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[Client-Side] Pony Portrait Pack
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Dec 5, 2012 @ 3:02pm
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Adds some Pony Portraits to Killing Floor. This is a Client Side mod which means its only on your end.
This is a updated version from eTonyOC (CupcakeGrenade) which adds a few more additonal portraits created by other artist.
Subscribing will download the following:

• After the download is complete, you MUST download this next file: Download[www.mediafire.com]
Download the .rar file and drag the systems folder into...
Replace any upl files in order for the portraits to appear. Start your game and certain characters should now be ponified.

• If you wish, you may also download this file to have edited bios.
Remove "Pony" in the file name and place it into the systems folder, replacing the existing one.

• And just in case, here is the actual .utx file.
eTonyOC (Original idea)[etonyoc.deviantart.com]
PinkiePie645 (Updater)
Drakefire3k (Made 3 vectors)[drakefire3k.deviantart.com]
IvanSpaceBiker (Pyro Pies Vector)[ivanspacebiker.deviantart.com]
Please note that not everyone will have a new portrait. This is a list of characters that do have one.
• Captain wiggins
• Chopper Harris
• Commando Chicken
• DJ Scully
• Dr Gray Glover / Hazmat
• FoundryWorker Aldridge (Comes with a alternative portrait)
• Harchier Spebbington (The original, totally exclusive character)
• Harold Hunt
• Harold Lott
• Kevo Chav
• Lt. Masterson
• Mr. Foster
• Paramedic Alfred Anderson
• Police Sergeant Davin (Comes with a alternative portrait)
• Private Schnieder
• Pyro Blue
• Pyro Red
• Reverend Alberts
• Security Officer Thorne
• Steampunk Berserker
• Steampunk Commando
• Steampunk Firebug
• Steampunk Medic
• Steampunk Mr. Foster
• Trooper Clive Jenkins

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My Little Pony Weapon Reskins by PinkiePie645
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Cuppy  [author] Dec 15 @ 7:03pm 
I never touched lobby videos, they are not putting those ones on me!
Spooky Tanuki Dec 13 @ 3:52pm 
Alright, I posted a comment on his profile asking about them. Hope this works out. He said on his DA page that he's converted a lot of the things he made to PNGs or something due to a "better version". Not quite sure what that means.
PinkiePie645  [author] Dec 13 @ 3:49pm 
Either one.
Spooky Tanuki Dec 13 @ 3:46pm 
Would it be better to ask him on Steam or on his DA page?
PinkiePie645  [author] Dec 13 @ 3:45pm 
He is listed as a ceator here, if he doesnt allow nonfriends to comment on his profile then i will contact him.
Sadly, if he uploads it, i can image all the other horrid uploads people will upload as soon as they find out about it, just like when people found about music and lobby videos.
Spooky Tanuki Dec 13 @ 3:39pm 
How would I get in contact with him/her?
PinkiePie645  [author] Dec 13 @ 2:33pm 
Yeah ubergames is dead.
Ask Cuppy to see if he would upload it here.
Spooky Tanuki Dec 13 @ 11:56am 
So, is the Startup Banners mod going to be posted somewhere else? I mean, I've tried to get it from ubergaming.net for the last several months.
PinkiePie645  [author] Nov 2 @ 7:52pm 
You need download KF's SDK (check Tools section on your steam). Most textures are exported as dds files. Google what opens up .dds files. Gimp and Photoshop are two programs that can open .dds files.
As for upl files, just use any text base program (like Notepad).
RAMPAGE Nov 1 @ 11:30am 
last version is 1062 characters ends at 1060 i am sure U will find a way to make them but i allso need help how to make skins.Never findout witch program can open files from Unreal Engine