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Survival Endless
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Dec 6, 2012 @ 2:13am
May 4, 2013 @ 1:57am
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This is a game mode inspired by Plants vs Zombies, you fight waves of zombies until you die.
Simply launch this game mode by selecting game type "KF Survival Endless" and start the game.

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Uncle Dec 8 @ 12:32pm 
No zombies wants to play!!!!!
tapsterhd Nov 19 @ 5:41am 
the zombies never come
Srgt Stoner Nov 6 @ 8:55pm 
does this not work anymore, tried on server, been months since i played, nothing spawns now? thought it was just the halloween event?
W!LDF1R3 Nov 1 @ 4:58pm 
You should update the mod
Yoyomaster12343 Oct 17 @ 12:26pm 
I subscribed to it but it not working plz help if you got it working PLZ
Tankbuster10133 Sep 26 @ 5:15am 
zombies ain't coming
Daddy Sep 11 @ 4:37am 
This mod does not work for me
[UNITI]Tolderius Sep 10 @ 4:27pm 
Either the mod's last patch or the game's last patch stopped this mod from working. It has been abandoned so it will never work again.
Deadwalking12345 Aug 18 @ 11:22am 
Does it need to run on a specific map? Nothing is spawning when started
doowahdiddy/DUSKSHIMMER Aug 10 @ 6:56pm 
nothing spawns please fin i just found this and really wat to play it