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Open Face Guard Helmets
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Feb 13, 2012 @ 5:48pm
Apr 23, 2015 @ 5:31pm
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Open Face Guard Helmets

Always wondered what the guard complaining about an Arrow in their knee looks like? Now you can find out! This mod changes all of the Guard Helms and Stormcloak Helmets to open face versions, so now you can see their pretty face!

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I had this idea for a while, to make open face guard helms. It's always bothered me that you couldn't see the face of the guards and I wanted to show off some personality to go with their classic lines, so here we are!

I will perhaps add more variations of the helmet, if/when I get a chance. Variations are a bit more involved, but when the time comes I'll add more. I was planning variations from the beginning, since it would be nice to have different versions of the helm dependent on the climate. A warmer climate would have someone suffer from wearing a closed helmet all the time; they would benefit more from this open version. Colder climates could have more bundled up kits...and stuff like that. This might be available in future versions if the community requests it.

Hope you enjoy!


1) A few guards are copy-pasta'd by Bethesda, can be a bit of an immersion breaker if you have a really keen eye, but this might be fixed in future versions or other mods by me.
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Torri Byrd May 21 @ 2:40pm 
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(KFM) Dr. Dan May 19 @ 7:15am 
They aren't robots anymore!
JustAnotherGuy (JAG) May 12 @ 4:05am 
Please upload it on nexusmods, because mods from workshop on skyrim don't installing at me..
Jo★Ёrudite★Marksman Apr 18 @ 3:46pm 
now stormcloak guards can spit on you, if players are attacked by
natharran Mar 29 @ 4:40pm 
Vintage Ripstik Mar 20 @ 12:06pm 
Working fine for me. Wish there was support for dwarven and plate armor!
ShadowRex Mar 4 @ 4:31pm 
Currently not working.
Cobra5 Feb 8 @ 11:21am 
Its not workin for me. The helmets are normal closed ones
wendikyleen Feb 7 @ 5:36am 
Another basic must-have mod.
Arche7 Feb 1 @ 4:45am 
Is there known any incompatibility with Extended loot or Artifacts of Skyrim?