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Fur Hoods HD
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Feb 13, 2012 @ 3:57pm
Feb 21, 2012 @ 6:38pm
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Fur Hoods HD

Brave the harsh Skyrim weather and keep warm with your trusty fur hood.

1.5b now released. To craft your hoods, read the instructions below!

Now wearable with circlets and available in all armor types, three different colors, with and without scarves. This mod also introduces 3 new crafting materials and new dynamic recipes.

(Low resolution versions of the Fur Hoods are now available on Skyrimnexus.)


To make your own hoods, you must first craft fur scraps (brown, black and white) from animal pelts at the tanning rack. Then use these new fur scraps at the forge! By default, only three hood

recipes appear under Hide at the forge. Once you have enough fur scraps in your inventory, several new hood recipes will appear: including padded, armored, and scarf-less versions. You can tell

the scarf and scarf-less versions apart by their respective preview items.


The hood/scarf model used for this mod was created by Bethesda and was originally unplayable due to important clipping with various armors. You will have to test and decide for yourself what

suits your tastes. It works particularly well with Hide Armor, Studded Armor, Scaled (Horn) Armor, Iron Armor, Banded-Iron Armor, Wolf Armor, Steel Armor, Nightingale Armor, Shroud Armor and


A scarf-less version is available at the forge as of 1.5 to help with clipping.


- Armored hood mesh for Khaajit and Argonians
- New hood types (scarf without hood), and colors (rust and grey)
- Special, enchanted hoods
- Adding hoods to random encounters and vendors around the world
- Review the scarf-based meshes to reduce clipping and improve alpha channel lining of the scarf
- Review white fur texture


version 1.5b

- Circlets can now be equipped (Invisible on Argonians due to excessive clipping.)
- Added Cow, Horse, Deer and Goat Hides to the fur scrap recipes
- Desaturated Armored Fur Hood metal texture to better match armors

version 1.4b

- Fixed issue where 3d meshes did not scale properly with character weight.

version 1.4

- Hoods are now upgradeable at a workbench
- Added new colors (white and black hoods)
- Added dynamic recipes (pelts)

Version 1.3b

- Fixed issue where hood mesh was unaffected by shadows and lighting.

Version 1.3

- HD Textures (2048x2048, 1024x1024, 512x512 versions)
- Added alpha transparencies
- Added new normal and specularity maps

Version 1.2

- Added forge recipes
- Added armor-based (cloth, light, heavy) bersions
- Unique items, replaces no items


No known bugs. See disclaimer for clipping issues. Report any bugs via skyrimnexus.com's comment section or by sending a private message to Northborn.
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blacksmithguy4953 Mar 30 @ 3:43pm 
i.e Steel, Orcish, Dwarven, Ebony etc
blacksmithguy4953 Mar 30 @ 3:43pm 
Can you make multiple tiers of the armoured version?
R'zargo Mar 26 @ 7:33pm 
For some reason I can't find anything to craft or buy one of the hoods and the one I had is not in my inventory anymore and I play on the skse version.
Jo_Blow Mar 26 @ 11:55am 
Np with this mod..love the fur hats etc ..tysm , we need these good mods to work in steam ..for players like me ..tysm for this mod ..you made my game more real ..working well with all DLC ..and frostfall mods ..rangers mods ...containers mods etc ..tysm "_ "_:)
R'zargo Mar 24 @ 6:58pm 
Doesn't it look awesome with Frostfall right elemental It looks so good with it!
elemental_prod Mar 24 @ 11:53am 
Great mod! Had to get this right after Frostfall! Fantastic graphic design. Well done!
true-meaning Mar 17 @ 12:13pm 
its the Undertaker... OMG :o)
Tulip da RingTailed Lemur Mar 3 @ 2:52am 
Love them - Thanks much.
To the person below here: I have read elsewhere that this works well with Frostfall.
harveyjones2005 Feb 22 @ 5:26am 
guys do you know if it is compatible with frostfall
AbadopolGrimspree Feb 13 @ 8:03pm