to replace the guards wearing common helmets and goathorn helmets.
GER-Hamburger-Jung May 15 @ 7:45am 
Nice Mod.
JPistheMAN May 13 @ 2:39pm 
Is it possible to have both opened face and closed?
Krutovcat May 7 @ 5:20am 
Overlord5263 Apr 22 @ 3:37am