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Madain Saleh Wonder
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Dec 3, 2012 @ 10:50pm
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Madain Saleh Wonder

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Built by the legendary Nabataeans, Mada'in Saleh is their largest city aside from Petra. It is carved entirely out of rock, and was known to them by the name Hegra. The area has seen several different inhabitants over the centuries, from desert bedouins to Roman legions, but to this day remains in a near pristine condition, partially due to a curse said to smite non-believers in the region. Ingame, Mada'in Saleh provides +1 Culture from Desert tiles, as well as giving Oasis tiles near the city +2 Production and +1 Gold, while it requires Construction.

Requires the Gods & Kings expansion pack, and credit to co-author Sukritact for the icon.
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Pouakai  [author] Jun 2, 2016 @ 11:42am 
Same as Petra, only ones worked by the city
Uganda Opulus™ Jun 2, 2016 @ 7:02am 
Does this effect all desert tiles, or just the ones in the city it is build in?
It sure is to OP if it does effect all desert / oasis tiles as soon as you build it.
Pouakai  [author] Dec 30, 2015 @ 9:36pm 
Yeah, you're using the outdated version. Use Steam Workshop Downloader to get a direct link to this one, which will work with BNW
Nebukadnezar Dec 30, 2015 @ 3:34pm 
Thx for helping me.
Nebukadnezar Dec 30, 2015 @ 3:34pm 
The Mod "Madain Sale Wonder" e.g. is v_1 when i download it from civfanatics.

I dont know how to download the mods here. Maybe it doesnt't work because i bought the game from the applestore and not from steam.
Nebukadnezar Dec 30, 2015 @ 3:31pm 
Is there anywhere a list with the number of the latest versions? I downloaded the Mods two days ago from civfanatics, so they should be the latest versions. Or is there any difference between the versions here ( i cant find here the versions in steam) and there?
Pouakai  [author] Dec 29, 2015 @ 9:34pm 
Can you check whether you've got the latest version?
Nebukadnezar Dec 29, 2015 @ 2:37pm 
Deactivating the GaK- AND BNW-DLCs it works. The same holds for using the Nazca-Line-Wonder. For me it seems like many of your wonders are not compatible with BNW.
Nebukadnezar Dec 29, 2015 @ 2:13pm 
While mesa_verde is compatible with BNW, this wonder seems not to be. At least it does not appear in the "science-tree". I dont unterstand. I did exactly the same and loaded both from civfananatics manually down. Any idea? Thx.
Pouakai  [author] Aug 3, 2015 @ 12:51pm 
Should be compatibile with BNW