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a few unconventional test chambers. Some of them require deep skills in portal 2 :)
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unconventional 1
Created by Eesti orav
A fun test with mild danger involving a few tricks, don't let yourself be distracted.
update: added lighting in the first room...
unconventional 2 - adrenaline rush
Created by Eesti orav
This is a series of time constrained fast thinking and reacting puzzles. Relatively easy, but you have to think very fast and act accordingly.

Will do a more thinking based puzzle next.

edit: added more observation possibilities, please comment if you t...
unconventional 3 - there is a solid way
Created by Eesti orav
A series of puzzles which have multiple theoretical solutions, but you have to figure out a solid and stable solution for all of them....
unconventional 4 - The Big Picture
Created by Eesti orav
To solve this puzzle, you would have to crasp the big picture. But ofcourse, again, a few tricks one has to do :P...