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Encyclopeadia Alchemica
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Encyclopeadia Alchemica

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The Encyclopeadia Alchemica is a six volume work that covers potions and poisons that can be made at an alchemy lab, descriptions of all ingredients (alchemy reagents) found in Skyrim (including new ingredients added by the Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn DLC, and one volume with appendices.

Volume I: Potions
Volume II: Poisons
Volume III: Alchemy reagents (ingredients)
Volume IV: Locations - Part I - Abecean Longfin - Honeycomb
Volume V: Locations - Part II - Human Flesh - Yellow Mountain Flower
Volume VI: Appendices
- Appendix A: Perks
- Appendix B: Skill Books
- Appendix C: Most valuable potions/poisons

All six volumes can be found near alchemy labs in:

Player homes: Breezehome, Hjerim, Honeyside, Proudspire Manor and Vlindrel Hall

Castles and longhouses: Arch-Mage's Quarters in the College of Winterhold, Castle Dour, Dragonsreach, Mistveil Keep, Palace of the Kings and Understone Keep

Orc longhouses: Burguk's Longhouse

Merchants: Angeline's Aromatics, Arcadia's Cauldron, Elgrim's Elixirs, Grave Concoctions, The Hag's Cure, The Mortar and Pestle, The Thaumaturgist's Hut, The White Phial

Other places: Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, Dawnstar Sanctuary, Ragged Flagon

Some of the ingredients are only available when you have Dawnguard or Hearthfire installed, but still you will be capable to create all potions and poisons. You just have to use other ingredients.

In Rev. 4 a two new volumes have been added, containing all the ingredients that can be found or harvested. Previous vol. 5 is now vol. 6. Volumes 4 and 5 are the new volumes. These volumes contain an image of the ingredients with following descriptions, as far as available or applicable:
* Source: environment to find the ingredient (normal habitat), including total number of spawning sites and total number of different locations
* Merchants: what chance do you have to buy the ingredient from apothecary merchants
* Containers: what chance do you have to find the ingredient in barrels, satchels, etc.
* Locations: locations where to find the most ingredients (in most cases about 200-300 ft around the location mentioned, otherwise inside buildings, caves, etc.)
* Guaranteed samples: places where you can find a number of guaranteed (already harvested) samples

Rev. 5: The EA is now available for purchase from Nurelion (The White Phial) in Windhelm, Bolar the Wise Woman from Narzulbur, Angeline Morrard in Solitude, Lami (Thaumatugist's Hut) in Morthal, Frida (The Mortar and Pestle) in Dawnstar, Zaria (Grave Conconctions) in Falkreath, Bothela and Muiri (The Hag's Cure) in Markarth, Murbul the Wise Woman from Dushnikh Yal, Sharamph the Wise Woman from Mor Khazgur, Elgrim and Hafjorg (Elgrim's Elixirs) in Riften and Arcadia (Arcadia's Cauldron) in Whiterun.


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dajd196 Apr 3 @ 4:13pm 
EPIC! I'll give this a run.
Altbert  [author] Apr 3 @ 11:44am 
@dajd196: Encyclopaedia Alchemica - The Challenge has been uploaded. Find the pages and upon reading you will learn all effects of an ingredient. Once you have found all 102 pages of the original volume, you can recompile that volume. There are also 11 additional pages with ingredients from Hearthfire, Dawnguard and Dragonborn. These DLCs are required.
dajd196 Jan 24 @ 3:59pm 
Nice work :D look forward to seeing it come through.
Altbert  [author] Jan 24 @ 7:57am 
@dajd196: I have made a small start with this new EA mod, to figure out how to do it. The Alchemist's Shack would be the place where you can find the 6 volumes of the EA. Upon reading the volumes, you will recieve a message that one of the volumes is missing all ingredient specs pages (109 in total). You will need the other (complete) volumes to figure out were the missing pages are. Reading a found page will learn you all the 4 effects of an ingredient. Once all 109 pages are found, you can recompile the book.
dajd196 Jan 18 @ 9:16pm 
Tiid do amativ, my friend. as time permits. I'm happy to have inspired.
Altbert  [author] Jan 18 @ 9:23am 
That would be the solution: the player has to collect the individual pages from around Skyrim and once all pages are found, the player can create the book, but in the mean time has learned the effects of an ingredient once a page has been found and read. I will work on this, but it may take some time and I don't have much time at the moment.
dajd196 Jan 17 @ 9:37pm 
Perhaps a quest to find individual pages that need to be complied into a book which then gives this to your character.
e.g. Have the quest given to you by an alchemist, and have pages in each alchemist store, a page in places like "Alchemist's shack" and other places that are chock full of ingredients like Haldir's Cairn etc
Altbert  [author] Jan 17 @ 7:25am 
This can only be done when opening the book without even reading one letter or page. To be a bit realistic it would be better to have loose leaflets each with one ingredient. I don't know if it can be done by reading the appropriate pages, but that would be a good idea!
dajd196 Jan 16 @ 5:28pm 
Would you consider an inclusion whereby reading the relevant volumes you character learns the effects for each ingredient, i.e. once you've read the book each ingredient shows up all effects instead of unknown?
Altbert  [author] Oct 10, 2014 @ 4:58am 
That would be nice, but isn't possible (as far as I know).