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Half Life 2 Settings
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Dec 2, 2012 @ 6:41pm
Dec 3, 2012 @ 3:52pm
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Half Life 2 Settings

Half-Life 2 Settings by PowerPC (I do not take credit for this addon)

This addon will allow you to enable Half-Life 2 settings not enabled in Garry's Mod, including changing difficulty from Gmod/HL2/Extra hard. The difficulty changes enemy and friendly npc WEAPON ACCURACY, DAMAGE output and HEALTH,

Overall it improves the first person shooter experience to the player's preferences, making it closer to the gameplay of Half Life 2. It cannot fully replicate the difficulty level of Half Life 2 but comes close.

The menu for this addon is under the utilities tab.

>Modify the difficulty to be Half-Life 2's difficulty, default gmod difficulty, or extra difficulty.
>Set player's movement speed from gmod walk/sprint speed: 250/500 to HL2 walk/sprint speed: 190/320
>Enable/disable mp_falldamage
>Enable/disable ammo limits
>Enable/disable drowning in water
>Enable/disable sprinting limit meter
>Enable/disable the flashlight

----------------Console Commands----------------
(These are all controlled by the menu uder the utilities tab)
hl2s_difficulty --Changes the difficulty (0-gmod's, 1-HL2's Difficulty, 2-Extra Hard)
hl2s_speed --Changes the speed the player moves to be the same as in Half-Life 2
hl2s_ammolimit --Stops you from getting more ammo if you have the maximum amount
hl2s_energy --When Enabled, you will stop sprinting if you sprinted for a while
hl2s_drowning --When Enabled, you will drown if you stay in the water for 30 secs

Due to possible bugs, this addon is not recommended to be used with gamemodes other than sandbox.
Having this addon installed while running another gamemode shouldn't cause any bugs, but the
commands might.

(if you find a bug, please post the error you got in the console, and post what you were doing at the time)
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m☆stardaツ Jun 11 @ 4:01pm 
imitatsiya Apr 13 @ 5:55pm 
damage settings have stopped working for me.
Skeletor Apr 2 @ 4:18pm 
I dont notice any change in run speed when I turn on Half Life speed, and the Sprint Meter doesnt work at all, when it runs out my character just keeps running
JS_gamer_2005 Mar 23 @ 10:27am 
Make the 2 little meters next to the crosshair show up
......................|.;.;.;.;.| ..{BEST}..
............._,,,,,_.).;.;.;.;.| MOD OF WORKSHOP
.........,,-":.:.:.:."~-,;.;.;.| ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
A Jammed Drill Jan 18 @ 7:36pm 
Does this mod require all clients to have it installed?
A Jammed Drill Jan 18 @ 7:36pm 
Gmod's Default Difficulty is HL2's Easy. Also your the one who doesn't even have fucking half life 2.
scorched skull Jan 17 @ 6:29pm 
This may not be included in the addon, but is there a way to get the default jump height and default crouch bobbing from hl2?
[NWA] kenkade4 Dec 28, 2016 @ 11:10pm 
on uber hard combat mode, poison headcrab should insta-kill