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L85A2 - Marksman Rifle
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Dec 6, 2012 @ 4:21am
Oct 26, 2013 @ 10:27am
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L85A2 - British Assault Rifle
Class - Sharpshooter
Role - Light weight, low power, high accuracy, scoped rifle
By - Model: P. Adamson Animation: J.Sullivan

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Hello Everyone!

As a marksman, have you not longed for more excitement? More glamour? Being stood at the back with your crossbow, being wheeled out only to deal with the occasional scrake and fleshpound is a sad and lonely occupation. While you sacrifice your versatility, contributing to the teams success, everyone else is off having fun.


This classic British assault rifle acts as a superb backup for the crossbow wielding marksman. Pop heads quickly and easily with this precision weapon, your own skills increased by the unique susats zoom! Automatic firemode included, just for those crawler emergencies!

Pros -
High headshot damage rate
Very precise reticule
Low weight (5)
Automatic Firemode

Cons -
Average raw damage
Scope picture is small, and creates tunnel vision
Price £1050
Small ammo pool

Technical -
This weapon is not whitelisted, and thus will not benefit from perks (sadface) I have tried to accomodate for this in the stats of the weapon, and by all means if you like it hassle those lovely chaps at tripwire to put it into their core game. To use the weapon in solo, or on your own hosted server you will need to turn on its mutator, which should be something like 'L85A2 by P.adamson and J.Sullivan' before you start playing. The gun should be listed in the trader.

To download the weapon hit the subscribe button somewhere on this page, and next time you boot killing floor it should load automatically, please bear in mind that the game may need to be restarted after the content has downloaded.



Fixes : Flash on firemode change removed
Textured scope support added
FOV high and FOV low for scopes should now be the same value, scope high was getting less peripheral vision

Thankyou for your feedback and support, me and pete are chuffed to bits the community dig this weapon so much.

In regards to some of the response about the automatic firemode, this firemode is a feature to make this gun unique in the sharpshooter armoury, It is purely an emergency survival function and using the automatic mode over semi is, (as it should be) far less effective at slaying bodies.

So the automatic function will not be removed (so dont be boring!) I am however very invested in making this gun balanced. And have lowered the mag count so that troopers must make every shot count, and using their automatic fire mode is reserved just for emergencies.

Good Luck Chaps!

Model by P.Adamson - http://peteradamson.co.uk/ - Ace

Animations by J.Sullivan - Gizmo-5

Please do not edit this package without our permission. c:
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Heftybull 11 hours ago 
You should add a bayonet to it!
A-G-42 Aug 17 @ 8:22am 
i can't use this
low. Ausar Jul 8 @ 4:24pm 
I believe it's too late for that now, though. Or is it? :o
low. Ausar Jul 8 @ 4:24pm 
This should just be integrated into the game, like the HSG and Mk23 were.
UKC Red May 11 @ 1:23pm 
Not listed in trader!
[STPG] Sn1q3rBaNdIt May 10 @ 3:12am 
My Favourite weapon, alos the only one I have actually fired. Thanks for keeping with the British standard issue SUSAT scope and not using ACOG. That annoys me as a fan of this weapon, why would we use the american scope when we have our own?
LarsBlackburn Mar 28 @ 3:30pm 
Omarskillz, you should be able to find this gun when you go to the merchant if the mutator is on.
OmarSkillz Feb 8 @ 5:18pm 
where do I buy this gun
CHEWIT CHEWIT Dec 31, 2013 @ 7:23am 
Be nice to update/Reskin this to the A3 rifle with RIS rails and a down grip with a ACOG and red dot combo
SNOWFLAKE Dec 27, 2013 @ 11:53am 
I would love to see this whitelisted. Seriously Tripwire this would be a great, balanced, and sensible addition to the Sharpshooter's armory