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The Hittites (Brave New World)
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Dec 5, 2012 @ 4:15pm
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The Hittites (Brave New World)

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Adds the Hittites to the base game.

The Hittites were a Bronze Age power centered in Anatolia and one of the four major empires of the period alongside Assyria, Babylon, and Egypt. One of the earliest off-shoots of the Indo-European family, they developed a unique culture assimilating into the ancient Mesopotamian world. The Hittites were known to have extensively engaged in diplomatic treaties with neighboring powers, to have mastered and improved upon chariot design and warfare (exemplified at the Battle of Kadesh), and to have been one of the earliest peoples to have forged iron weapons and artifacts.

This is an update to my Gods and Kings mod which can be found here: The Hittites (Gods and Kings).


- This civilization requires the Brave New World expansion.
- Updates will most likely break saves. Do not update unless you are ready to start a new game.
- The mod uses a UU graphic from the Wonder of the Ancient World DLC scenario. If you do not have the DLC, the mod will automatically switch to a backup graphic. (This is aesthetic only and does not affect gameplay).


Leader: Suppiluliumas I

UA: Bond and Oath: Rival Civilizations suffer increased Influence decay with City-States you can demand tribute from. Military Units are 25% more effective at intimidating City-States.

UU: Heavy Chariot: Replaces Chariot Archer. Melee instead of Archery Unit. +30% vs. Melee Units. Enemy units that begin their turn adjacent to the Heavy Chariot have -1 Movement for that turn. No resource requirement. (-1 Movement. +16% Production Cost).

UB: Bloomery: Replaces Forge. Provides 2 Iron. Available at Iron Working. -20% Production Cost. No Terrain Requirement. (+1 Maintenance. Does not provide additional Land Unit Production or Production on Iron. Maximum of 5 of these buildings in your empire).


- Suppiluliumas leader screen and DoM by Janboruta.
- Hittite Civ & UU icons, UU graphic, Map adapted from the Firaxis Wonders of the Ancient World DLC Scenario.
- Music taken from the Rome Total War II Europa Barbarorum mod by Nick Wylie.
- An earlier version of the mod used a leader screen is from ambrox62's Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations.
- The Bloomery icon is an edit of Sukrictact's Cheomseongdae wonder icon found in the Korean Wonder Pack.
- All code and art otherwise not listed created by Tomatekh (primary author).


Mod Support:
- Supports Historical Religions, Ethnic Units, YnAEMP, Civ IV Leader Traits, Unique Cultural Influence, Map Labels[], Events & Decisions, Piety & Sovereignty, Cultural Diversity, Exploration Continued Expanded, Mercenaries, Enlightenment Era


The previous versions of the mod (v. 67) can be found here:

v. 67 Download[]


Direct Download[]
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Tomatekh  [author] Oct 1 @ 3:54pm 
-Mod compatibility update (EE; Cul Div; Cul Inf; Sovereignty; Mercenaries)
-Made the UA slightly more active in response to feedback

If you need the previous version (67) to continue a save, a download link is at the bottom of the description.
Tomatekh  [author] Sep 21 @ 7:04am 
My Brave New World Garamantes mod has been overhauled with new art and abilities (with art contributions by Janboruta and Sukritact)!
Dunkleosteus Aug 5 @ 11:23am 
Right, no I didn't mean any offense. I worked on a mod for another game that required a lot of research into historical metal working and from what I've learned, the bloomery was the main structure used for iron working across the world from the near east to Asia. All I meant to say is that I thought it wasn't as symbolic of the Hittite civilization as was their view of record keeping and documentation, but it is your mod of course. The existence of the royal library of Assyria certainly does throw a wrench into the issue.
Tomatekh  [author] Jul 22 @ 10:17am 
-Fixed a bug in the event lua which could cause a crash if you were using a specific combination of mod civs

If you need the previous version, v65, to continue a save, a download link is at the bottom of the description.
Tomatekh  [author] Jun 30 @ 1:41pm 
-Mod compatability update
-UU Melee bonus increased by +5%
Tomatekh  [author] Jun 6 @ 11:54pm 
Hey everyone, I’ve released a new civ for Brave New World:

Xia - Erlitou (Brave New World)
Tomatekh  [author] May 4 @ 8:04pm 
I don't see how having one unique related to iron working means I made the civ focused on it. In fact, I'd say I focused more on their diplomacy and international relations since that’s what their UA is based on. And, as you said, Assyria already has the royal library and I wasn’t looking to make any changes to the official civs with this mod.
Dunkleosteus May 4 @ 3:45pm 
I think it's a shame you decided to focus on the iron working aspect of the Hittite empire. The royal library at Hattusa contained 30 000 clay tablets (as many as the library at nineveh in Assyria) but dates half a millenium earlier and is less damaged. The Hittites recorded every detail and aspect of their government religiously, as they believed that it was very important to look to the kings of the past for wisdom. They're probably more deserving of a royal library that Assyria is. Not to mention the "bloomery" was used for iron working pretty much globally until the invention of the blast furnace.
Tomatekh  [author] Mar 18 @ 12:44pm 
-UU price slightly decreased and the Stagger promotion/effect is now retained on upgrade.
-UB somewhat changed, now functions similiar to an early game Recycle Center instead of a Recylce Center/Forge hybrid
-Misc. text clean up.
-E&D support clean up.

If you need the previous version to continue a save, a download link is at the bottom of the description.
Tomatekh  [author] Jan 25 @ 9:56am 
Mostly a mod compatibility update:
-Support for the new maps in YnAMEP v. 23
-Added a cultural influence line
-Added an event
-General clean up regarding E&D
-Fixed Civ IV Traits display issue

If you need the previous version to continue a save, a download link is at the bottom of the description.