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Crossing Dimensions
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Crossing Dimensions

"You seem to have stumbled across one of the Companions journals, but they're no where to be found. Let's take a peek shall we?" -- journal found in Jorrvasker Companion Living Quarters Floor.

A very, very basic mod that is just the first stepping stone into what I hope to be a larger project. Throwing this up now to see if I can get any feedback on the journal so far, and whether it sounds like a legit khajiit could be writing it. What I hope and plan for this project to become is something along the lines of player writings coming together, at first I thought it'd be a fun one just for my own writings to share in Skyrim but when I thought about recruiting to this project I figured why not have some of the fan-stories for Skyrim be all in one mod? This will something along the lines of a search quest, as you go along you'll find the journals and read them getting hints about what's going on in the khajiit's mind etc. I'll see if I can't implement the actual quest system as it goes but for now we get to play pretend. What I hope to accomplish at the end is something along the lines of a massive player library, it has player writings from all over, edited and offically done up, and if you so choose your own journals of your adventures in Skyrim. I also hope to become well adverse enough in scripting to not only find a way later to allow people to adopt more children if they wanted to (two, really? when you have an army of houses and followers?), but find a way to have ruined books, or pieces of paper be turned into player written books that can be written in game. IN. GAME. I for one, think that'd be boss. Anyways. Start small shoot big.

When you finally find this library, you will be greeted by two NPCs as of now, they will be my two Skyrim characters editted as the project moves to fit what I'm doing in my own games. They will be the main writers and greeters and as you guessed it, you'll finally have found Ahtnamas. She'll be asking for her journals back of course. (Of course if you really want to read them or keep them they'll be on display along with other journals of her adventures.) The question at this point, would be whether I actually feel like writing journals for both characters. Considering, you know, same story. We'll just call it therapy for my little kitty and my Nord can't be bothered by it. And here's where the rest of the library is introduced. May or may not be able to 'check-out' books for gold, depends on coding, but you will def be allowed to buy them outright, with extra copies appearing later. I'm debating on this point to make it something along the lines of a Keep, having a smaller village surrounding it or some such (would be implimented after the library) that would allow for more NPCs. Pfft. You want a player home? There's like five hundred already, maybe later. ANYWAYS. Most, if not all, of these NPCs will be other Dragonborns from other players games. And if you have you're own character there as a NPC (like me~) have fun with the duplicates. There will also be other Dragonborns living in the library, it'll start small but grow bigger and have multipul rooms. There will also be smaller quests implemented later, possibly a larger storyline quest and some Stormcloak|Imperial faction options considering the Civil War. For later DLCs, may or may not implement those factions. But here's where the recruiting comes in.

I am a new modder. I have been wanting to mess with this for a while and am not only just starting today (this is my first mod other than the unfinished quest tutorial) but I am nearly clueless on coding. So I need help on this project. Sadly I don't have Blender or Maya, or other 3D rendering programs other than Photoshop to work with and that's not my forte in the least anyways, so yea. Aiming for this to be compatible with all DLCs and vanilla Skyrim.

Oooh yes. This is also my first Elder Scrolls game, so I am very unfamiliar with lore. I'd like to stay as true to the lore as possible, so someone who is well versed in Elder Scrolls lore is very welcome.


-- First incomplete journal
-- Basic NPC in Sleeping Giant Inn

12.4.12 -- Added Basic NPC of Ahtnamas into Sleeping Giant Inn. Added more to the journal.

=======Future Features=======
-- Future journals of Ahtnamas' story scattered over Skyrim, it will probably cover most of the entire Skyrim backstory, will mostly just hint side quests. There'll be some sort of hints to find the next journal where its been dropped, among NPCs most likely.
-- Quest system implemented, start quest "Ahtnamas? Dragonborn!?" when you read the first journal.
-- Library: Ahtnamas and Samantha live there among other Dragonborns. Starts small, grows larger.
-- "Dragonborns' Keep"? Small village area around the library, open city feel. Other NPCs and merchants, all should be other player characters.
-- An area in the library to sit down and write your own journals and books in-game. (You'll have to send them to us out of game to get them in the mod, though there'll be places to store them in the library.)
-- Possible player house here (not likely)
-- Larger quests involving factions.
-- etc.

-- Writers
-- Coders
-- Voice Actors
-- Lore Experts
-- General Help: This is my first project like this, I have no CLUE what I'm doing, just powering through. So if you're an experienced modder and interested shoot me a line.

Those that are recruited for this team will have their Dragonborns featured in the library as staff.

=======REPORTED BUGS=======
-- n/a

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XenoJester Jul 27 @ 3:44pm 
@whitey what about a the civil war of the alternate dragonborns?
AcT1IvE S1mpley the worst Sep 29, 2016 @ 9:11pm 
this mod is bless
vgcatsfan Jan 6, 2014 @ 9:32pm 
i got an idea about my dragonborn with dealing with the 50+ mods i use and maybe having her being able to hear the music in game that we here when we are plaing or have modded in
Jimmy Crackers Dec 8, 2013 @ 7:52pm 
So basically Biorim
glenn.booker.001 Nov 3, 2013 @ 2:32pm 
Sounds very promising. Try picking up a copy of A.C.Clarke's Tales From the White Hart, beutifully edited, It might just give you a few ideas. Never forget about misdirrection, ie A Night To Remember.
305 Oct 29, 2013 @ 5:00pm 
Though i think it would be better that instead of finding a book an npc comes up to you and gives you the option for the quest but the story to this mod is awesome good job whitey
Mori The Vampire Lord Jun 1, 2013 @ 8:50pm 
havnt tried this yet looks promising, what about make us find scattered comapnion journals across the realm, each journal leading to an npc quest giver and dungeon and quests, setting it up that way could make this huge, Of course would take a lot of work though, i have no idea how to mod, just sharing idea.
Whitey  [author] Feb 12, 2013 @ 11:24am 
Hey all, just letting you know even though I don't reply much I have read all your comments and am keeping tabs! I've got some general ideas about where I want the initial quest to end up before the larger project is started. Some features need to be reworked and changed, but otherwise I've put this on a bit of a stand still. I'm going to school this fall to start earning my degree as a Game Designer, so the skills from there should help with modding and modding should help with getting me somewhere in life because I can show my work. Right now this is where the project will be headed:

--- Create the quest
--- Place Ahtnamas in Skyrim, either you find her throught the clues or stumble across her.
--- Start piecing together a minature library that Ahtnamas is keeping for herself.

I know where I want to place her, but I'm not telling quite yet where she'll be. I want you guys to find her. |D Though it's going slow, I'm still active and working on this mod.
homecat99 Jan 23, 2013 @ 6:09pm 
and maby voice acting because i am an actress
homecat99 Jan 23, 2013 @ 6:07pm 
i would also love to write someting