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The Prospector Announcer Pack!
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Dec 1, 2012 @ 1:55pm
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Intro Video:

Howdy Yall, and Whelcome To Da Dotah Two Prospectah Announca Pack! If you don’t feel like reading all about this wonderful pack, feel free to click the video above and the Prospector himself will give you a quick run through. Watch yourself tho, he's a crafty one.

The Character:

The pack stars a new addition to the dota 2 universe, a sarcastic little keen by the name of Naddy Bumppo. The character was created to fit right into the dota two lore, and has a history and job within the universe. Feel free to read his bio as follows to learn more about him.
When an artifact had been lost; be it from time, thieves or tomfoolery, they called upon the Prospector to recover it. Orphaned at a young age with not a gold piece to his name, Naddy Bumppo traveled across the lands as a youngling looking for a tribe of his fellow Keen folk who would welcome him. While some eventually did, his time there was always short lived due to his obsessions with ancient powerful relics which he inexplicably managed to acquire, and accidentally release, upon his unsuspecting hosts.

As time passed, Naddy's obsession became his income, as the small but spry Keen offered to locate and return lost goods to the highest bidder. Where mercenaries, adventurers, and even heroes would fail, Naddy would return, trinkets in hand, time and time again. As his reputation spread, so too did his travels, until nearly every creature in the land could recall the time they met the small, talkative Keen with sacks full of treasures. Eventually the Keepers themselves sought after his services, and though it may be months or years before his return, return he did; with artifacts and relics no sane man would think to see again.

In his twilight years, Naddy began the hunt for the one treasure that had researched throughout his thoroughly extended life; the fabled Seeker's Stone. Those who held the stone would gain sight beyond sight, the ability to see whatever they wished, and would have made the hunt far too easy for the Prospector in his early years. But now that his time was coming to an end once and for all, Naddy set out to find his last goal...and find it he did.

As he held the stone in his hands, his hands began to fade from the mortal realm. The Prospector soon discovered why no man had ever returned with the stone, for while it granted sight beyond sight, it took the holder's mortal form in exchange. Trapped in a realm between life and death, free to instantly appear and observe anything he desired, where all before him had gone insane, Naddy Bumppo had found a final home; and purpose.

The defining sounds of war rages across the lands, but some claim that a voice can be heard through the chaos around them. A whisper that finds them when they are in danger, and grows in intensity when they need it the most. The Prospector may be trapped, but he can still offer his wisdom to those who he sees fit, and still seeks to preserve what many deem soon to be lost forever...the lives of fighting heroes.
Technical Details.

The Prospector pack has been in the making for three and a half months of nonstop dedication. It contains over 1,300 lines totaling at over 2 hours of voice work. (with a total of 2,000 done, only 1,300 submitted at the time being)

One of the main goals of the pack was to provide variety and humor. As such, many of the standard announcer lines (your top tower is under attack) have been recorded in up to ten different unique ways (sometimes more) with the goal to make you laugh and never hear the same line too many times. This is not including the work done in addition to additional announcer packs.

The prospector talks with a southern high pitched accent and enjoys making sarcastic comments about heroes and the player. To ensure consistency the Prospector never mentions anything that has not been either directly mentioned in Dota lore (or inferred by it) and has been crafted to fit seamlessly into the universe. All attempts were made to make him a hyper talkative sarcastic little weirdo, the likes of which Dota has not seen before.

Additions and Improvements

The Prospector pack has several new additions no other pack has. The list follows.

-custom character selection lines: the Prospector has met each hero personally, and has something to say about each when you select them. After saying their name, the prospector will wait one second and then tell a joke specific to the hero you have selected. There are three for each character, and one joke is a “lore” joke. This joke attempts to expand on the backstory or character of the hero you selected, be it through history, personal events, or rumors the prospector knows about the hero. Again, each has been reviewed to ensure that they do not break the lore. Additionally the Prospector has a Win condition and Lose condition joke for every hero.

-custom item lines: due to his job as the retriever of items, the prospector has something to say about each item in dota two. When you purchase an item (individually) the prospector will tell you a little something about it. As it stands, only likes about how he happened to acquire each item have been included (since valve will need to do slight modifications to include the system) but if accepted three jokes per item will be included.

-custom tower attack lines: If a hero is attacking your tower , the prospector will tell you not only what hero is attacking which tower, but will also remind you of one of the hero’s abilities. This will allow you to have a quick warning before you go to dissolve the situation. Again, due to the work valve would need to do to implement the system, only a few of the hero specific tower lines have been included, but more would be added if deemed desirable.

-expanded announcer duties: The Prospector pack includes lines informing you of when your ward has been destroyed (or faded away) and when you have destroyed an enemy ward. It also includes custom lines for greevils (both normal and unusual) and lines to mock you for choosing random, ect. Several improvements have been made to the normal announcer duties.


All in all, I hope you’ll take the time to listen to the pack in the videos above. It is my first submission to the dota workshop, my first voice acting attempt, and my first editing project. I hope that my hard work has been shown through the final result.

If you have any comments, questions, or possible suggestions (new lines, jokes, editing techniques, anything) please post them in the comments. The prospector will address these comments himself, with the best ones being answered in video form. If you enjoyed the pack please rate it and spread the word. If you hated it, please list why, so I can make improvements.

P.S. as a huge valve fan, you may notice I have put several Easter eggs hidden in the lines referring to other valve games. Don’t spoil them!

From one Dota 2 fan to another, thank you for your time. Wooooohwieeee!

P.S.S. Every week, the prospector himself will respond to your comments on the steam workshop page. If you really want to be mentioned, start your comment with “Dear Prospector”.
Note: current youtube videos are mostly unedited and poor quality MP3's (better quality incoming)

The Prospector Responds: Week 1: