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The Cookening
Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Dec 1, 2012 @ 2:02pm
Jun 3, 2013 @ 8:18pm

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Release date: End of 2013
The Cookening is a top-down perspective action-adventure game patterned after 2D classics from the 1980s and 1990s, drawing inspiration from games like The Legend of Zelda.

You play as Master Chef, world-class superstar of the culinary arts. Your mission is to find a long-lost magic book of recipes called the OmNomNomicon, hidden away in a distant land. The book is in the hands of your old arch-rival, Victor FonDoom, who is holed up in the depths of his exclusive restaurant-dungeon.

In order to gain access to FonDoom's lair, Chef must prove his worth by being awarded 5 stars by the ancient Culinary Council, granting him the prestige necessary to confront FonDoom and win the book.

But getting the 5 stars won't be easy—Chef will need to earn the stars by finding tokens of courage located in dungeons scattered around the game world, and bringing them back to the Council. Finding the dungeons is up to you. And along the way, you will also need to find tools and upgrades to give Chef the abilities necessary to deal with the trials before him.

The Cookening features a large overworld with dungeons scattered throughout; at the start of the game, your character can only access certain portions of the map. By exploring the world and its dungeons, you'll find tools that allow you to access more portions of the world map, and give you the abilities you need to conquer later dungeons. You'll also gain upgraded weapons that allow you to fight more powerful monster types.

Combat is handled in real-time; press a button, swing your weapon. There's a basic economy, and you can upgrade your health over the course of the game, but there aren't extensive amounts of RPG elements to bog down the game. Puzzles are also kept to a relative minimum. The emphasis here is on combat, exploration, and re-traversal, not micromanagement.

It's a pretty classic game design--one that countless fans have come to enjoy over the last several generations of gaming. There's a bit of a twist, though--food plays a major thematic role in the game, and influences the visual and mechanical design of The Cookening. Characters, weapons, environments, and items are all inspired by food.

So instead of a sword and shield, you swing a rolling pin, and deflect attacks with a cutting board. For your tools, you get items like a magical banana that returns to you when you throw it. And a gun that launches potatoes. Your “bombs” are bottles of fizzy soda. You get a brulee torch that can burn down obstacles. A lasso made of pasta noodles. You get all the kinds of tools you'd expect to find in an adventure type of game--but with a fun little spin.

Also, since Chef is a chef, his cooking skills also come into play. You can find ingredients and recipes, and take them to a kitchen to cook food items that you can use as powerups. The more ingredients and recipes you find, the more powerups you can get. The more Stars you've earned over the course of the game, the more powerful the effects become.

And, of course, the food theme is also represented in the environments and enemies you will encounter. You'll find dungeons that are patterned after gingerbread houses, or 1950s diners. You'll explore a swamp made out of chocolate and marshmallows, and forests of broccoli trees. A mountain made of cake, and caverns of toffee and peanut brittle.

And the monsters use food themes as well. You'll encounter villains who use food as weapons, and some that are literally made of food. You'll fight bad guys like the Gobblins and Porcs, who wield forks and knives and shishkebob skewers. You'll run into living gingerbread men, monsters made out of chocolate pudding, and meatball spiders with pasta noodle legs.

Lastly, we're taking a unique approach to our sound design. Instead of the usual samples you'd find in any effects library, our sound effects are all instrumental in nature, and quite fun to listen to. Also, our music is composed of multiple layers, that can be faded in and out as the situation changes, creating a dynamic, exciting aesthetic mechanism.

How Much Game is There?

The Cookening has a large overworld spanning approximately 48 maps (not counting subterranean areas); the overworld will contain 9 dungeons. Each dungeon would take between 15 minutes and 1 hour to complete, with early dungeons being shorter and less complex than later dungeons. Plus, the overworld also contains a number of hidden secrets, as well as vendors that sell unique merchandise.

The player will have access to 3 different grades of melee weapon, as well as 3 different grades of protective shield. The player can also equip roughly a dozen unique tools, which provide properties such as new attack methods, or means of traversing the world map. The player will be required to collect most of the tools in order to complete the game, though a few tools are optional.

Additionally, the player will also be able to prepare approximately a dozen different recipes, each of which has a unique effect (such as health restoration, or stopping time). The player can carry several recipes at a time--assuming he or she has found the containers necessary to store food. Also, recipes can't be prepared unless the player has both the recipe formula and the ingredients it uses--thorough exploration of the game world is necessary to find all of these items.

There will be roughly 30 different enemy types throughout the overworld and dungeons, not counting boss monsters. Many of the monsters are designed to be unique to a single dungeon in order to enhance the theme of the dungeon; others will be used throughout the game. Each dungeon will have its own special boss, requiring a specific method of attack to defeat, as well as creative usage of the tools you've encountered so far. We also want to include mini-boss monsters, though these may not make the initial release unless we hit some of our stretch goals.
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★ DiDi ★ Apr 12 @ 11:05am 
is this project still alive? because the website is dead. -.-
Mr Pupp3t Mar 26 @ 3:56pm 
Kali(Again 7days ban) Mar 21 @ 1:19pm 
Good :)
Lλ LeChE! ♫ Яanzia ♫ Mar 15 @ 10:17am 
good game! its funny too haha, good work and good luck!
Richard Gere Mar 10 @ 6:01am 
JasNrg Feb 10 @ 11:59am 
Made me already laugh...I'll check it out.
HADES2001 Jan 26 @ 1:22pm 
it looks way to much like zelda this will never make it on steam
Rogue Granger Jan 10 @ 6:24am 
La idea es muy graciosa. Es un juego para pasar el rato sin comerse la cabeza
artusbellini Jan 2 @ 3:13pm 
ideia interessante espero que consiga. interesting idea , good luck
D_Baggin Dec 11, 2013 @ 2:07pm 
This game looks great guys! Keep up the good work.